Potential clients visiting your web design agency website will want to know what is the standard process involved when getting their website designed. Most business owners will know next to nothing about the development and design of a new or existing site.

In itself this is fine but helping readers understand the main steps can be beneficial in converting more prospects into paying clients. People like to see what they’re getting into before either making contact, asking for a quote, or agreeing to a project.

A blog post, or series of blog posts, in combination with a process page, can clarify just what to expect when working with your web design company. The result – more confident, enthusiastic, and agreeable clients.

Today’s post explores a few blog content ideas for web design agencies looking to write articles on the website design process.

Let’s have a look.

1. Step by step guide to the website design process

Title suggestion: How we at [insert your web design agency name] go about designing your website

Briefly cover the various stages of website development and design ranging from the research and discover phase right through to the website launch and maintenance thereafter. Highlight in particular the importance of the early stages in making sure you help meet their sales goals and design expectations.

Why? – People feel more secure when they have a road-map of what to expect. As a result, they’re more likely to trust you and get in touch.

2. Stage by stage questions

Title suggestion: 10 questions we ask our clients during the website design process

Sometimes it can be a shock for clients when they realize just how many questions and issues they need to answer and figure out. You are web designers and not mind readers, so it’s essential to get the right information from the businesses you work with.

Write a blog article detailing some of the main questions clients will need to answer, from the initial meeting right through to the latter stages prior to launch. Mention why these questions are important and perhaps the type of answers you might expect.

Why? – Prospective clients will get an understanding of your expertise. They’ll also have time to formulate answers which will speed up communication.

3. Process timelines

Title suggestion: How long does the website design process take?

Business owners want to know how quickly the web development and design process will take. Write a post discussing how long it takes, on average, to complete different stages of a client’s project. Estimate the timelines for different types of websites (i.e. brochure, eCommerce etc.) and for the different stages of their creation.

Highlight the benefit of clear and quick communication in getting a website project completed on time and within budget.

Why? – You’ll help prospects understand how long it takes to make a great website and avoid unrealistic expectations when they contact you.

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