Blogging Makeup Artist Blog Post IdeasEver wished blogging came as easy as applying makeup?

If you’re a professional makeup artist looking to attract more visitors to your business website then frequent blogging is a great marketing strategy with which to achieve this goal.

Unfortunately, for most people, writing a good quality blog post doesn’t come easy. One of the major hurdles is knowing what to write about in the first place.

What should a makeup artist blog about? What subjects will interest potential clients? Why would people be interested in what you have to say?

To help you with the answers to some of these questions, I’ve put together 12 blog post ideas for professional makeup artists who are looking for inspiration and guidance. Each can be modified and expanded upon with a little creativity and flair which, as a beauty artist, you’re sure to have in abundance.

Let’s jump right in…

1. General Makeup Tips

Concept: Whether brows and lashes or lips and cheekbones, each part of the face requires different beauty techniques. Provide some detailed tips for working with particular facial features, face shapes, skin tones, hair types and more.
Keyword phrase: eyebrow shaping
Title suggestion: Eyebrow Shaping: 5 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Brow Arch
Content suggestion: Show ways women can add more definition to their brows. Share techniques they can try at home. Also detail the benefits of having them professionally shaped.
Why?: You’ll attract search engine visitors through the use of good targeted keywords. Your expertise will also be on show.

2. Skin Type Tips

Concept:Different skin types react better to different makeup treatments. Explore the various options available for oily skin, dry skin, normal skin or a combination. How can acne be hidden? What can be done about open pores or dryness?
Keyword phrase: home remedies for dry skin
Title suggestion: Natural Home Remedies for Dry Skin Before a Night Out
Content suggestion: Dry and flaky skin is a common problem for women especially in the colder months. Share some natural home remedies you’ve used that successfully nourish and hydrate the skin. You can tie in the post with a special event or occasion.
Why?: If you can fix some simple problems through your advice then women will trust you with more complex solutions.

3. Age Makeup Tips

Concept:You likely have clients spanning the entire age spectrum. Focus a few blog posts on individual age groups. Write about the makeup techniques that work best for, say, older women or for teen girls going to a prom.
Keyword phrase: eye makeup for older women
Title suggestion: 10 Age Defying Eye Makeup Techniques for Older Women
Content suggestion:Share your best tips for women 65 and over on ways they can look great for their age. Create a list post with easy to apply makeup tips ranging from primers and eye shadows to eye liners and mascaras.
Why?: You’ll attract a varied clientele through your website.

4. Interview existing clients

Concept:Think of your favourite clients who come back to you again and again. Arrange an interview with them, either via email or on camera. Ask them questions about their favourite makeup, beauty techniques and what they love about your services. Publish the answers in a blog post.
Keyword phrase: semi permanent eyebrows
Title suggestion: Manchester Woman Shares Her Semi Permanent Eyebrow Story
Content suggestion: Invite a local happy client to share the results of her treatment. How did having ready prepared eyebrows help her each morning? What did her loved ones say? How has it built up her confidence? Get her to talk in her own words about what the procedure was like as well as the after care.
Why?: Client interviews act like glowing testimonials. People like to read how other people have benefited from your services.

5. Interview related professionals

Concept:You can also arrange interviews with fellow fashion and beauty professionals in related fields. Invite local hair stylists, fashion stylists, wedding dress makers, wedding planners, manicurists, portrait photographers and others to answer some questions about makeup, beauty and life. Publish as blog posts.
Keyword phrase: bridal hairstyles
Title suggestion: 7 Celebrity Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks You Can Match
Content suggestion: Create a video or written question and answer session with a local hair stylist. Showcase some celebrity hairstyles of your guest’s choosing and talk about the various makeup looks that can go with the wedding day hair designs.
Why?: Readers will love the helpful and interesting information other professionals provide as well as the conversational tone. Potential to be widely shared on social media.

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6. Makeup Tools

Concept:What are some of the tools of your trade? If you’re a semi-permanent makeup artist then write a little about the needles and pigments you use. What do your lash curlers look like? Which brushes do you use? Share some photos.
Keyword phrase: professional makeup kit
Title suggestion: Inside a Professional Makeup Artist’s Makeup Kit
Content suggestion:Take some photos of the tools you use to create the stunning looks you achieve. Write about why you chose certain brands over others and the benefits they bring to your work. What makeup tools do you take with you to a photoshoot, wedding or even in your own day to day life?
Why?: Women are looking for the best makeup tools available. You can even become an affiliate for a local beauty store.

