Cloud Artist MarketingWe’re obsessed with clouds.

You might not spend all day looking at cloud formations but they do form a part of our everyday conversation and focus.

“Awful weather isn’t it?”

“Oh aye, right depressin’, forgotten what the sun looks like!”

Clouds can be frustrating. But they can also be beautiful.

Italian artist Alberto Bertoldi, who currently has an exhibition on at the Moatti Gallery in London, certainly appreciates the stunning nature of clouds.

His super-realistic paintings of cloud-filled skies are an unusual but breath-taking study of, well, condensed water vapour.

He’s not the first to paint clouds of course. Look at any paintings from the past masters and you’ll see clouds in all their finery.

But he is noticeable for his focus on clouds alone, without an accompanying backdrop of hills, valleys, cities and oceans.

And that makes his compositions all the more appealing together with the sharp cropping and framing techniques he uses.

The paintings are not just a study of clouds but also natural light. Bertoldi captures an almost photographic representation of the deep contrasts between sunlight and shade.

The contrasts that on rare occasions capture our attention and render us speechless in moments of awed mindfulness.

Contrasts, the like of which you need in your content marketing.

You see, content marketing, such as blogging for your company, is all about capturing the attention of your prospect. Once you hold that attention, you can gently guide them into your sales funnel.

But how do you grab that attention?

The same way an Italian artist who paints clouds does.

By finding new ways of seeing the ordinary.

Adding those contrasts that delight and inform beyond the reader’s initial expectations of what they were looking for. In so doing, getting them to pay attention to you and to follow your lead.

Artists and designers have always drawn inspiration from the traditional methods and norms to create a new modernity. Something that grabs the attention even though the subject matter has been seen, heard or known before.

The ‘ordinary’ in the case of a business seeking to improve their content marketing are the common worries and desires of their target market.

Hundreds of other websites have covered all the advice known to mankind already. Just like hundreds of artists have painted clouds in their landscapes that now hang in the most prestigious galleries around the world.

Yet Alberto Bertoldi, the painter of clouds, has made a name for himself. And so can you, at least where it matters most, in the minds of your prospects.

Change your readers’ view of their predicament so your solution fits naturally into their narrative. Just like the artist frames the clouds with sunlight, to bring out the contrasts, and to make us pause in wonder.

That’s what great blogging and marketing is all about.

Creative Commons image attribution: Clouds from Jenny Downing