VA Blogging: 10 Blog Post Ideas for Virtual Assistants

By Edward Beaman

Sep 01

Virtual Assistant Blog Post IdeasAre you a virtual assistant wondering what to blog about on your VA website?

You’ll know from experience the benefits blogging can bring businesses. It’s a great inbound marketing strategy that, when done well, can bring in hundreds or thousands of visitors.

The trouble is, you don’t necessarily want thousands of untargeted visitors who will just read one blog post and leave. What you need are prospects, people who need the virtual assistant services you provide.

But what type of blog posts will interest these people?

What can you blog about to attract the attention of potential clients?

To help you out, I’ve brought together 10 blog post idea templates for virtual assistants. Each one can be modified and adapted to suit your particular VA business, client base, niche focus and skills. With a little creativity, all the templates can be used over and over again and will form the basis of your blog content calendar.

I’ve also provided a blog post suggestion with each idea together with possible keywords and titles to use.

Got some coffee? Good! Let’s have a look…

1. Balancing Work and Family Life

Concept: A major concern for many hard working professionals is creating a healthy work-life balance. Too much time in the office and in front of the laptop screen at night can damage relationships, not to mention health. Share some tips on ways to better organise, delegate and think about work so people can enjoy more precious time with their families.
Keyword phrase: Work life balance
Title suggestion: How Outsourcing Email Management Can Benefit Your Work Life Balance
Content suggestion:Nearly everyone dreads peeping into their email inbox after a weekend away. It can be bad enough coming back after a lunch break. Offer some organisation tips and write about how your services can reduce email overwhelm. Detail how it all works and the benefits previous clients have experienced.
Why?: You’ll be tapping into a common stressful problem people face but might not realise there are solutions to (i.e. you).

2. Travelling Hacks

Concept: Frequent travelling is a necessity for some professionals, whether this is an extra-long commute to work every morning/evening or regular flights to conferences and meetings in different countries. Detail a number of ways people can take advantage of travel time to catch up on work and relaxation. Write about travel apps business people can make good use of or products to add comfort to their journey.
Keyword phrase: how to get over jet lag
Title suggestion: How to Quickly Get Over Jet Lag Before an Important Meeting
Content suggestion:There are a number of simple ways to either prevent or mitigate the effects of jet lag. Some of these include reducing caffeine intake, drinking more water and adjusting eating habits prior to the flight. Detail all the tips you can find to help travelling professionals and share some of your own experiences of long journeys.
Why?: People will appreciate the helpful information and will think about your services as a way to reduce their holiday or travelling workload.

3. Health at Work

Concept: Too much time being seated, slouched and staring at a computer screen can be detrimental to our bodies. This not only affects are physical health but also our mental health. Share tips on how people can make positive health changes though simple exercises and modifications of diet and habits. Touch on ways professionals can boost their energy levels and even focus on workplace meditation.
Keyword phrase: tiredness after eating
Title suggestion: 5 Ways to Avoid Tiredness at Work after Eating
Content suggestion:Write about the dreaded afternoon slump when you just want to curl up and sleep after lunchtime. Detail the symptoms and causes before revealing 5 good ways to avoid or reduce the effects. Are there certain foods which reduce the drop in energy? What should an office worker do straight after lunch to avoid the slump?
Why?: You’re again tapping into common problems professionals face which will bring you onto their radar of awareness.

4. Online Tools

Concept: What are some essential online tools professionals should be using? Whether for collaboration purposes, note-taking, administration or website tracking, there’s a tool for everything nowadays. Write about the best tools for different requirements. Share your thoughts on the best tools you personally use and how they benefit not only your own virtual assistant work but that of your clients in various industries.
Keyword phrase: time management tools
Title suggestion: 10 Excellent Time Management Tools for Busy Team Leaders
Content suggestion:Research 10 great apps and tools team leaders can use to help them optimise the time they have available. List the apps and tools, and write a little description and evaluation of each one. What situations and industries would each app/tool be most appropriate for? Which ones do you use on a frequent basis?
Why?: You’ll show your expertise when it comes to arranging and maintaining order and efficiency in the professional sphere. A vital aspect of your VA work.

