June Bike Week BloggingWhat can a business blog about during June?

A good source of business blog post ideas come from annual themed observances. They can last anything from one day to an entire month.

With the growth of social media and 24 hour news, these observances catch public attention more than they might otherwise. They spark interest and this can benefit you as a blogger for your company.

So what observances can you blog about this June? How can you connect them to your business?

Here are 10 events you can consider. With each one I’ve provided a couple of ideas for a variety of different industries. They’re sure to offer a spark of blogging inspiration.

Let’s start with…

1. Armed Forces Day

June 27, 2015

First observed in 2006, this is a day which celebrates the contributions of men and women who serve and who have served in the British Armed Forces. It’s not to be confused with Remembrance Day which honours Britain’s war dead.

Parades, ceremonies and celebrations tend to be the order of the day. These include fly-overs, open-air stage performances, naval ship tours, and firework displays amongst many other things.

Ideas for Hotels:

Army veterans and their families will be attending events to mark Armed Forces Day. These occur in a number of cities across the country. Some veterans will be looking to stay in your hotel. Create a blog post or two in the weeks leading up to the event showcasing what will take place and other things they can see and do in the area.

Ideas for Florists:

Flowers are a popular choice when it comes to celebrations or commemorations. On your blog explore some of the ways flowers can be, and have been, incorporated into related events. What are the best flowers children can give veterans? What patriotic flag bouquets can you provide?

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2. Bike Week (Bicycle Week)

13-21 June, 2015

It’s easy to think Bike Week is one of these new-fangled observances. However, it’s actually more than 90 years old. The first Bike Week was held in the UK back in 1923 and is now observed across Europe and North America.

The main focus is to give city dwellers a fun and social way to exercise, explore new ways of transportation and to reduce carbon emissions.

Ideas for Locksmiths:

Do you provide bicycle security chains? If so, then Bike Week is the perfect chance to blog about the options new bicycle owners have when it comes to securing their bikes. You can share some statistics about bike theft and other steps cyclists can take to reduce the chances of their bike being stolen.

Ideas for Gyms:

Encourage people who’ve never cycled before to hop on a bike. Create a blog post series teaching beginners how to ride a bike, how often to ride, what to wear and also some safety tips. Share photos readers send in during Bike Week. You can cover the best types of bikes for different body shapes, lifestyles and fitness levels.

3. World Environment Day

June 5, 2015

World Environment Day Blogging

Run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the aim of World Environment Day is to inspire people to protect the natural world around them. It started in 1972 and each year it has taken on a particular environmental theme.

The media and celebrities have increasingly become involved making it a truly global event hard to miss. There’s even a World Environment Day anthem.

Ideas for Construction Firms:

What measures do you take to reduce pollution and other environmental damage? Many people care deeply about green issues and like to know the construction company they hire is cognizant of these factors too. Write about the measures you take that benefit the local environment.

Ideas for Supermarket Chains:

How do you reduce the negative environmental impact of food production, packaging and transportation in relation to your supermarkets? Create a series exploring ways you’ve cut down on waste and also the green plans you have for the future. Do you promote local food? What about alternatives to plastic bags?

4. Father’s Day

June 21, 2015

It’s tempting to think of Father’s Day as a Hallmark creation but it actually has a longer history, at least worldwide. The first observance was in response to a terrible West Virginia mining disaster in which 361 men were killed (250 of them fathers).

However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that a permanent national holiday for Father’s Day in the US was fixed in the calendar. Other countries gradually established their own Dad-honouring days and now they are widespread.

Ideas for Distilleries:

A few weeks before Father’s Day, set up a competition via your blog. The winner gets a free bottle of whiskey. Examples of a competition might include inviting readers to send in the best hero-Dad stories or photos of the best Dad-beard.

Ideas for Restaurants:

Do you offer a special Father’s Day meal? If so, blog about it and the various extras that can accompany it. Consider advertising a fun meal discount for, say, fathers who wear the most ludicrous cardigans to the restaurant with their family. Then take photos and share them in a further post.

5. International Men’s Health Week

June 15-21, 2015

The goal of Men’s Health Week is to focus attention on health issues relating to men. It’s held during the same week as Father’s Day to benefit from the extra attention male family members may receive during this time.

A light blue ribbon, symbolising Prostate Cancer Awareness, has increasingly become synonymous with Men’s Health Week, although doctors and activists are quick to point to many other health issues affecting men.

Ideas for Graphic Designers:

Showcase some of the best designs and adverts related to men’s health. Blog about your favourites and discuss why the designs work and the important message behind them. If applicable and you feel able, open up about any health issues you’ve faced and maybe overcome.

