Pet Store Blog Post IdeasAre you a pet shop owner looking for some blog post inspiration?

Blogging is a great way for stores to increase website visitor numbers and gain new customers. Pet shops are no exception.

If you’re a pet store manager or marketer seeking to maintain a frequently updated pet store blog then a common problem you likely face is coming up with new and interesting subjects to write about.

You’ve not only got to attract visitors via search engine and social media platforms but once they arrive you also need to keep their attention.

To help you along and provide a boost of inspiration I’ve brought together 10 pet shop blog post ideas you can incorporate into your blogging schedule. Each one can be adapted and modified to suit a whole range of different topics and problems related to pet owners. They can therefore be used over and over again.

A rabbit that needs to pee waits for no man so let’s jump into the ideas right away…

1. Pet Insurance and Medical Bills Advice

Concept: Provide advice to pet owners on the various ways to best manage their pets’ medical bills. Suggest how they can reduce the expense and even the benefits of getting pet insurance for cats and dogs. What other animals can insurance cover?
Keyword phrase: help with vet bills
Title suggestion: Pet Insurance: How to Get Help with Vet Bills
Content suggestion: Cover some of the options pet owners have when it comes to getting pet insurance. Tell your own story if you have an insured pet. What are the benefits to a good pet plan? What should people look out for?
Why?: Lots of people are looking for ways to save money especially with expensive pet bills. You’ll attract new visitors to your website through key search terms.

2. Pet Mental Health

Concept: Dogs can get depressed. Cats can suffer anxiety disorders. Too much stress and a cat will literally lick the fur from its body. Write about what makes animals unhappy and how to spot the symptoms of a mental health problem. Share some ways to make life better for stressed or unhappy pets.
Keyword phrase: separation anxiety in dogs
Title suggestion: 5 Ways to Quickly Ease Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Content suggestion: What is dog separation anxiety? Write about its causes and how pet owners can unintentionally make the condition worse. Is there such a thing as simulated separation anxiety? Detail as many facts as you can whilst providing helpful tips.
Why?: Pet owners will be looking for ways to alleviate any stress in their dog when away at work. They’re likely to buy some toys and chews from your pet store.

3. Pet Temperature Control

Concept: Excessively hot summers and freezing cold winters can have a negative impact on our pets. As can internal environments such as an overly central heated room or car interior in the sunshine. Detail some of the temperature dangers pets face and how to better adapt your environment or habits.
Keyword phrase: heatstroke in dogs
Title suggestion: Heatstroke in Dogs: 10 Ways to Prevent Your Dog Overheating This Summer
Content suggestion: What are some of the ways dogs can suffer heatstroke and dehydration? Write about what pet owners should do to make sure their four-legged friend stays cool during the hottest months. Detail the symptoms of heatstroke and what to do when you recognise it.
Why?: Some of your products will tie in with preventative ways to avoid heatstroke.

4. Pet Hygiene Tips

Concept: A smelly dog, a bedraggled rabbit or a flea-infested cat are no fun to be around. Pets need to be kept clean and infestation free. Write a series of blog posts about each type of pet and ways to ensure they remain in tip-top condition. Highlight some of the problems that can develop if not.
Keyword phrase: flea infestation
Title suggestion: 7 Ways to Avoid a Cat Flea Infestation in Your Home
Content suggestion: Why does a clean cat catch fleas? How does a home get flea infested? Answer some of the common questions related to flea infestations (is your head itching now too?). Elaborate on the nature of fleas and ways to prevent infestations happening and how to get rid of existing ones.
Why?: These posts will catch a lot of head scratching search engine visitors and also tie in nicely with products you sell in your pet shop.

5. Pet Comparisons

Concept: What’s the best pet to get for your particular situation? Help potential pet owners decide what pet is best for their family. Maybe parents of two young children are trying decide between a dog and a cat. Weigh the pros and cons of both pet types with young kids in mind.
Keyword phrase: guinea pigs
Title suggestion: Rabbits or Guinea Pigs: Which is Best For a Young Family?
Content suggestion: Outline the pros and cons of each pet. Which are gentler? Can they be housetrained? Do they poop a lot? Try not to show a preferred option but rather write with clear factual honesty. Let the reader decide. Add nice pictures and talk about some pet products each will require.
Why?: You’ll likely be the reader’s first option when it comes time to purchase related pet products.

