Lifestyle and building design. How much does a client’s lifestyle influence architectural decision making? Can architecture influence changes in a client’s lifestyle? How?

Today’s post focuses on blog article ideas for architecture firms looking to cover in more detail how a home owner’s way of life can influence, or be influenced by, residential architectural design.

Idea 1 – How a client’s lifestyle can influence architectural design decisions

Write about how the lifestyle of a homeowner can influence the decisions you make when it comes to the design of a building. Think back to your previous clients and the lifestyles they enjoyed and how their pursuits, interests, wealth, and location guided the design choices you made. How much does lifestyle actually influence building design?

Idea 2 – How your practice works lifestyle factors into a client’s project

Cover some of the questions you ask new clients concerning their lifestyle. What does an architect need to know and how much? What are some lifestyle considerations and why should they matter? Write about how you incorporate lifestyle factors into the design of a new building or the renovation of an old one.

Provide some examples from your previous projects and highlight how you came to the decisions you did. Mention where in the design process lifestyle factors come in.

Idea 3 – Predict architectural design trends in the future based on current lifestyle developments

Write about how architecture in the near or distant future might be influenced by new lifestyle changes based on things like technology, energy consumption, working from home etc. How might the Internet of Things (IoT) dictate interior architecture and design, if at all? Will more people work from home offices? If so, how might residential homes change in design?

Idea 4 – Select a lifestyle and cover some of the related architectural decisions

Create an ongoing series of blog posts focusing on different lifestyles particular to your target market. Wealthy middle-aged couples who like to host events for example. What are some residential architectural design options when it comes to entertainment? Things like home cinema rooms, open-plan kitchen dining rooms, extra guest bedrooms, covered patio and garden structures etc.

Idea 5 – How can architecture influence health and well-being

Write about how architecture and interior spaces can have an impact on health and mental wellbeing. Whether residential or commercial settings, discuss ways in which architectural and interior design influence ways humans interact with their environment.

Cover how architecture can benefit and influence the lifestyles of the disabled, infirm, elderly, or people with mental health issues.

Idea 6 – Your lifestyle and how you’ve adapted your own surroundings to suit

Write a more personal post about your lifestyle and home design influences – or a series of posts detailing the lifestyles and homes of your team – and discuss how you’ve adapted your surroundings to suit your way of living. What was the design of the house or apartment like before you made changes? Or did you purchase a property with certain features already present? What processes did you go through and what improvements do you still have in mind?

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