Are you a professional photographer looking to expand your personal brand through blogging?

Having a blog on your photography website is a great way to attract readers to your work. A frequently updated site with good quality blog content not only boosts your ranking in the search engines but also cultivates an ever growing loyal readership.

These people can act as brand ambassadors, sharing your content on social media and by email with friends, family and colleagues.

The trouble many bloggers face though is knowing what to write about, week after week. You might have a few blog post ideas of your own but will they be attractive to potential clients? That’s something else to figure out.

That’s why I decided to put together a list of top photography blog post topic templates for you to start with if you’re wondering what to write about. Each can be modified, adapted and expanded upon to match your particular circumstances and can be used over and over again.

Let’s jump right in and have a look…

1. Types of Photoshoots

Concept: Maybe you’re a niche photographer specialising in wedding photos. Or perhaps you’re a generalist who can take fantastic shots of just about anything or anyone. Create a series of blog posts focused around the different types of photoshoots you can do together with some examples from your portfolio. Even within a tight niche you can detail the varying photoshoot requirements and subject matters.

Keyword phrase: pregnancy photo shoot
Title suggestion: 15 Pregnancy Photo Shoot Ideas for Expectant Mothers
Content suggestion: Some mothers-to-be want a photographic reminder of their pregnancy. Provide some inspiration for these women who will be looking for ideas regarding backdrops, settings and themes. Add a couple of examples of previous pregnancy shoots you’ve done and the various factors you considered.
Why?: You’ll catch families looking for this type of photoshoot. Give them some inspiring ideas and they’ll want to hire you.

2. Equipment You Use

Concept: The main tool that comes to mind when most people think of a photographer is your camera. Of course, you probably have many cameras and a whole load of other photographic equipment. Share with your readers the tools of the trade you use on a weekly basis. Write about the cameras, the lenses, the tripods, the reflectors, the remote triggers, the storage devices, the softboxes…

Keyword phrase: event photography
Title suggestion: The Photography Equipment I Bring To Your Event
Content suggestion: Focus on a typical event and the photographic equipment you normally take with you. Create a numbered list of all the items with some images and descriptions of what each does. Write about the more recent items you’ve bought and what extra benefits they bring to your work.
Why?: Potential clients will see you’re a fully equipped and expert photographer with a range of different options to hand.

3. Pre-Shoot Preparation

Concept: What preparations do people normally need to make before one of your photoshoots? Write a series of blog posts detailing various pre-shoot decisions clients will need to make before contacting you and the preparations needed in the hours/days/weeks leading up to the photo session. These might include making sure a desired location is available and makeup tips for corporate event snaps.

Keyword phrase: family portraits
Title suggestion: Family Portraits: 5 Things to Prepare Before the Photoshoot
Content suggestion: Write a blog post covering the various details families need to think about before coming to their family portrait photoshoot. Should they bring multiple outfits for the kids? Would bringing a toy help relax a shy toddler? If the shoot is going to take a while then they’ll need to bring food and drinks. Cover a few important things families need to prepare based on your experience.
Why?: Your advice will soothe people’s nerves and present you as warm, friendly and caring.

4. The Photoshoot Itself

Concept: Write about what happens during a photoshoot. Guide prospects through the whole procedure for different events, occasions and locations. How long does the photoshoot take? What happens if the lighting/weather is bad? Where do you like to position yourself during weddings? Answer all the questions people have asked you in the past about the shoot itself.

Keyword phrase: photography studio
Title suggestion: Inside my London Photography Studio
Content suggestion: Provide a guided tour of your photography studio. This can be in the form of a few photographs showing where clients come to have photos taken and preparation areas. You can use photos from previous shoots or take some shots especially for the blog post. Write about what clients will expect to see and do once they arrive for their photoshoot.
Why?: You’ll provide potential clients with an insight into your professionalism and get them to imagine being in your studio or on location with you.

5. Local Location Ideas

Concept: Use your photographic skills to maintain a series of guides to the best photoshoot locations in your region of the country. You can detail a particular place in each post, with a couple of stunning photographs to show its best features. Write about the location and why it’ll provide a great backdrop for family, wedding, business, commercial or other themed photoshoots.

Keyword phrase: blenheim palace
Title suggestion: Location #5: Why Blenheim Palace Makes For a Great Photoshoot
Content suggestion: If you’re an Oxfordshire based photographer you can make Blenheim Palace one of your prized photoshoot locations. Write a little about the stately home and its history. Describe the beautiful hotspots and showcase some previous photos you’ve taken in the grounds or nearby.
Why?: By writing about local places you’ll attract the attention of local clients via the search engines and social media seeking a photographer for their upcoming special event.

