eagle drone web copyOne day an eagle might save hundreds of lives.

That’s if an intriguing experiment by the Dutch national police force is successful.

They are training eagles to take down hostile terror drones before they can inflict mass casualties and major damage.

As soon as the bird spots a potentially hazardous drone it’ll snatch the device with its talons and deposit it in a space away from civilians.

Tests so far seem to be very positive.

Imagine the scene one day.

A city mayor bestowing a medal to a bemused eagle perched on its handler’s gloved fist. The crowd applauding whilst officials call for statues and monuments to be created in the hero bird’s honour.

‘An eagle that beat the terrorists and their dastardly drone!’ they’ll cheer.

It is a pity eagles can’t be trained to eradicate droning website copy as well.

Because there’s so much of it.

Content that drones on and on frightening a potential client into leaving your website, never to return.

Boring content, long-winded in its attempt to please the search engines, is a killer for businesses online.

It buries any personality you want shining through your copy under a toxic sludge of verbosity. This is mixed with crude jargon which renders a website’s message indistinguishable from that of its competitors.

Reading then becomes a challenge.

And the worst thing you can do is make a potential client stumble through your words.

They’ll just leave. They’ll look elsewhere. They’ll find another designer with a clearer message.

That’s why you need to think like an eagle looking for that hazardous terror-drone.

One way to do this is by avoiding jargon and clichés.

Words like … ‘empower’, ‘solution’, ‘leverage’, ‘scalable’ and ‘robust’.

If you see these and jargon drones like them, take ‘em out and place them miles away from client eyes.

You’ll be doing your website copy and your readers a big favour.

Take as many unnecessary words out of your content as possible.

Aim to be succinct.

Be the eagle eye.

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