Ideas for Garden Centres:

How can gardening ease the discomfort of the sick? Write a blog post explaining how being in nature and handling plants can help improve mood. Detail ways gardening can be made easier for the disabled or infirm.

6. National Smile Month

May 18 – June 18, 2015

National Smile Month BloggingWho needs an excuse to smile? In case you do then National Smile Month might be your cup of tea, even if you have tea-stained teeth. The month long event is Britain’s largest oral health campaign and is run by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF).

It’s all about improving public awareness, especially in children, of good oral hygiene, mixed together with a healthy dose of humour and fun.

Ideas for Amusement Parks:

Write a post aimed at children about why it’s important to brush teeth and visit the dentist on a frequent basis. Use a grinning character from one of your rides as the theme of the post who explains the benefits of oral health and of bravery when in the dentist’s chair.

Ideas for Dog Kennels:

National Smile Month is aimed at humans but there’s no reason not to carry it over to dogs if you have a dog-related business. A Kennels for example, where dogs stay when their owners go on holiday, can show their friendly staff smiling with the dogs whilst at the same time explaining how important a dog’s oral health is.

7. Summer Solstice

June 21

The Summer Solstice occurs on the longest day of the year and marks the first official day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. In scientific terms it’s when the Earth’s axial tilt is most inclined toward the sun.

The occasion has been marked for many thousands of years by different cultures and peoples across the world.

Ideas for Travel Companies:

Where are the lightest places to visit on the Summer Solstice? Where are the best places to celebrate it with likeminded people? Create a couple of blog posts (perhaps Top 10 lists) for people who want to witness the longest day in a special place.

Ideas for Solar Energy Firms:

If you sell solar energy related products then the longest day provides a great theme for a blog post. Get together some interesting facts and figures about how companies maximise use of solar energy during the summer months.

8. International Surfing Day

June 21, 2015

Surfing Day is usually marked sometime during the week of the Summer Solstice. It’s a mixture of surfing fun and environmental activism, specifically and unsurprisingly in relation to ocean life and its resources.

Surf-related events, such as surfing contests, film screenings and beach cleaning, are held worldwide including in the UK.

Ideas for Footwear Chains:

Surfers and non-surfers alike might need some comfortable and stylish footwear for when they’re getting to and leaving the beach. Use Surf Day as an excuse to blog about the best footwear for sandy and pebble beaches.

Ideas for Interior Designers:

Some kids dream of riding the waves. Devote a blog post to the décor theme of surfing. Showcase wallpaper designs, decorative ornaments, surfboard shelves, beach cushions and other surf related designs you’ve seen or have put together before.

9. Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 26, 2015

Office Dog BloggingMan’s best friend is invited into the workplace on this special canine day (also known as TYDTWD). Developed by Pet Sitters International, Take Your Dog to Work Day highlights the plight of homeless dogs and encourages people to adopt from local shelters and rescue groups.

Thousands of companies worldwide now mark the occasion with new doggie co-workers gracing their offices for a whole day in June.

Ideas for Any Business:

Take photos of the dogs in your workplace. Share them on social media and in a blog post. Dress them up or take snaps of them in funny positions. It’s a bit of harmless fun to show the humorous and personal side of your company.

10. International Yoga Day

June 21

The spiritual and physical practice of Yoga is over 6,000 years old. However, it was only in 2014 when the United Nations General Assembly decided an International Day of Yoga should be held every year.

The UN resolution gained whopping and unprecedented support from over 170 countries, thereby showing just how popular Yoga is.

Ideas for Fashion Stylists:

If you don’t have a good posture then not even the best of styles is going to help. Write a post about how Yoga can help women of varying ages develop and maintain improved posture. If you’re into Yoga yourself then talk about your personal experiences.

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Ideas for Garages:

Share some tips for long-distance drivers on the best ways to relieve muscle tension and tiredness when seated for long periods of time. Detail what medical experts suggest and highlight improved sitting positions. Bring some aspects of Yoga into the advice you deliver.

June Potential

As you can see, there are plenty of business blog post ideas that can be gained from occasions being marked this June.

Just about any type of business can take advantage of these events to develop a blogging relationship with their readers and potential customers.

Answer your readers’ most pressing concerns and deliver information with a good dose of entertainment. That’s what good blogging is all about. Do all this and you’ll boost your inbound marketing strategies no end.

Which of the above occasions is your favourite? What June ideas do you have for your business blog? How has this post helped you with inspiration?

Share your answers in the comment section below.

Creative Commons image attributions: Man and woman riding bikes from Northern Ireland Executive | Girl holding planet Earth from Mysi | Smiling little girl from Vincent_AF | Dog from Mike McCune.