What web designer doesn’t love referrals?

They are the ultimate ego and income booster for creative businesses like ours. They’re a sign that people appreciate what we do and think others will benefit from our skills and talent.

Referrals bypass a large part of the inbound marketing process. They are often people who have already been sold on the benefits we bring by our previous clients. They’re ready and eager to get started. What’s not to like?

Referrals are great. They should be encouraged. The more the better!

But, they should never be relied upon as the sole source of new clients.

To do so risks potential long-term problems which can be extremely difficult to overcome.

Here are just a few reasons why:

Referrals can bring you a lot of work but they are usually not targeted. The new clients may primarily be comprised of business owners who can’t afford premium services. This results in you being overworked and thereby losing valuable marketing time in which to target more lucrative clients.

Referrals are passive. You have little, if any, influence on the process. Some clients will prefer to keep you under wraps for themselves without alerting friends and colleagues. Others will forget or refer you to completely inappropriate prospects.

Referrals tend to be in similar sectors, businesses, and positions as one another. This is wonderful if you like these industries and they pay well but if not, then you can be stuck working for the same type of business owner, over and over again.

Referral sources can suddenly dry up. If you depend on a select few sources then if one or two of these referrers disappears, you face a drop in the rate of new prospects. It can take a lot of time and energy you may sorely be lacking in order to plug that gap.

Referrals provide you with a false sense of security in the short and medium term. As a result, you decrease your marketing efforts which in the long-term can be disastrous. There’s also less impetuous to grow and innovate, in order to compete, both in terms of design skills, business acumen, and branding.

A healthy mix is instead needed.

As a web designer or design agency you need a variety of ways to attract new clients rather than just one. You need a combination of inbound marketing and referral marketing.

Inbound marketing is where you attract prospects to your website through strong copy, search engine optimization, informative content, and engaging social media updates. Your site acts as a central hub where you can accurately target and market to your ideal client.

This is the type of lucrative client who will ultimately allow you to raise your fees while also reducing your working hours, or to expand your agency.

When you attract more lucrative clients you then soon receive more lucrative referrals.

What web designer doesn’t want to work with their perfect type of client?

To get your website attracting new leads and increasing conversions, you need strong, highly-persuasive and focused copy. You need words that combine seamlessly with your exceptional design to attract and impress the best clients. The type of clients who except nothing but the best and are willing to pay for the best (you!).

Make sure your web design agency website has the best copy possible. Focus on your ideal clients, not on just anyone and everyone. Hone your branding and marketing efforts to attract the companies you’d jump out of bed in the morning to work with.

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