My late grandmother was a funny lady.

She was very refined and sophisticated in look and mind but also loved repeating naughty jokes and dirty ditties. She loved nothing more than to make the family laugh relaying these songs and rhymes, some originating from the Victorian-era.

One I was particularly fond of and remember the most was a song or recitation that went something like this:

Roll up ladies! Roll up gents!
See the greatest show in tents.
Come and see the spotted leopard,
With 99 spots on its back and one on his…
Cock your eyes over there folks and catch the monkeys
Playing with their …
“I say Dick, do you have a cigarette?”
There’s a draft coming from the elephant’s…
“Ask that man for a match!”

And so the ditty went on with more innocently naughty innuendos and rhymes.

My grandmother repeated this ditty probably no more than half a dozen times, way back in the 1980s, but I still remember it.

I remember it because it was funny, it was unusual, and it had a story element to it. It was impossible not to imagine the scenes.

And these are also attributes that make great blog posts for businesses.

It’s tempting to think business blog articles should be informative and nothing else. But informative and nothing else is never memorable. People read the information they need and then leave, and quickly forget you ever existed.

What sticks in peoples’ minds are humour, personality, and stories.

And that goes to the heart of what should be the primary reason for a business blog: relationship building.

Relationship building includes inspiring trust, building authority, cultivating likeability, and forming a long-term bond with both prospects and existing clients.

Blogging is of course also about search engine optimisation and findability and much more, but these are dead in the water if not combined with developing a strong connection with your target market.

It’s this connection that ultimately persuades people to take action and do business with you, rather than with your main competitor.

Great blogging can make people ignore the price differences between your business and other businesses offering the same services, or even better ones.

All because they like you more, even before they’ve even spoken with you or opened their wallets.

That’s the true power behind successful blogging.

If you think merely rewriting posts from popular blogs about informative facets of web design and marketing will impress potential clients, then you’re probably wondering why your web design agency blog isn’t up to much.

Information matters, definitely, but it needs to combined with entertainment and personalisation.

By doing so you make yourselves memorable in the eyes of prospects.

You make yourself likeable.

Which is a huge, huge part of getting people to contact you via your web design agency website.

So take inspiration from the power behind funny songs and naughty ditties.

No, there’s no need to write smut, but there’s every need to add more humour, personal stories and anecdotes, and then combine these with lessons and information people will find helpful.

By doing so, these people will remember you when they leave, and are more likely to subscribe to your email list or social media accounts.

And that’s a giant first step on the road to a new client.

Do you need help planning and writing blog posts that are informative, entertaining, persuasive, and maybe even a little funny?

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