Cadillac Top Gear MarketingTop Gear has sold its soul to obscurity.

At least that’s what I’m predicting based on the words of the new lead presenter of the acclaimed TV show for motor lovers.

‘We really do have a bit of everything for everyone’ chimed Chris Evans with enthusiasm.

And that’s the problem.

Top Gear was never for everyone nor should any programme be.

Whether it’s a television series or page of text on your website, the content needs to connect with a particular target market. In your case, the people most likely to hire your services.

You see, with Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear, what he and his co-presenters had was a whole load of marketing magic, which saw the brand reach international fame. They knew their exact audience and they played to that audience, without care or worry about anyone else.

They were lads’ lads talking about cars and man stuff, just like a trio of mates down the pub. It was all about engines, speed, fuel, danger, political incorrectness and even titty talk and dirty innuendos. For their target audience it was funny, interesting and relatable.

They lapped it up. Worldwide.

Their audience?

Men. Men who liked cars. Men who loved their wives but who also sniggered at jokes about women drivers, or uptight Germans, or George Michael’s bits.

And despite car-loving men being their target audience, 42% of viewers were women.

Because it was entertaining, funny and good quality content.

People who didn’t like it, didn’t have to watch it.

Just like people who are not interested in hiring your design services won’t be reading your website or marketing content. You shouldn’t be aiming at these people in the first place.

The last thing you need is ‘a bit of everything for everyone’.

That’s why you need to clearly define your ideal client before you market your business or write content for your website.

Gather together details like the typical age range, gender, location, job position, industry, income, education and more, of your client base.

All this will give you a grasp of how you need to cater content to these people and the best ways to convert them from potential clients to actual clients.

Together with top quality content, your marketing will then move up a gear, each and every week.

Just like Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear did.

And why the new ‘everything for everyone’ Top Gear will eventually, I believe, fall by the wayside.

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