6. Pet Supplies

Concept: What supplies do pets need? Different animals require different products and solutions. Create a series of blog posts focusing on one animal at a time and its various requirements. Write about the pet products they’ll need and why. Explain what is absolutely necessary and what can be an optional extra.
Keyword phrase: dog grooming supplies
Title suggestion: Dog Grooming Supplies All New Dog Owners Need
Content suggestion: Focus on dog grooming and all the tools dog owners will need to keep their little friend looking good. Write about the different products including scissors, nail clippers, shampoos and conditioners, brushes and combs, towels and even sprays. Provide some options and display what you have to offer in your own pet shop.
Why?: Focused posts like these are great ways to highlight niche products within your store.

7. Pet Friendly Holidays

Concept: Many pet owners would like to take their dog or cat on holiday rather than leave them behind. What options are there in your local region for pets to join in with the holiday fun? Share some popular locations and accommodation which welcome pets. Write about why they’re great places to visit as well.
Keyword phrase: pet friendly cottages
Title suggestion: Pet Friendly Cottages in Devon Welcoming Cats and Dogs
Content suggestion: Cultivate a list of the best cottages in your county or region which allow pets to stay. Write about the accommodation and the options available. Describe the surroundings, local hotspots, nearby amenities and other interesting facts about each setting. Give some tips on keeping a pet safe in a new place as well.
Why?: You’ll attract people looking for pet related information in your area who might well pop into your shop for cat and dog treats as a result.

8. Pets in the News

Concept: What are some interesting pet-related stories from the local, national or international media? Highlight some of the best stories and provide some lessons pet owners can learn from them. Of particular benefit will be news item relating to ways people have solved common problems relating to pets. Also include some funny, bizarre and whacky tales.
Keyword phrase: dogs in cars
Title suggestion: Dogs Die in Hot Cars: Local Animal Lover Begins an Awareness Campaign
Content suggestion: You read a story in the local paper about a local woman campaigning for more awareness of dog deaths in hot cars. Write about the campaign and what you think about it. Try to interview the woman. Share some photos of the campaign posters and inform readers about the dangers of leaving dogs in cars.
Why?: News related events can gain quick social media coverage. Plus local stories will attract local readers.

9. Interviews with Pet Owners

Concept: Connect with some of your regular customers. See if they’d like to take part in a Q&A for your website’s blog. You can conduct the question and answer session on video, podcast or via email and then publish the results. Ask them about their pets, the issues they face, their favourite products, their best pet stories and a bit about their lives.
Keyword phrase: cockapoo puppies
Title suggestion: Pet Talk #25: Buying and Looking After Cockapoo Puppies
Content suggestion: Interview a local cockapoo owner about buying and raising this particular breed of dog. Make the interview relaxed and conversational, as if you were chatting across the shop counter or having a cup of tea together. What makes cockapoo puppies so special? What products did she buy? What do her kids think of them? Make it a series with different pet types each week/month.
Why?: People love reading/listening to stories of other pet owners. You can tie in some related products you sell as well.

10. Pet Nutritional Information

Concept: Share with your readers the best advice about feeding different types of animals. Write blog posts covering nutritional information, the ideal amounts for different ages, optimum times to feed the pet, and even the most appropriate environment in which to feed it.
Keyword phrase: feeding kittens
Title suggestion: Kitten Nutritional Requirements: Feeding Kittens the Right Way for Good Health
Content suggestion: Detail the best types of food kittens should eat at different stages of kittenhood. Write about the best amounts to feed growing cats as well as extra treats that can be added. Also cover the ideal places to feed kittens so they can eat in peace and also a bit of cat psychology in relation to a multiple kitten household and feeding time.
Why?: All pet owners wonder at some stage what the best food is to feed their animal. You’ll become their default source of future information and products.

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Creative Commons image attribution: Dog licking its nose from Niek Braam