5. Interesting Business Statistics

Concept: What are some interesting statistics you’ve come across recently relevant to your main clientele? Perhaps a good infographic about the state of small businesses in your country. If possible, share the infographic and note some of the more interesting stats together with your thoughts and opinions. Other stats can include topics related to health, the economy, culture and even historical facts compared to the present day.
Keyword phrase: small businesses uk
Title suggestion: Small Businesses UK: Department for Business Innovation Releases Fascinating Statistics about British SMEs
Content suggestion:Comment on a yearly report about the nature of businesses in the UK (or your country). Write about the most interesting statistics and if you have the skills, create an infographic showing the results. What do the findings mean for businesses? Share some related quotes from business leaders and blog what you think about the stats.
Why?: Potential clients will see you’re aware of the bigger picture and knowledgeable about presenting facts in a clear manner.

6. Presentation Skills

Concept: Good presentation skills are vital for many professionals. Whether it’s presenting a new project in front of a dozen people or giving a talk before thousands, getting your message across clearly and confidently is essential. Write a series of blog posts detailing how professionals, from CEOs to soon-to-be-graduates, can brush up on their presentation skills. You can include info about preparation, organisation, methods, visual aids, data presentation and confidence issues.
Keyword phrase: powerpoint
Title suggestion: The PowerPoint 10/20/30 Rule for Winning Presentations
Content suggestion:A top marketing executive named Guy Kawasaki came up with a great formula for the perfect PowerPoint presentation. Read about it and share with your readers what it entails and how professionals can use it in their own companies. What do you like about the 10/20/30 rule and what might you add?
Why?: You’ll present yourself as an expert on PowerPoint presentations and a virtual assistant who has a wider knowledge of marketing principles.

7. Business Psychology

Concept: Why are some professionals and businesses more controlled, productive, enthusiastic and successful than others? A lot of it comes down to basic psychology. This is a topic many people are interested in and can generate a ton of blog posts. Focus on areas such as team building, leadership, efficiency, innovation, positive thinking and personality types. Also cover customer/client psychology.
Keyword phrase: mindfulness techniques
Title suggestion: 3 Important Mindfulness Techniques to Improve Workplace Wellbeing
Content suggestion:Stress at work can be damaging both to individual health and company efficiency. Mindfulness meditation is increasingly becoming a popular and highly beneficial way to reduce stress and improve focus. Write about mindfulness and the ways it can be incorporated into the office environment.
Why?: Taking the pressure and workload off people is part of your job. These posts will help professionals and highlight your related expertise in the process.

8. When Things Go Wrong

Concept: What can your clients do when disaster strikes? I don’t mean an earthquake or a famine but something like a computer crash or lost documents when travelling abroad for work. Research common problems professionals face and devote blog posts to providing solutions. Focus on your main clientele and what they tell you are their worst case scenarios. Link each problem with solutions you personally provide.
Keyword phrase: cloud storage
Title suggestion: 12 Cloud Storage Solutions to Protect Your Files from Sudden Disaster
Content suggestion:Begin a blog post describing the horror of suddenly losing all your files when the computer you work on crashes and dies. Share a story if this has happened to you in the past. Then continue by explaining some of the great Cloud storage solutions available and how each one can benefit different types of businesses. Which ones do you use and why?
Why?: You’ll show you’re aware of everything that can go wrong and how to successfully prevent or fix problems before or as they occur. You’re a safe pair of hands in other words.

