Architect FAQ pageDo we really need an FAQ page on our architecture website?

Surely the Services page is enough?

Won’t potential clients be swayed by the fantastic designs in our portfolio?

It can be tempting to think your stylish website design, impressive case studies and aura of professionalism oozing from your ‘About Us’ page will be enough to hook new clients.

Unfortunately, it’s not, at least when it comes to people coming across your business for the very first time.

Even visitors referred to you by happy past clients require something extra.

The reality is that people new to your website and brand need a little more factual persuasion to satisfy their pressing concerns and expectations. They want their apprehensions soothed and to feel a growing gut instinct that you’re the right architects for them.

A great FAQ page can turn a potential client into an actual client like few other pages can.

For this reason, it should be an integral part of your website.

Here are 7 excellent reasons why you should create an architectural FAQ page as soon as possible:

1. Benefits Potential Clients

An FAQ page makes things easier for potential clients interested in your architecture services. It provides many of the answers they need to know, in one handy place, without them having to wait for an email reply or to phone your offices.

Right off the bat you’re associated with transparent service, expert guidance and speed of information, without you repeatedly having to lift a finger.

2. Demonstrates your Customer Focus

A series of answers to frequently asked architectural questions places information directly into the hands of a potential client. The answers help them in making a decision. This is what good customer service is all about.

By providing detailed and helpful answers to your ideal client’s questions you’ll demonstrate that your focus is on them. They are then more likely to place their trust in you and your building design services.

3. Saves you Time

Imagine writing the answers to the most frequently asked questions you receive every day just once. That’s one of the great benefits your architecture practice FAQ page presents. Not only will fewer people ask you the same basic questions, but you’ll also have readymade answers to copy and paste into an email reply.

This saves you time and it also makes delving into your email inbox a little more pleasant and rewarding. On social media you can direct people to your FAQ page for a more detailed answer to a question they pose.

4. Answers Sales Objections

What are some of the most common objections and misconceptions potential architecture clients have in their mind during your initial communications? Connect these to a few a core questions and provide answers on your FAQ page which can turn an objection into a knowledgeable acceptance.

Every page on your website should be working towards building trust and narrowing the information gap between you and your new clients.

5. Search Engine Friendly

Many architectural practice websites have a tendency of being image heavy and lacking in much needed text. Whilst images are very important for a design-orientated business, they can be a little lacking when it comes to search engine ranking factors.

Google and other search engines like images but love text. To rank highly you need good quality written content and a lot of it. Your FAQ page is the perfect place to supply much of this keyword-rich content which will attract visitors seeking answers to particular questions.

6. Gives Internal Linkage Opportunities

Your FAQ page can also act as a map or index of your architecture practice website. Within each answer you can direct readers to other pages with perhaps more relevant information or ones with calls to action such as a contact page.

This will also increase the health of your individual page rankings in the search engines. For example, within your answer to the question ‘Do you work on listed buildings?’ you can link to a case study of an old church renovation project you were a part of.

7. Highlights Key Selling Points

The frequently asked questions you answer on a weekly basis are a blessing in disguise when it comes to marketing and selling your architectural services. They give you plenty of opportunities to highlight your key selling points which differentiate you from your competition.

Your website’s FAQ page, when seen in this light, becomes like a fisherman’s net. It’s a place where all the important facts and crucial USPs are presented in such a way that funnels potential clients into becoming actual clients.


A well-crafted FAQ page gives your architecture practice an advantage over your rivals who are FAQ-less.

Let’s face it, any architect worth his or her salt is going to have some impressive drawings, photos and case studies. For the average potential client it’s like choosing between two delicious desserts.

What they really want and need is that special personal connection that tells them you understand their concerns, you know how to answer them, and you have the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.

A great FAQ page does all this and it works for you 24 hours a day.

You’ll soon find it invaluable.

Check out the most frequently asked questions found on an architect’s FAQ page for some great inspiration.

Creative Commons image attributions: Robert Stadler’s question mark installation in Paris from Dom Dada