Canterbury Business Blogging IdeasWhat can a Canterbury business blog about?

Considering Canterbury is a world renowned city, a top tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, then there’s actually quite a lot to focus on.

But why bother? How will writing about the city help your business?

The key benefit to mentioning local news, events, attractions and places in your blog posts is to attract local readers and leads. Unless you’re a national or international company or chain then local and regional customers are your bread and butter.

This is where many business bloggers go wrong. They don’t focus on the locality. Connect the local area to your blog post topics and you’re guaranteed to see more readers who’ll actually take the action you desire.

To help inspire you as a Canterbury or East Kent based business seeking local blogging inspiration, I’ve come up with a host of blog post ideas you can take advantage of.

Each are based around 7 core features or stories unique to the city and local region. With each one I’ve taken a random business as an example of what you can do. Plus 3 more smaller examples at the end.

As Geoffrey Chaucer said, “Time and tide wait for no man”, so let’s begin!

1. Local Canterbury News

Quick info: Keep abreast of local news stories related to business or society from Canterbury and around East Kent. Incorporate some of these into your blog posts which can connect back to your own business and customers.
Example News Story: Revealing our heritage to people with sight loss. This is a news article from Canterbury City Council which details how blind and partially sighted locals will benefit from a new £40k Heritage Lottery grant. The money will be used to install multi-sensory handling resources and guided support in the region’s museums and galleries.
Random Business: Architects
Keyword phrase: visually impaired
Title suggestion: Sensory Challenges: Designing Innovative Public Buildings for the Visually Impaired
Content suggestion: First mention the above news. Then write about the factors architects and designers need to bear in mind when designing buildings and public spaces for the visually impaired. If you have a related project in your portfolio then bring that out and use it as an example of your innovative designs helping those with sight loss.
Why?: You’ll gain the attention of regional prospects who might need a building designed or adapted for family members or customers with visual impairment.
1. A design agency can write about previous projects they completed that benefited the visually impaired.
2. A sports centre can detail the facilities and guidance available for people with sight loss.
3. A fitted kitchen company can cover the various bespoke design options for the partially sighted.

2. Kent Cricket Team

Quick info: Canterbury is home to the Kent county cricket team. It plays at the St Lawrence Ground to the south of the city which has been in use since 1847.
Random Business: Pub, Bar or Restaurant
Keyword phrase: canterbury cricket
Title suggestion: Canterbury Cricket: 5 Great Ales to Celebrate Kent Spitfire’s Run of Victories
Content suggestion: 7 matches unbeaten and with an eye on the championship. Tap into the excitement and feature some of the best ales you have on offer for after-match fans to drink.
Why?: Connects with a sporting event largely enjoyed by local gentlemen. Gives you the excuse to talk sport and add some keyword phrases particular to the surrounding area (i.e. St Lawrence cricket ground, Kent Spitfires).
1. A local gym can write about the fitness levels required to play county cricket.
2. A tree surgeon can mention the famous tree that used to stand on the field of play before it died and how to avoid similar tree diseases.
3. A gardening firm can take photos of the pitch and share tips on how homeowners can get an immaculate lawn.

3. History of Canterbury

Quick info: This old city offers a rich tapestry of topics. From the early Celtic tribes and Roman occupation through to the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, St Augustine, the dissolution of the monasteries and everything up to, during and post-World War 2.
Random Business: Construction Company
Title suggestion: 5 Unusual Things We’ve Dug Up from Roman Canterbury
Content suggestion: Canterbury is such an old city. When you’re digging you’re bound to find something of interest. What unusual things have you accidentally unearthed?
Why?: People like reading about the unusual, that’s why Buzzfeed is popular. Focusing on Canterbury will also attract regional readers interested in local news and who might be looking for a construction company in the near future.
1. An architecture office can blog about a recent project where a new building needed to fit in with surrounding older buildings.
2. An estate agent can write about the oldest buildings for sale and a little of the local history that would have occurred during the property’s life time.
3. A hotel can peer into the past and detail how travelers of old would have bed down for the night in the local inns and the creature comforts they would have wished for that your modern hotel offers.

