Everyone and their cat seems to be blogging these days. Wherever you look online, there’s a blog about something, whether it’s a hobby blog, business blog, or an article blog in some online publication. Swing a cyber cat by its tail and it’s more than likely going to hit someone’s blog.

The trouble is, most blogs are just not that good, especially when it comes to the blog posts of companies and corporations. Businesses know the benefits of blogging to attract customers and clients but very few understand how to do it and the importance of doing it well.

It’s tempting for business owners to assume they can hire a young blogger or intern who can write coherently and positive results will follow. Sometimes that strategy can work but more often than not, it doesn’t, and the blog becomes a waste of time, money and effort. The blogger is then ditched and the blog left to gather dust.

This strategy fails because the business and blogger fail to understand what makes a successful blog and the effort involved in putting together a good quality post and content plan. By good quality, I mean posts that actively inspire, educate, entertain and convert readers into actual paying customers or clients, and then keep them coming back for more.

If your blog is not doing most of the above, then it’s a waste of time and you may as well delete it. Seriously, it’s doing more harm than good.

If your business really does want to make a success of blogging and all the related content marketing strategies, then it’s wise to hire a professional blogger to help you get the results you need.

A pro blogger is a marketing content writer with experience and expertise in writing engaging content that actively connects and subtly persuades a target audience to buy from your business. They are masters in consumer psychology and fit content to match your customer’s expectations, needs and desires.

This is why a professional blogger is a completely different animal to a person who can simply write well.

The expert blog content writer does things differently to the average blogger right from the very beginning of a project. Their experience means they have a well-oiled system in place to help ensure a blog content strategy meets with the desired results.

Let’s have a look at 10 important things a professional blogger does before writing even a single word of content.

1. Asks questions

A professional blogger will ask you questions about your company. They’ll want to get to know the core features and benefits your products and services bring to customers, as well as how you market these already. Understanding what your business is all about is a vital first step in creating a blogging strategy to suit your company’s sales and marketing goals.

2. Reads through existing company marketing materials

Part of understanding your business will involve the experienced blogger reading through your existing company documents and marketing materials. These might include website copy, old blog posts, brochures, case studies, whitepapers, product descriptions, reviews and any downloadable marketing documents. All of these provide the professional blog writer with a deeper understanding of your products, services, target markets, and company ethos.

3. Tests products and explores services

One of the most important parts of any research stage is the trying out of the company’s products and services. This allows for the blogger to truly see things from the perspective of customers. Whether it’s being allowed free access a premium version of a software program or running through a mock consultation you might provide to clients, the professional blogger will, as a result, gain a lot of further insight into what you sell.

4. Researches keywords

Keyword research is a vital component of great business blogging. Your professional blog content writer will spend time researching keywords and picking out keyword phrases with a lot of search engine optimization potential. They can also collaborate closely with SEO experts you might work with. Good keyword research and the optimization of blog posts can go a long way to achieving the blogging results you require.

5. Studies competitors

What are your regional and national competitors blogging about? Are they blogging? Part of the reason for blogging is to rise above your competition when it comes to visibility and rankings. Putting together an effective blogging strategy involves spying on your competitors and seeing what they’re doing wrong, what they’re doing right, and spotting ways to make your company more interesting, appealing, findable, and successful in your content marketing results.

6. Finds authoritative publications

Well-written blog posts don’t rely on conjecture, incomplete facts or unsubstantiated stats copied from other blogs. Authoritative blog posts make use of statistics and studies from respected sources that are relevant to particular industries. A professional blogger will decipher, with your help, the most appropriate sources for these facts, whether industry publications, research firms, trade associations or something else, including your own company data.

7. Creates profiles of main target audience groups

It’s imperative a blog is written to attract, inform and entertain a particular type of customer or client. Knowing who the posts need to be written for is an imperative part of blog development and research. A professional blog writer will create a series of target audience profiles detailing customer/reader demographics. These might include things like age, gender, location, income, profession, status, interests, and more.

8. Determines required results

Every blog needs a reason for being and when it comes to business blogging, this reason is to achieve certain results for the company. A pro blogger will work closely with you to determine what results the blog needs to achieve. The details will vary slightly from business to business but the end goal is usually the same, and that’s to increase leads, conversions and sales.

9. Develops a strategy and posting schedule

A blog post doesn’t stand in isolation. Company blogging is a long-term strategy and is about building relationships with customers, cultivating authority, and strengthening your site’s search engine rankings and findability. All this involves careful planning and scheduling, right from the beginning, to help make sure your blog connects with the right people, provides interlinking opportunities, and contains the most appropriate content.

10. Finalises logistics

Before the first blog post is written, the logistics of blogging are finalised. Who will be adding the posts? Where will the images come from? How will any interviews be arranged? Will employees of the company be blogging as well? Do they need to be taught how to blog effectively? Will posts be ghost-written? What will be the payment schedule be? Who will review and select blog topic ideas?

Many of these questions will need answers before a professional blog content writer begins work.

A professional blogger makes a difference

As you can see, a professional blogger takes the time to really get to know a business and its audience. They carefully research, plan, and implement a blogging strategy most suitable for the company’s aims and goals. Even before a single word is written, a lot of ground work is conducted.

This work is vital if the company is to attract more leads, convert readers into customers, maintain a loyal following, and grow its brand on social media and elsewhere.

And it’s the difference between an experienced professional blogger and an amateur who will merely re-write articles they find online.

If you’re looking to take your company’s blogging up a notch and increase the number of people visiting and reading your marketing content, then it’s time to invest in a professional business blogger.

My name is Edward Beaman and I’ve been writing sales and marketing content for more than a decade. As a professional blogger and copywriter I can help your company create unique, interesting, entertaining, persuasive and optimised blog content for your readers.

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