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Well written articles and blog posts bring numerous benefits to any type of business and its marketing strategies. They increase brand awareness, boost SEO rankings, attract new leads, build credibility, subtly promote your products/services and make you more money. This is an area where I can help you as well, with engaging and original copy aimed at your particular market. (See also: Blogging Services for Web Design Agencies)

Articles and Blog Posts from Edward Beaman
Website Copywriting by Edward Beaman

Website Copywriting

The copy on your website is the online equivalent of your sales team. It needs to convert visitors into paying customers or clients. The wording has to be simple, concise and effortless to read, while subtly directing people towards the sale. I use established copywriting and search engine optimisation techniques to help your website inspire people to buy your products or hire your services.

Leaflet & Direct Mail Copywriting

Fearless direct mail copywriting paints pictures in the reader’s mind. It’s persuasive and quickly instills excitement in the prospect, making them eager to buy your products or hire your services. Most importantly, effective direct mail copywriting grabs the recipient’s attention from the very first word to the last. I’ll help you craft your company’s message and get it read by the right people.

Direct mail copywriting by Edward Beaman
Press release copywriting from Edward Beaman

Press Release Writing

Your press release needs to gain the attention of journalists and ultimately deliver leads to your business. A strong press release needs to contain all the important details the press and your market will find relevant to their needs. It’s succinct and direct whilst at the same time weaving a story full of intrigue about your company. I’ll help you craft a press release that’s published where you need it to be and which brings more customers to your door.

Product Description Copywriting

Copying manufacturers’ product descriptions is easy to do but ineffective. When the copy can be found elsewhere it not only weakens the product’s search engine optimisation potential but also dilutes the message you want to get across. I will write accurate descriptions of your products that will engage your customers and cultivate trust and increase brand credibility.

Product description copywriting by Edward Beaman
Brochure copywriting from Edward Beaman

Brochure Copywriting

Brochure writing requires a special skill and strategy. A well-written printed brochure complements your website copy and adds credibility to the image of your company. Working with talented graphic designers I will ensure your brochure is persuasive, targeted, easy to read, and smoothly guides readers to the action you want them to take. All written in the ‘voice’ of your brand.

White Paper Writing

When you need to inform readers about a complex issue or new development relating to your business then a white paper is the best format to use. The white paper is both educational and persuasive. It tackles a particular topic in-depth and covers the solutions a product, service, method or technology brings. I can craft a white paper for you about any topic and for any target market.

White paper writing by Edward Beaman
Case study copywriting from Edward Beaman

Case Study Writing

Case studies help prospects understand how a product or service has been implemented successfully by previous customers. They focus on the personal narrative of happy buyers and weave a story that connects with the needs and desires of potential customers. In this sense, they are incredibly powerful. I can write a persuasive case study for you based on the results, conclusions and feedback you’ve obtained.

Business Speech Writing

When delivering a speech to fellow professionals or prospects, it’s important your message is clear, relevant, and interesting. That’s where good business speech writing can help you enthrall an audience and accurately portray you as an expert on the subject matter. I’ll help you weave together the most pertinent information with entertaining storytelling tactics, to deliver the speech of your life.

Business Speech Writing by Edward Beaman

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