Rajasthan logo redesignSonam Joshi covers the redesign of the Rajasthan tourist board logo and website by Ogilvy and Mather. It’s a region in India famous for its forts and splendid palaces, popular with tourists from around the world.

The new logo is particularly interesting, resembling ‘the distinctive traditional curly mustaches sported by men from the state’ but also ‘a pair of camels sitting across from each other, with two birds flying above them’.

They’ve also created a beautiful stop motion sand art video to show the new designs and to tempt people to this stunning area.

Blog post ideas:
1. What are some great new logo designs you’ve seen unveiled recently from around the world? Mention a few and share your opinions. Cover what makes a great company logo.
2. Are you or one of your agency team going on holiday to a faraway land? Make a point to photograph clever and eye-catching adverts, logos and graphics you come across. Create a visual journey of inspiration.
3. Write about a major rebranding you’ve been involved with in your local area. Share some visual examples or videos and write about the process you went through. You can even show some alternative ideas that didn’t see the light of day.
4. Write about a place in the world you love. Just for the hell of it. Open up about how the special location made you feel. What inspired you whilst there? How did it change you as a person or agency?

Why?: You’ll show perspective clients your awareness of developing trends when it comes to logo and graphic design. When these insights are combined with personal experiences and viewpoints, you automatically make yourself more accessible to visitors looking for a talented and friendly designer.

What post ideas would you add?

Creative Commons image attribution: Chand Baori stepwell from Brandon