Have you ever watched someone closely as they talk about their passion in life?

Their eyes sparkle, their body language becomes animated, and you can hear in the tone of their voice the excitement they feel for their hobby or interest. The air around them becomes electrified and you can sense the happiness in their heart. It’s almost tangible.

This was the case this morning when I went to get my hair cut at the local barbers.

The barber, a big bald burly man with tattoos covering his arms, set about trimming my overgrown hair. The salon was empty so conversation began to flow between the two of us.

In typical British style, the first topic of conversation was the weather and concerns over a potential nationwide drought this summer.

“Lovely day ain’t it mate, ‘bout time after all the gloom” chirped the barber.

The conversation then briefly went through what I did for a living, before settling on a topic that continued for the rest of the haircut – football.

Italian football to be precise.

Although an Englishman, the barber was a devoted Atalanta supporter (a top tier Italian football team based in Bergamo, Lombardy).

He’d travelled over to northern Italy countless times to support the team, and made close friendships and connections with Italians who were won over by his passion for their club. Atalanta have never won the top Italian league. They’re not a usual team foreigners flock to watch.

The club has become his passion, more so than his favourite English team.

And that became obvious in the way he described the development and evolution of his support over the years. When he mentioned his Italian friends, his eyes lit up and for brief moments he almost seemed Italian himself with his mannerisms.

Maybe it’s because I like to listen more than I speak, but I was happy just watching and listening to this guy. His passion was energising. It was infectious. I could picture the scenes he was describing and the love he has for Italy and the people.

As he said himself, what began as support for a club, became a love of the people in Bergamo.

And I couldn’t help notice he said “we” and “us” and “our” when talking about the fans and the club. For a few seconds it seemed strange to be so personal about a foreign faraway club but then, somehow, it just quickly made sense, and that was down to his passion.

He sold me on the concept and specialness of the club.

So much so I even read more about Atalanta when I arrived home.

They’re doing well this year, cementing their place in the dizzying heights of fifth position in Serie A.

While I am not going to support the team, I will remember them and probably look to see how they do over the next couple of years.

And that’s the thing with passion, it’s memorable.

Whenever you listen to someone talk about the things they love and adore, they become natural marketers, salespeople, and storytellers. Their energy is infectious and you can’t help but smile when they weave their stories about this and that.

Which is why it’s a crying shame so many small business websites and marketing materials read like stale scientific journals.

Passion sells yet so many copywriters, business owners, and marketers play it safe with boilerplate copy.

They write content that is just a rewrite of what many other businesses in a particular industry are writing as well. As a result, they all merge into an indistinguishable mishmash.

But a few do things differently and really let their passion shine through in their writing.

These businesses are usually the ones who stand out and enjoy more leads and increased conversions.

They avoid jargon, clichés, monotony, and dullness.

Instead they inspire, energize, and entertain, while still accurately conveying the relevant information prospects need.

Just like the football-crazy barber with a passion for a faraway Italian club.

The barber who made me read more about his beloved team.

And inspired this post.

Just imagine what you can achieve for your business with more passionate copy.

Words that build likeability and trust.

Words that inspire action.

Words that sell.

Need help?

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