Ted ‘Mad Dog’ McTeddy

Copywriter | Website Counsellor | Pipe Smoker

Ted ‘Mad Dog’ McTeddy knew he wanted to be a marketing copywriter when at the age of six he watched his Uncle Jack sell a crate of milk to a passing herd of cows. Admittedly he didn’t see any money passing from hoof to hand, but the strength of his uncle’s oratory was inspiring to his young and impressionable mind.

Today, Ted loves writing copy and has a keen fascination with marketing. He also knows inanimate objects, animals, and even walking-talking websites have a curious fascination with him. Ted has grown accustomed to the often weird and wonderful conversations he finds himself in with things no one else can see or hear.

Copywriter Ted lives at No.1 Content Crescent in central London. His Georgian home overlooks a little oval park where he walks early each morning before starting work in his home office. From this pleasant 3rd floor room, he interacts and works with business owners all over the world.

At weekends he likes to visit the local museums, galleries and concert halls, or take off for a few days in his silver 1958 Porsche 356 A Coupe.

The Latest Adventures of Copywriter Ted ‘Mad Dog’ McTeddy

The Copywriter’s Cat and the Chattering Widow

“She was watching the swifts Ted. I was too, in her garden. Dozens of them. They were swooping and swirling above our heads against the blue evening sky.” Copywriter Ted is semi-listening to Tiddles the talking cat as he watches the Monaco Grand Prix. She’s perched on...

The Copywriter’s Cat and the Stolen Ham

Copywriter Ted is reclining in his living room on a Classic Eames Lounge Chair meditating on the faint thunder resonating in the distance. It’s been a hot and muggy few days. Despite the very best in air conditioning, the copywriter is hoping the approaching storm...

The Copywriter’s Cat: When Ted Met Tiddles

Ted’s never seen a cat read before. That was until he met Tiddles last week. The Burmese cat had appeared out of the blue one sunny morning and settled herself on the kitchen table during breakfast. There had been an open newspaper next to the copywriter’s bowl of...

Copywriter Ted and the Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Copywriter Ted ‘Mad Dog’ McTeddy is sitting in the dentist’s chair waiting for the tooth extraction procedure to begin. For a month now his wisdom tooth has been causing pain, swelling and general discomfort. A preliminary check-up last week revealed the tooth was...

Copywriter Ted and the Click Bait Conversation

Ted “Mad Dog” McTeddy sips a caffè macchiato as he listens to Kev discuss blogging strategy. Young Kev, the marketing manager of a mid-sized clothing company, wants to hire Ted as a content strategist to help develop and write their blog. Kev and Ted sit on the...