A content marketing mission statement defines the reason you create and publish what you do. It points to who you create content for and why. It unveils the underlying content strategy behind everything your agency or business does, making it clear for everyone to see.

The larger the company or marketing team, the more important a strong mission statement becomes. A documented editorial mission statement helps people develop content and strategies in line with your core mission, and clarifies your reason for being among customers and clients.

This week’s roundup brings together a selection of the best content marketing mission statement related articles including tips and advice on how best to create your own.

The One Brief Statement That Will Refine Your Content Marketing

By Michele Linn for Content Marketing Institute

“Content created for everyone satisfies no one.” says Linn early in her article and that’s why a company needs an editorial mission statement. She then asks a series of questions and provides insightful answers to each. Questions include: How prevalent are editorial mission statements?; How are editorial mission statements helpful?; How do you create an editorial mission?; and Can I use our business mission as our editorial mission?

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How to Create a Content Mission Statement with 4 Simple Templates

By Andy Crestodina for Orbit Media Studios

Mission statements are the cornerstone of content strategy and support (or reject) every action taken when creating content, according to Crestodina. He then shares his company’s mission statement template which has three main components made up of ‘audience’, ‘content’, and ‘benefit’, which he covers in more detail. Later in the article he shares a number of strong content marketing mission statement examples.

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Content Marketing with Purpose: Developing an Editorial Mission Statement

By Alice Thwaite for Ceros

You don’t want to waste time creating unfocused content that fails to make an impact, says Thwaite. A guiding mission is needed. She goes on to provide a few examples of strong editorial mission statements, the benefits of mission statements, what to include, and how to write one. For Thwaite, one key benefit is knowing what content you shouldn’t produce.

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Content Marketing Mission Statements: They Don’t Exist and It’s a Big Problem

By Marcus Sheridan for The Sales Lion

Marketing teams with a content marketing mission statement are actually in the minority, according to Sheridan based on his experience. To “tear down the silos and get teams on the same page” requires two steps, the first of which is defining the phrase content marketing, and the second, developing a content marketing mission statement. He explains more in his article.

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