Why does a web designer need a collaborative SEO copywriter?

When your web design client needs words written for their newly designed website, they need copy that attracts and persuades not only human readers but also the search engine spiders. Strong search engine optimised (SEO) copy helps a site rank highly in the search results, dramatically improving the number of leads a business receives.

Writing for the web, as opposed to content for printed materials, requires more than just writing talent. As well as general marketing awareness, the online writer needs to understand how to research, discover and incorporate relevant keyword phrases into the website’s copy and content.

When this copy is being developed in parallel with your web development and design, it’s vital the SEO copywriter can help you optimize the pages, graphics, and features you put in place.

That’s why you need more than just an able writer and more than just a good copywriter. You need an experienced collaborative SEO copywriter to ensure your client’s website is both persuasive and findable.

Let’s explore 7 reasons why all web designers need a collaborative SEO copywriter.

1. An SEO copywriter knows how to research keywords

Before a website is mapped out, and certainly before any copy is written, keyword research and analysis needs to take place. A competent copywriter will know the right questions to ask your client. He will also know how to research the most accurate keyword phrases using specialist research tools.

2. An SEO copywriter knows how to analyse competitor websites

It’s important before web design and copywriting work begins to spy on your client’s main competition. You get to see what they are doing right as well as their flaws which you can capitalize on. SEO analysis will also reveal keyword phrases they’re ranking well for, and better alternatives your client can use.

3. An SEO copywriter knows how to plan a website

Keyword research and analysis provides the foundation for improved website planning. SEO requirements can inspire and guide the types of pages needed, the structural format, page sections required, and even the best ratio of text to images, plus a whole lot more. A collaborative SEO copywriter can work on this with you right from the beginning.

4. An SEO copywriter knows how to plan a web page

Each page on a website is its own mini-universe. It has its own conversion goals, subject focus and keyword requirements, but also needs to connect with the rest of the website. A strong page has a narrow focus and the accompanying copy and design must subtly support the target keywords.

5. An SEO copywriter knows how to write headers and sub-headers

Headers and titles are key features of a website. They’re the first bits of text people see and act as signposts guiding people deeper into the site. Search engines give more importance to headers than the body copy, therefore it’s vital they are written to suit both human readers and search engine spiders.

6. An SEO copywriter knows how to write metadata

The metadata is the behind-the-scenes text that can often be forgotten or deemed unimportant, but that’s a huge mistake to make. Search engines use metadata as a factor in ranking a client’s website for particular keyword phrases. Again, they need to be written for both humans and machines, because the text often appears in the search engine results.

7. An SEO copywriter knows how to write link text

Internal and external linkage are an important feature of a website and its search engine optimization success. Linking from one page to another requires appropriate link text to confer optimized benefits around the website. This is an often underutilized way of improving a site’s SEO and reducing bounce rates.

Not only must should your links be compelling to readers, they must also be search engine optimized. The often-seen “click here” phrase is a lost opportunity to enhance a site’s ranking.

Gain the benefits of an SEO copywriter for your client projects

An SEO copywriter provides all these benefits to web designers and more. You don’t have to try and figure these things out yourself. By partnering with a collaborative copywriter you can get projects planned, developed, designed, and completed faster and with improved results for your client.

And guess what? I’m an SEO copywriter. If you’re a web designer looking for a collaborative design-copy partnership for ongoing and future web projects, then get in touch.

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