Wool Blog Posts for Interior DesignersIn case you’ve missed it, this week is National Wool Week in the UK.

A number of wool and sheep themed events and exhibitions have been taking place across the country. Probably the most high profile event was ‘Sheep on the Row’ at Savile Row in London.

Would you believe it but sheep were actually grazing along the world famous shopping street. All to highlight an important message.

At the turn of the millennium the British wool industry was shrinking. Something had to be done to save such an historic and culturally important industry from slipping out of existence altogether.

That’s when a special wool campaign, backed by Prince of Wales, came into being. It’s meant many wool farmers have seen an upturn in business. As a result it’s now marked in multiple countries across the globe, including in China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The Campaign for Wool, to give it its proper name, works hard to educate people about the ‘incredible benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life’. In so doing they help businesses and farmers who depend on a strong and healthy wool industry.

So how can your interior design firm mark Wool Week?

A great way is to write about it on your blog and social media channels.

Although the week will soon be over (in the UK at least), it’s not too late to talk about the importance of the British wool industry. This can be combined with your general thoughts on wool and great ways to incorporate wool into the home.

Wool Themed Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Let’s explore some good wool (and sheep) themed blog post ideas you can use in your content marketing.

1. Write about your local wool industry. How is it faring? What’s the history? Visit one of the regional woollen mills and create a photographic journey of production. This will interest regional prospects and readers.

2. What is organic wool? How is it more environmentally friendly? Devote a post explaining how organic wool and organic farming might be a preferable option for decorative materials in the home.

3. Showcase some of the finest wool carpets you’ve come across or frequently use in home décor. Provide some examples and advise prospects on the pros and cons of laying carpets made from wool.

4. Also showcase other common products made from wool such as rugs, blankets, throws and cushions. Again, provide examples and share with readers some of your favourite designs you’ve come across.

5. Set up a Q&A with a person connected in some way to wool. Potential interviewees could include organic sheep farmers, specialist wool carpet makers/suppliers, woollen mill managers, and even creative locals who produce wool-related art and décor. Talk about their work and lives.

6. How would you design a room for a child crazy about sheep? Write a fun and inspirational post detailing the various features and decorative items you’d include. You can even share your own sheep-related childhood memories.

7. Sheep are cute. Create a post showcasing some of your favourite sheep art and décor. These might include pillow cases, rugs, sculptures and tableware. Have you recently designed a sheep-themed room? Write about it.

8. How can homeowners knit their way to beautiful woollen décor? Detail the types of items that are relatively easy to knit and can really add colour and texture to a room. These might include chair covers, baskets, cat bassinets, flower pot covers and tea cosies.

Maybe some of these will inspire you, either now or later.

If you’d like a whole load more ideas where the above 8 came from then get in touch and I can help you with a long-term blogging strategy for your interior design firm.

Creative Commons image attribution: Sheep photo from Geir Tønnessen