6. Themed Photoshoots

Concept: What are some great themes you’ve seen in photoshoots? Maybe a fashion editorial had models dress as Alice in Wonderland characters which you collaborated on. Perhaps a wedding couple had a mixed-culture ceremony which you thought was breath-taking in its beauty. Share with your readers some ideas and inspiration for their shoots.

Keyword phrase: princess dress up
Title suggestion: Princess Dress Up and Photoshoot in London for Little Girls
Content suggestion: Maybe you’re a female photographer in London who loves fulfilling little girls’ dreams of becoming a princess or fairy tale character. Write about the dress up days you provide including the costume hire, the storyboard, the locations, the post production enhancements and examples of the resulting photographs.
Why?: People will be looking for some inspiration for a special event or kid’s birthday surprise. Give them some ideas and they’ll want you to do the rest as well.

7. Photoshoot Updates

Concept: Keep readers up-to-date with your latest interesting photoshoots. Blog about the event you’ve attended and if possible share a few photos. Talk a little about the human aspects of an occasion such as a wedding or meeting a family with a new baby. Describe the process of the photoshoot and some of the more technical decisions you made based on the dynamic nature of the moment.

Keyword phrase: boudoir photography leeds
Title suggestion: Sexy Boudoir Photography Shoot in Leeds with Plus Size Model Amy
Content suggestion: You can write a blog post update about your latest photoshoot with a beautiful model in your city. What was the brief of the project and how was the location arranged? Write about the lighting, the props, the camera settings and the angles you took the photos from. Show the results and share what the model thought of it all.
Why?: You’ll show your readers and potential clients the types of projects you’re working on and how you can help them as well.

8. Cultural Traditions

Concept: Write about the history and traditions behind some of the events you attend. Weddings will be obvious one as will christenings and various rites of passage. Depending on your location, you can detail some minority cultural norms from cultures whose events you’re often asked to photograph. A Hindu wedding or a Jewish bar mitzvah. Share photos and some of your favourite aspects.

Keyword phrase: indian wedding photography
Title suggestion: Indian Wedding Photography: Sharing Pranav and Riya’s Big Day
Content suggestion: Show some photographs of an Indian wedding you attended. Write about the event and the people getting married. Detail some of the cultural decorations, foods and customs which you took snaps of and enjoyed. Touch a little on the cultural history of the occasion and share your personal thoughts on the event and what you liked most about it.
Why?: These posts will be great for catching search engine visitors searching for these terms and will also show you have a deep professional appreciation of the events you attend.
Inspiration: Wedding Traditions | After the Wedding

9. Photography Tips

Concept: Become a guru. A photography guru! Don’t worry, you don’t need to retire to Tibet, unless you want to of course. Share some advice for amateur photographers and young students seeking to follow in your footsteps. Teach people the best ways to take photos and how to select different equipment. Write from personal experience and share some stories of your professional development.

Keyword phrase: portrait photography tips
Title suggestion: Awesome Portrait Photography Tips for Amateur Snappers
Content suggestion: What are the skills and tools needed to take great portrait shots? What are some of the common mistakes amateur photographers make? How can you give them the ‘wow’ factor? Write about the different things people need to think about such as composition, lighting, props and perspectives.
Inspiration: 10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits
Why?: You might think giving away everything you know is counterintuitive to the health of your own career but it actually cements your reputation as an expert in your field.

10. Interviews with Related Professionals

Concept: Most photographers collaborate with other professionals in different fields at some stage or another. These professionals might include makeup artists, hair stylists, event arrangers, magazine editorial staff, designers and various others. Invite some you’ve worked with for a relaxed Q&A where you ask them about their work and their views on great photography. This can be done via video or an email exchange, either of which are then published in a blog post.

Keyword phrase: bridal makeup
Title suggestion: Bridal Makeup: Local Makeup Artist Gives Some Tips on Looking Photo Ready for Your Wedding Day
Content suggestion: Connect with a regional makeup artist and get chatting. Meet over a coffee and record the meeting (an email exchange is an alternative). Ask her some questions about her work and life, and then move the topic of conversation on to makeup tips for weddings. Get her to reveal some secrets of how anyone can look great on camera with good makeup and a professional photographer. Edit the conversation so the best bits are featured.
Why?: It’s a great way to connect and form professional relationships with people who can bring you clients in the future. A good Q&A will also be a fascinating read for many people and will be shared on social media.

I’m sure these have sparked a few flashes of blogging inspiration within you.

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This post was originally published on 18 August 2015.