9. Event Promotion Tips

Concept: How can people promote an event they’re arranging? Maybe it’s a gallery opening or a corporate conference. Write about the type of event and then detail various promotion and marketing strategies individuals and businesses can make use of to attract attention. Concentrate on your main clientele and showcase some previous events you’ve helped to arrange and/or promote.
Keyword phrase: social media strategy template
Title suggestion: Social Media Strategy Template for Promoting an Upcoming Business Event
Content suggestion:Focus a blog post on ways social media can help a business promote an event. Discuss the various platforms and how each one can be used to spread the word. Create a free strategy template for Twitter or Facebook that small businesses can use in the month before their event. You can provide status examples, for example.
Why?: Sharing good advice about promotion strategies will show your expertise in this area VA’s are sometimes called upon to help with.

10. Personal Updates

Concept: Write about your job. Share with readers what you’re currently doing, what type of clients you’re working with, and the new insights and knowledge you gain each month. Be careful not to be too self-centred. Posts like this need a balance of personality and helpfulness, where the reader discovers more about you as a person but also gains information beneficial to their needs.
Keyword phrase: writing a press release
Title suggestion: What I learnt From Writing a Press Release for a Recycling Company
Content suggestion:Let’s say you’re working as a VA for a recycling company and you wrote a press release for them. Create a blog post covering the process you went through to achieve a well written document in a short space of time. What did you learn? How was it received? Has the experience given you a desire to write more press releases?
Why?: Writing personal updates about your job will impress visiting prospects, reveal the personality behind the website and catch the attention of businesses needing similar things done.

There are many more VA blog post ideas where those came from. If you’d like between 25 and 100 more, check out my business blog audit services. I also provide a thorough blog review and suggestions for improvement, plus a whole lot more.

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Mariane April 5, 2016

Thank you for sharing this, Edward. As a VA, I appreciate that you bring up balancing work and family life, especially for VAs like me who have familes that always seek my presence. Having three kids is tough, but at the same time it makes me happy. While working at home I can keep an eye to my children and earn a living at the same time.

    Edward Beaman April 7, 2016

    Pleasure Mariane. It’s wonderful to work from home. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Terri April 5, 2016

I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall recently with not having any ideas then I found this, brilliant! Some great ones in here I can use as a Virtual Assistant, thank you so much!

    Edward Beaman April 7, 2016

    Glad I have inspired you Terri. Good luck with the blogging! 🙂

Marilyn April 25, 2016

Great ideas Edward! Thanks for sharing this….

Stephanie Beavers May 12, 2016

I Edward. I just wanted to thank you for this blog. I am in the process of starting my VA business and I have been thinking about my first blog to put on my website when its up and running. You have given me some ideas. I am still new to all of this. I want my blog to begin with how I got started and I want to add the different groups that have helped me along the way. My blog would probably help other VA’s but I thought they deserved the credit. Guess everyone has to start somewhere! Have a great week!

    Edward Beaman May 16, 2016

    Thank you Stephanie. Sounds like you have a good plan of action. Good luck with the blog! 🙂

Deneen Tyler June 8, 2016

Very helpful post and relevant topics! I intend to use every single suggestion! Lol.

Claire Langmead June 13, 2016

Thanks so much for posting this Ed, I’ve just started my VA business from home and it’s really helped me with ideas for my blog. I was struggling a bit but this has given me some focus! I’ve signed up to receive more small biz tips from you too!

Eric Hardwick June 16, 2016

thanks edward for sharing this is very helpful for me

Catherine June 21, 2016

Thank you Edward, this was just what I needed to kick start my ideas.


GLENDA August 16, 2016

Very Informative. Thank you for sharing.

Ray August 16, 2016

Thanks! I often get confused or stuck with the topics I want to discuss. This article is definitely very informative and helpful for future virtual assistants.

Charity Managbanag August 16, 2016

Hi Edward. Thank you for sharing this. As a new VA, it kinda hard for me to think of what to post on my blog. This is such a great help for me. 🙂
Charity Managbanag recently posted…My Belltel ExperienceMy Profile

Tucker September 16, 2016

Thank you, I feel inspired now!

Rachel September 27, 2016

Thank you for this Edward, it is a great post. I have been trying to think of what to blog about etc and this came at the right time.

Sam September 30, 2016

Thank you for such a helpful article!

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