4. Canterbury Cathedral

Quick info: The best known religious building in the whole of Kent, if not England. It’s the cathedral of the Archbishop of Canterbury who is leader of the Church of England. This ancient site offers plenty of great business blog post material for local businesses seeking to attract regional customers.
Random Business: Interior designers
Keyword phrase: canterbury cathedral
Title suggestion: 10 Ways Canterbury Cathedral Can Inspire Your Home Decor
Content suggestion: Share some ways homeowners can incorporate a décor scheme based on facets of the famous cathedral. These might include black and white posters of the building, wooden medieval-style ornaments, miniature stained glass windows, gothic highlights and even candle arrangements.
Why?: Some Kent homeowners will be looking for tips on how to achieve a church/monastery rustic style. You’ll display your expertise and they may end up getting you to do it.
1. A stonemasons can blog about the materials used in the construction of the cathedral. They can then touch on the benefits these materials still bring to modern projects.
2. A civil engineering company can write about how they would build Canterbury Cathedral if they were tasked with building it from scratch. They can touch on the skills the original builders would have needed.
3. A double glazing company can write a completely humorous post about measuring up and fitting double glazing into Canterbury Cathedral. How much do you estimate it would all cost? Make sure the writer is genuinely funny.

5. Marlowe Theatre Events

Quick info:Canterbury’s main theatre and concert hall is the redeveloped Marlowe Theatre. From musicals and stand-up comedy to classical orchestras and ballet, it has everything. It’s named after Christopher Marlowe, another great and world renowned Canterbury wordsmith.
Random Business: Taxi Firm
Keyword phrase: marlowe theatre canterbury
Title suggestion: Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre Now Showing Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap
Content suggestion:Write about the details of the show and what people can expect. Hype it up a little and get people excited to see the show. Inform the reader of the time and location before reminding them to jot down your number.
Why?: The more events in the city and nearby you can blog about the better. You’ll attract people interested in attending and gain new long-term customers in the process.
1. A hotel can write a monthly preview of all the theatre performances taking place over the next 30 days.
2. A restaurant can blog about the staff’s choices for theatre night of the month. What shows do they want to see most?
3. Night clubs can highlight some shows younger people will particularly like and map out how they can get from the theatre to the club (with a pub or two in between) after the show ends.

6. University of Kent

Quick info: The University of Kent, most of which is based just outside Canterbury, is a public research university housing approximately 6000 students. It covers the sciences, technology, medical studies, the social sciences, arts and humanities.
Random Business: Computer Services
Keyword phrase: laptop repair canterbury
Title suggestion: Cheap Laptop Repair Solutions for Canterbury Students
Content suggestion: What are the most common problems teens and 20-somethings have with their laptops? Detail the top 5 or 10 with a few simple fixes they can attempt to carry out themselves.
Why?: They’ll find you when conducting a search for a local laptop repair service. Friendly advice with some personality will gain their trust.
1. Makeup artists can blog advice on achieving great looks for particular occasions in the university calendar.
2. A local garage can offer a witty post on ways students can conserve fuel. A top 10 list.
3. Driving instructors can write about the safest places to practice driving near the university campus.

7. Canterbury Geography

Quick info: Canterbury is built on brickearth overlying chalk and many people like to use special water softeners. The city is built on the River Stour which divides and rejoins several times, on which small boats can be used. These are just a few quick geographical examples. You can use these distinguishing facts as foundations for blog post topics.
Random Business: Plumbers
Keyword phrase: hard water
Title suggestion: How Hard is the Water in Canterbury and is it Safe to Drink?
Content suggestion: Share some information about the local water and the geology that affects it. Advise people about what they can do to filter the water and how hard water affects pipes and appliances.
Why?: Homeowners will be looking for answers to local problems and will in turn seek local tradesmen to help them out. You’ll be getting some good keyword phrases related to the issues customers face into your blog posts.
1. Fishing equipment suppliers can detail the types of fish found in rivers and off the coasts of Kent.
2. Groundwork contractors can write about the pros and cons of the soil type found below Canterbury and the surrounding area.
3. Drainage companies can inform readers about the local water tables and how the soil, chalk and other ground factors affect drainage in various parts of Canterbury and East Kent.

As you can see, with a little creativity you can adapt any of these to suit your individual business or company.

If you want even more blog post ideas plus a complete business blog audit then I can help you with that. Check out my blog audit services. I also provide ghost-blogging services where I can write high quality blog posts to attract customers or clients to your business.