creepy website ownersGreasy hair, bulging eyes and a peculiar smile.

Hiding behind a wall in dirty clothing, rubbing long bony fingers together whilst watching unsuspecting visitors draw closer.

Does that sound like you?

Of course not will be the answer but your website might be giving that impression.

The descriptions above were given by participants in a recent exploratory study on the science of creepiness. What makes someone appear creepy?

Over one thousand people were asked to give their views, with some wide ranging feedback.

The overall gist of what people defined as ‘creepy’ was a person you feel uncomfortable with because you cannot predict how they will behave next.

And this is a feeling you get when visiting certain small business websites. The main reason being the lack of personality and visibility of the owner.

I study websites daily and there are a surprising number of service provides, including electricians, web designers and more, who don’t even have their name written anywhere on their site, let alone a photo.

It’s crazy, it’s creepy and it’s keeping people away from contacting you.

Who are you? Where are you lurking? Are you a bulging eyed, long fingered ogre ready to steal their money?

When you hide who you are and what you look like, you’re leaving people to imagine, and when money is involved, you won’t come out well.

It’s human nature. People do business with people they feel they can trust. People they can see smiling and whose name they know.

For a one-man business especially, it’s vital you add your name, a friendly photo and more information about yourself.

Then people won’t do it for you.

Banish the creepiness with a few simple edits.