7. Makeup Ideas

Concept:As an experienced makeup artist you’ll have a wide range of styles you can apply. Give your readers some great ideas for potential looks for different occasions with some descriptions and photos. You can use your own face as a model example.
Keyword phrase: prom makeup ideas
Title suggestion: 12 Prom Makeup Ideas for Teens Who Want To Look Fabulous
Content suggestion:Focus on younger potential clients who have an upcoming prom to attend. They want to look the best in the room in front of all their friends and the boys. Share easy-to-apply tips they can do alone whilst also suggesting more professional options. Some mothers will read these posts and gift their daughters a visit to your beauty studio.
Why?: Everyone loves something new. Inspire women with new makeup looks. They’ll want you to replicate the look on them.

8. Perfect Wedding Venues

Concept:Many of your clients will be looking for wedding makeup services. Where are some great wedding venues in your local region? Make a list post detailing the best or most beautiful places where couples get married.
Keyword phrase: wedding venues in hampshire
Title suggestion: The Best Wedding Venues in Hampshire Where Memories Will Live Forever
Content suggestion:Focus on your local region and cultivate a list of the best wedding venues in your county or district. Many of these will be based on places you’ve been before to help different brides with their makeup. Write a little about each place and why you recommend it.
Why?: If you provide wedding makeup services then you’ll connect with local women looking for the perfect wedding setting.

9. Trends and Celebrities

Concept:You’ll almost certainly be keeping up-to-date with the local beauty trends and news. This might include celebrity culture related to style and fashion. Share with your readers some latest and upcoming trends they should know about. What great makeup looks have you seen in the media?
Keyword phrase: smokey eye
Title suggestion: The Smokey Eye is Back: How to Get This Summer’s Must Have Makeup Look
Content suggestion: Describe what the smokey eye look is and why it’s especially popular at the moment. Discuss how it can be used in combination with particular fashion and hair styles as well as the occasions where it’ll work best. Is it best with a tan? Heavy mascara? Darker lipstick?
Why?: There’s a reason fashion and beauty magazines are so popular. Tap into this and you’ll attract search engine and social media visitors.

10. Seasonal Influences

Concept:How do the different seasonal temperatures and weather conditions affect makeup? What are some good cold-weather skin care tips? Cover different scenarios from heatwaves to freezing conditions. Touch on how makeup can also change in relation to seasonal clothing fashions as well.
Keyword phrase: winter skin care
Title suggestion: Winter Skin Care Solutions For Use Between Makeup Applications
Content suggestion: What are some of the best ways women can care for their skin during the freezing cold winter months? Detail some of the moisturizes, balms and creams that can help dry chapped skin in different areas of the face. Should they wear less makeup or more? What are the best foundations for winter use?
Why?: You’ll be able to attract women looking for either a quick makeup fix or a more long term solution to melting cosmetics or dry lips.

11. Personal Stories

Concept:Unveil your personality to your potential clients. Write a little about your life and how you first got into makeup. What makes you passionate about your job? Describe some of the best moments in your beauty studio. Take photos of yourself on holiday or at special events with beautiful makeup applied.
Keyword phrase: eyebrow tattoo
Title suggestion: The Eyebrow Raising Moment the Power Went Out During a Brow Tattoo
Content suggestion: Write a slightly comical post about a real event that took place that tested your professionalism as a makeup artist. Explain what happened and how you overcame the problem with creativity and expertise. Make sure the story has a happy ending with you coming out as the heroine.
Why?: There’s something pleasing and comforting about knowing someone before you hire their services.

12. Local Events

Concept:Write a blog post each month about local events taking place in the weeks ahead. Select events of particular interest to women in your region. These might include a business awards show, a networking event, a speed dating meeting or a gala ball.
Keyword phrase: henley royal regatta
Title suggestion: The Fun and Fashion of the Henley Royal Regatta
Content suggestion: A local makeup artist can write about the regatta and the various events taking place. Different fashion styles for the regatta can be showcased which meet with the ‘covering of the knees’ official dress code.
Why?: Blog posts about local events will attract the interest of local women, who are of course your target market.

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Creative Commons image attribution: Pink and orange eyeshadow on a green eye from Courtney Rhodes