Poe Photography Decor Blog Post IdeasConjure up the name Edgar Allan Poe and you probably think of murderers and madmen.

His tales of terror cemented his name as the forerunner of the modern detective writer.

But he was also a poet, literary critic and essayist.

And it’s one of his short essays that caught my eye recently (via: PetaPixel) and inspired a whole heap of blog post ideas for interior designers. Would you believe it? Ten of which are in this post.

The essay focused on what was an exciting new development during the latter years of Poe’s life in the 1840s. That being the daguerreotype photographic process, which was the first step in the evolution to modern digital photography.

The daguerreotype process involved developing a picture through exposure to mercury vapour whilst placed on a silver surface sensitised with iodine.

Anyway, Poe was intrigued, like most of his contemporaries, and had much to say about it. Most of which was written down in a short essay aptly titled The Daguerreotype, which was published in a publication called Alexander’s Weekly Messenger in January of 1840.

Here’s a snippet:

“If we examine a work of ordinary art, by means of a powerful microscope, all traces of resemblance to nature will disappear – but the closest scrutiny of the photogenic drawing discloses only a more absolute truth, a more perfect identity of aspect with the thing represented. The variations of shade, and the gradations of both linear and aerial perspective are those of truth itself in the supremeness of its perfection.”

So how can Poe’s realisation of how important photography would become inspire a modern day blogging interior designer?

Photos are an important aspect of a designer’s work. Whether it’s capturing the essence of an interior setting or using photos as part of the décor itself, there’s plenty of reasons to focus on interior design related photography in your marketing.

Begin your post by focusing on a photo related story such as how I’ve done with Poe and The Daguerreotype. Share interesting snippets of information on the topic and what you think about it. Connect it subtly with the common questions your clients ask you on related matters.

Then flow through to one of the following:

1. Advise readers on the best way to taking photos in an interior setting. Reasons for taking good quality photos indoors can be varied and might include presentation pictures for a home sale or tour. Think of inviting a local professional photographer to share tips and techniques.

2. Have you designed a photography studio? How would you go about doing so? Write a post focusing on interior design for photographers, whether professional or amateur. Share moodboards, advice and features to include. What are some quirky decorative items that would make a photographer smile?

3. Antique cameras and related accessories can provide beautiful decorative items in themselves. Share photos and stories of any old photographic equipment you might have yourself or that you’ve included in previous interior design projects. How can they be incorporated into a décor scheme?

4. What are your favourite photographic prints? Write about the ways you’ve used photography in your work as facets of the interior design itself. What décor schemes best suit black & white photography as opposed to colour? How powerful can photographs be in décor? Showcase how photographs of past writers, artists and actors can be used in an interior setting to great effect.

5. Have you been to a recent photography exhibition? If so, write about it. Detail the event and what you saw. Cover the subject matters and your reactions to the visual stimuli. What décor ideas did the exhibition inspire in you? Don’t be afraid to be a little philosophical.

6. Photographs often need to be framed. Showcase some of your favourite photo frames. Include different types such as wall frames, table frames and even sculptural frames which act as decorative pieces in themselves. What’s the relationship between a photo and its frame? Is that important to think about?

7. Many professional photo shoots rely on beautiful backdrops. Have you worked on settings for fashion video shows or media shots? If so, share photographs and write about the design process you went through. Write about what makes a great photoshoot backdrop and how this can inspire homeowners.

8. Share your Instagram or Flickr photos on your blog. The photos you take on your travels or journey to work of beautiful décor, architecture, designs and art you see. Don’t just publish the photos but also detail your thoughts and emotions about what you see and what you’re doing. Open up to your readers on a personal level.

9. How can you best make a home interior look nicer when taking photos for potential house buyers to see? Arrange an interview with a local estate agent. Get them to share tips and describe examples they’ve seen. What are some small short-term tricks you can employ to transform an interior for when people come round?

10. Selfies. You either love them or hate them. For some this narcissistic feature of modern society can be transferred into the world of décor as well. Devote a post to the self-obsessed who want their faces to adorn their living rooms and bathrooms. What are some eccentric or outlandish ways people can use photos of themselves in an interior design scheme?

Did a flashbulb of inspiration hit you?

One of these will instantly create within you a blog post idea suitable for your target client base.

Have fun with it and remember if you don’t enjoy writing the post, it’s likely your readers won’t enjoy reading it.

You can also create a series of blog posts, spread out over a few months, all related to photography in interior design, thereby using all of the above ideas.

There are so many possibilities.