Anchor of Peace in the ChaosClient work can be extremely stressful.

The to and fro of phone calls and emails, repeating over days and even weeks.

The non-stop requirements people place on you to answer emails quickly and to jump when they want you to jump.

Many clients understand your expertise and act accordingly, especially when you’re doing such a good job. Others are another matter entirely.

They may treat you like an idiot or put little worth into what you advise. They ignore or change the materials and strategies you put together for them.

Your stress levels rise and frustration boils over.

But the fact is, it’s hard to avoid these types of clients all the time. Personality clashes happen in all walks of life but especially when you’re dealing with entrepreneurs and business owners.

You can’t change their personalities but you can control your reaction to their abrasiveness, indecision and even arrogance.

A great way to do this is to centre yourself in your body, like a ship setting anchor.

I do this whenever I feel stressed and I quickly find the friction receding.

You do it by focusing on the sensation of your body. The energy within. The awareness that you exist as a form.

It’s sounds so simple – not complicated enough to actually have any effect, but it works surprisingly well.

We’re not used to focusing on our bodies except when there’s pain or to admire/hate how we look.

But being with the feeling of the body is a wonderful way to ground yourself when things just get too much at work.

Try it.

Next time a client, or even your boss or colleague, tears apart your hard work or brilliant ideas, immediately place your awareness within your body. Let thoughts drain away as all that exists is the sensation of your chest or legs or hands.

Don’t put thought into it. Don’t visualise anything. Just feel. Just be.

It’s a surprisingly beautiful practice which can save your sanity.

It’s a sanctuary you can return to any time you like. Even all the time.

After a few minutes you can go back to the problem at hand, with a refreshed mental clarity and increased emotional stability.

And you can do it again and again.

Things then tend to work out in the end, as a result.