Younger Interior Design ClientsHow young were your youngest paying clients?

As a blogging interior designer it might be tempting to think 20-somethings are not the most ideal target for your design practice.

After all, they tend not to have as much spare cash to splash about as homeowners in their 30s and over. Many don’t even have homes of their own to decorate.

And you know what? You’re probably right but that really shouldn’t stop you from aiming many of your décor blog posts at the younger generation and here’s a very good reason why…

Your Generation Y Ambassadors

Millennials (mid-teens, 20-somethings, early-30s) are addicted to the internet. It’s like a third lung for them. They’d have an emotional meltdown without it. This means they have a constant eye on what’s new, what’s hot, what’s happening and what everyone else should be looking at.

By producing great content aimed at this social media savvy generation, you can get your blog posts spread far and wide, and onto the radar of real potential clients. This latter group might be their parents, their relatives, people in their online/offline communities or business contacts.

Think of excited little ants crawling across the webosphere with your blog posts on their back.

So although this younger generation might not be interior design clients in themselves yet (although some of course will be) they will act as your brand ambassadors.

And that makes them very important.

Now let’s focus on some great décor blog post ideas to target these Millennials with.

Idea 1: Popular Movies and Set Designs

Find out what the most popular movies are among millennials (old or new). Watch a few and take snapshots of set designs you think are innovative, intriguing or inspiring. How can they be incorporated into a living room or bedroom? Select different décor styles and how they can be influenced by the movie designs.

Benefit: Highly shareable when connected to movies people love and have an emotional attachment to.

Idea 2: Popular Music Video Backdrops

Do the same for music videos. Scan the top hits in different music genres and watch the performances. What do you love about the backdrops or the creative videos that can be transferred to a kitchen or home office design? Place the screenshots on your blog or perhaps make mood boards out of them.

Benefit: People often talk about the backdrops to music videos just as much as the singers and songs themselves. You’ll be tapping into this chatter.

Idea 3: Popular Designs Catching the Imagination

What great looking designs are millennials going crazy about on social media or blogs at the moment? Think of the designs you’ve seen recently, in whatever industry, that caught your eye and are popular among your target age group. Showcase the designs and write about how they can inspire imaginative and unique décor that’ll transform a room.

Benefits: You gain inspiration yourself for future décor by maintaining an awareness of the latest popular designs in the various design industries.

Idea 4: Popular Fashions Hitting the Catwalk

As an interior designer you’ll likely be clued in to the latest trends in other design fields such as fashion. Maybe you’ve recently attended a fashion show or read about one in a magazine. How can the popular clothing fashions of the day be used in home décor as well? Provide some inspiration for young decorators.

Benefit: People who love a certain fashion style will fall head over heels when they see how they can carry it through to a décor scheme as well. They’ll want more and they’ll share your ideas with others.

Idea 5: Money Saving Tips and Tricks That’ll Make You Popular

First time young homeowners might understandably be a little low on spare funds. They want to make their new property look nice and homely. What are some great money saving décor tips and tricks for new millennial home buyers? Write about some of the ways they can transform an interior on the cheap.

Benefit: You’ll be writing for people who won’t hire your services now but will in the future. Build that trusting relationship and nurture it by helping them improve their surroundings. Your name will be first on their lips when someone they know needs an interior designer.

Hopefully you see now the benefits and the many possibilities to be had by blogging to the younger generation.

Fuel their excitement, feed their desire to share, and make relationships that can last for years.

Now’s your time to make a move, build and cultivate a young tribe and enjoy the vast rewards, both sooner and later.

These are just 5 ideas out of many hundreds more. As a trained interior designer myself I can give you an experienced helping hand with your interior design firm blog development.

Get in touch and let’s have a chat about your goals.

Creative Commons image attributions: Young couple from Witt Istanbul Suites