Bernie Sanders Content Marketing AuthenticityAre you feeling the Bern?

You don’t need to be American or politically-minded to know Bernie Sanders is making a big splash across The Pond.

A few months ago Hilary Clinton seemed to be the odds on favourite, not only to win the Democratic Party nomination but also the presidency.

Things don’t seem so certain now.

So how has the elderly, bespectacled and decidedly un-presidential looking Vermont senator become so popular with voters, especially young ones?

In a word: authenticity.

Regardless of his political views, he comes across as relatable and approachable, compared to your typical politician.

And these are attributes many people feel his rival Hilary Clinton lacks.

And it’s a similar reason why Donald Trump is doing so well.

For all his brashness, arrogance and vulgarity, Trump is also his authentic juggernaut self. You either love him or you hate him and he doesn’t really care which.

It’s magnetic.

It’s the complete opposite of what politicians usually try to achieve. To be liked by all and to put on a façade. You can see their tension and controlled mannerisms beneath their fake smiles and rehearsed finger pointing to random people in the crowd.

Bernie just throws his jacket to delighted female supporters like a rock star, basking in the humour of an elderly man making such a showbiz entry. He’s self-deprecating and his supporters, and many wavering voters, love it.

And it’s precisely what you should be doing with your website content.

Be authentic and real.

Be professional yet also a little playful.

Be who you really are, like when you’re face-to-face with a client.

You can convey all this through your words. In so doing you’ll connect deeper with your target market and be instantly more approachable.

Too many company websites read like a tense politician hoping not to make a slip in front of the cameras. For some industries, like medical and legal, formal and strict website copy is appropriate. But for you as designers, it makes you look uptight, remote and austere.

And that’s the last thing you want to convey as a creative service agency.

Potential clients want to imagine you and them sitting down together to discuss their project. They want to work with friendly, personable and kind people who will act professionally and with their best interests at heart.

Not with a design company that sounds like a politician or salesman.

A great way to show authenticity is to hone in on your perfect client when writing your website copy. Write to them and make it sound like you’re writing only to them. This is where client profiles come in handy.

Use words they might use in everyday life and terms they’ll be familiar with, rather than jargon and sales-speak, which all your competition are probably using.

People love when a politician looks them in the eye and at least appears to be listening. The same applies when you write content that echoes the voice of a professional yet down-to-earth human being.

To steal a political phrase, you’ll become the people’s choice.

The approachable option.

And this can get you many fans, and more importantly, new clients.

Many more than your main competitor who might be more talented than you and have a more impressive portfolio. But, who is pretentious and grandstanding when it comes to their web content.

Being truly authentic inspires people. It shows you love your work and this touches the most important heart of all: your perfect client.

So feel the burn…

And let it show in everything you write for your business.

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