Blogging about a new shopping centre openingIsn’t it exciting to visit a rejuvenated building? Especially a public one you’ve known for a while such as an old shopping centre or crumbling museum.

One day the designers arrive. Then the builders start work. A reopening date is posted outside along with computer drawings of what it’s all going to look like.

Then finally the opening day arrives and everyone flocks to see it.

Yesterday I was reading about the reopening of ‘an upmarket shopping and office development’ in central Birmingham (UK). The doors of The Mailbox opened to much fanfare including ballet performances, tango dances, orchestra ensembles, ‘cocktail trails’, exhibitions and various other surprises.

All very exciting for the locals, I’m sure.

Anyway, the reopening got me thinking of blog post ideas for interior design companies wondering what to blog about.

As I like to point out and repeat, a key to attracting local clients to your website is to write about local events, people and places.

If you’re a small or medium interior design practice then the majority of your clients will come from the local region.

But what can a residential interior designer, for example, write about in relation to a regional commercial shopping complex? How would that interest local readers and potential clients needing home décor inspiration and advice? Surely it’s a case of apples and pears?

There’s actually a lot you can write about and all can be connected back to your design practice, your work and your skills.

I’ll show you now how you can do it.

10 Blog Post Ideas Related to Local Shopping Centres

1. Detail what you think of the new interior design and architecture of the complex. How has the revamp improved the space and ambiance of the place? Connect what you like in the commercial interior design to residential design principles clients can benefit from.

2. What are some nice restaurants in the complex? Visit one evening with your partner or friends and experience the culinary delights. Take photos of the interior and the table décor. How can the restaurant designs inspire home kitchens or dining rooms?

3. Did you visit an Asian cuisine restaurant? Note the delicious foods and then hark back to a favourite holiday you took in Asia. Write about the unique culinary decor you discovered in the country you went to. How can it inspire kitchen design in the West? How have you incorporated it into your projects?

4. Write about the shops you can find in the shopping centre which contain nice home accessories, furniture and related products. What stores in particular do you recommend and why?

5. Visit the opening weekend of the new revamped complex. In many cases there are shows, displays, exhibitions and celebrations of some kind. Write about what you see and photograph particular visual highlights. The Mailbox for example had a ballet performance. Do you like ballet? Maybe you’ve designed a ballet-themed bedroom for a little girl. Showcase it.

6. Rejuvenation, renovation and restoration. Beautiful words that can mean many things. Talk on video, from the complex, about your impressions of the redesign. Then follow up with a short case study of your favourite interior design transformation you’ve achieved in your own career.

7. Pamper yourself at a newly opened spa within the complex. Note the décor of the spa’s interior and the overall experience. How did the interior ‘welcome’ you? What clever decorative elements were most notable? Share ways your clients can mimic the experience in their own homes (bathrooms, guest rooms) when people visit.

8. At The Mailbox there’s a ‘champagne and piano bar’ with décor to suit. If your local complex has something similar then take a look and record what you think of the interior. If possible take a photo and share with your readers how they, and you, can replicate a sophisticated bar area in their own kitchen or ‘smoking room’.

9. Do you know a contact within the complex? Perhaps a store manager or even one of the designers. Connect with them and arrange a Q&A session via podcast, video or email. Ask them about the revamp, what they think of it, the future of the complex and also about their lives and decor tastes. Publish the results in a blog post.

10. What changes and developments have you made inside your own interior design firm in recent months? Use the shopping complex revamp as a springboard into the journey your own company has taken. Be personal and write from the heart. Share how the changes have brought great benefits for your clients. What exciting plans do you have for the next year or two?


Do you see now how blogging for your design practice can combine personal stories, local attractions, inspiring décor ideas and subtle examples of your expertise all in one fun well written bundle?

Blogging is meant to be fun as well as a marketing strategy. These posts will interest you as the writer and also your local prospects as the readers.

Creative Commons image attribution: Mailbox redevelopment hoardings from Elliott Brown