(Today’s episode of The Copywriter’s Cat explores the importance of likeability when it comes to business blogging. A company blog needs to attract readers, not only for its informational quality but also in how it engages, inspires, and connects with a target market. Plus, we discover the latest antics of a pigeon-hungry talking cat.)

Tiddles the cat has been at the printer again. Overnight she googled some images of fancy looking male racing pigeons and printed the images out onto paper. She then affixed the images onto my study window.

This morning I found half a dozen female pigeons cooing, preening, and getting very excited on the large window ledge outside. A couple of the pigeons were pecking at the glass pane while others were flapping and dancing in circles.

When I summoned Tiddles for an explanation, she at first denied any involvement in the matter. In fact, she even suggested perhaps I had been looking up naughty bird pictures myself and had printed them out in my sleep. A raised eyebrow alerted her to the fact it was time to reveal the truth.

Apparently, Tiddles had planned to make the house a pigeon magnet, using the hunky racing pigeon pictures as bait. She’d watched a cookery show the previous evening where a chef prepared what she thought looked a delicious and mouthwatering pigeon casserole.

One of the excited pigeons.

When enough pigeons had made the house their home, she would pounce and collect as many of them as possible for all sorts of pigeon recipes. She had in mind dishes such as pigeon stew, pigeon and sweetcorn, and spaghetti with pigeon ragu.

As I took down the pigeon pictures, wondering what on earth the neighbors might have seen, Tiddles informed me I would starve if forced to live in the wild, what with, as she put it, “my lack of imagination and gumption”.

I thought for a moment as I gazed out of the window before asking the talkative feline why she lived in my house. There was no answer.

It was feeding time and I could hear her meowing from the kitchen.

The Takeaway

One of the vital functions of any content marketing strategy is to make your business likeable in the eyes of both potential and existing clients. People instinctively navigate towards people and groups they like, and this includes companies they do business with.

Your company’s blog provides an excellent gateway to reach new clients and customers. This is achieved through writing good quality informative content but perhaps most importantly, it’s how that content makes your brand more likeable, that really matters.

When your blog posts are professional yet personable, educational yet endearing, instructional yet inspiring, then your company’s likeability factor rises. As a result, you’re more likely to see increased leads and higher conversion rates.

Make yourself likeable in the eyes of your target audience.

Just like Tiddles tried to do with the house when attempting to collect ingredients for her pigeon casserole.

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