Do you ever get tired of prospects and clients asking too many of the same questions?

You’re a web designer but sometimes you feel like a teacher or phone operator, answering the same type of questions every week. Repeating the answers takes precious time and energy away from developing and designing websites. This in turn eats into your free time.

If only the prospects and clients already knew the answers to these standard questions before getting in touch or beginning a project. Wouldn’t that be a relief?

Thankfully, this is possible.

There are a number of ways to answer the most common questions you face without having to constantly repeat the process via phone or email.

All you need to do is come up with the most common questions you’re asked and write down the answers you typically give. Then you can publish them in different formats your prospective clients can read.

Here are just 6 ways you can do this:

1. Write an FAQ page

People are familiar with FAQ pages from other websites and documents. They know to look here and scan for the answers they need. This frequently asked questions page needs to be clearly highlighted and easily accessible from the main entry points to your site.

Make sure the questions themselves can be quickly scanned and are kept short. The answers should be succinct but provide all the information that benefits the prospect and moves them closer to making contact.

2. Weave some answers into your Homepage

Your web design agency front page also provides a great opportunity to feature the most pressing concern prospects have. This doesn’t need to be in a question and answer format, but ensure the main query you frequently get is somehow subtly addressed in the intro copy.

3. Cover the answers on your service pages

Are your service pages focusing on the problems prospects and clients face? It’s good to cover the features and benefits of your services you think are important but also make sure to incorporate some of the answers people most frequently need addressing. What you think they should know is not always what the visitor wants to know.

4. Publish an FAQ brochure

Is a new client visiting your agency for the first time? Or maybe you’re swapping questions and answers via email with an interested prospect? While communication is good and can build a bond, it can be frustrating to answer the same questions over and over. Instead, hand them an FAQ brochure. You can also include the brochure as a free download in a sidebar or on the homepage.

The brochure will detail the most common questions and their answers, together with interesting facts, suggestions and options, for moving their project forwards.

5. Develop an FAQ blog post series

Stuck on what to blog about each week? Take the most frequently asked questions you receive and turn them into a blog post series. Answer one question in each post, detailing everything a new client needs to know, and also what they should know.

This series can be linked to from your agency homepage and throughout your website when relevant. You can also add the blog series link to your email signature.

6. Write an ‘Our Process’ page

Show prospects and new clients how you go about a typical project from start to finish. Detail the different steps and processes you go through, and how the client is involved. Cover how you and your colleagues combine skills, share documents, interact with the business owner, and how the website and graphics are developed, designed and handed over.

Make sure to clearly incorporate the answers to the most common questions you receive in the descriptions of the different stages. Prospects and clients will then have a clearer overview of how things will pan out.

Saving time and increasing conversions

Pre-emptively publishing these answers not only saves you time but also gets the client thinking of how you’ll benefit their project earlier. That’s a good thing. When potential clients start imagining working with you, they usually go on to become paying clients.

Need help writing the answers to your web design agency’s most frequently asked questions?

I can help you. From FAQ pages and Service pages to brochures and blog posts, I’ll make sure your prospects get clear and persuasive answers to the questions that most concern them.

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