As a web designer, you might have a fantastic design portfolio but if your ‘About Us’ page is sub-par then you’re losing out on potential clients.

The About page is one of the most visited pages on any business website. If you get it wrong then people are likely to click away from your site and quickly too.

So how can you improve yours?

I’m going to use web copy from Evoluted, a Sheffield web design agency I came across last week, as an example of how to do things right. They have a really nice ‘About Us’ page which contains 5 key ingredients you’d do well to emulate.

Evoluted Agency

Have a quick look and then read on…

1. Split into sections

Evoluted have split their ‘About Us’ page into 6 sections each with a different function. An introduction section grabs the reader’s attention and from there each section nicely connects with the next. By the end, the prospect has a good grasp of what the agency is all about as well as an insight into its character.

Tip: Don’t present your readers with a big wall of text, like a newspaper article for example. Break the page into clearly defined compartments each with its own function.

2. Keep it short and snappy

I like how Evoluted have maintained a conciseness right throughout their page, from the intro and ethos sections, through to the staff bios and even with the call-to-action right at the bottom. The bite-sized paragraphs encourage people to read the text as there’s a clear end in sight each time.

Tip: Whilst it’s important to cover your expertise and what you can deliver for the client, brevity is everything. Be as succinct as possible.

3. Add keywords upfront

It’s important to optimise each page on your website for the search engines. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Evoluted provide a fine example of keyword placement. In the intro section they subtly pack in a number of keywords they, and any other design agency, probably want to be found for.

Tip: Can you see them? ‘…marketing, design, development and interactive media’, for example. Place your most important keywords in the text as early as you can. Ideally in the first paragraph.

4. Use work-alone sub-headers

Take a look at Evoluted’s ethos section. Note the sub-headers and ignore the text beneath each one. The sub-headers alone convey the message the agency wants to put across. A reader can quickly scan these without focusing on anything else and they’ll come to exactly the same conclusion as if they’d read every word underneath.

That’s how great sub-headers work. They catch the eye and quickly deliver the required information for readers who lack time or patience to read much else. Bang, bang, bang!

Tip: Work on your sub-headers so they convey a stand-alone outline of what your design agency is all about.

5. Weave in your location

You’ll see that Evoluted have included a little paragraph about their city which also includes a description of their agency building. This cements a location in the potential client’s mind which also builds a sense of trust and legitimacy. Good copy even plants an image of your agency interior into the prospect’s mind.

Tip: As a web designer you’ll want to attract more great business clients from your local region. Use any excuse you can to mention your city or county.

These are just 5 facets of a strong ‘About Us’ page. There are many more which you need to weave into your bio copy.

I’ll share some more another day.