Finding new clients for your interior design business can be difficult, especially when first starting out. You may have created a simple website, opened some social media profiles, contacted everyone you know, and waited for the clients to come rolling in. Except they didn’t, and they still don’t, at least not in the way you had hoped.

So you may have hired a web designer to create a more attractive website design, but still the new clients are hard to come by. You wonder what else you can do to attract homeowners and businesses requiring your services. You try to find another solution.

The solution you’re looking for is a combination of better copywriting and improved content marketing.

Beautiful photos wow people but it’s the wording that brings visitors from the search engines. It’s the wording which then persuades them to trust you with their home and money. A lovely website full of impressive photos is important but without persuasive copy that inspires and informs a potential client, they’re unlikely to reach the stage of making contact.

You need the services of a copywriter.

But how can a professional copywriter help your interior design business grow and expand?

A good copywriter can help you in the following 7 ways:

1. Write optimised website copy to attract search engine traffic

It can be frustrating waiting for regional prospects to find your interior design website via the search engines. You wait, and wait, and barely a trickle of new inquiries come in, even after many months. You’re glad for the referrals you get from previous clients but you’d really love to get new clients from Google as well.

A good copywriter is trained in search engine optimization (SEO), and knows how to write text both for human readers and for the search engine spiders. Well-written and optimized copy ranks well in Google search results and places you above your main competitors. Just two or three positions on a search page can mean the difference between zero inquires per month and dozens.

2. Create engaging pages and blog posts to convert readers into clients

Good website copy is more than simply writing a nice bio or introduction to your interior design firm. High converting copy is written in such a way as to inspire people to make contact with you, and ultimately to hire your design services.

A professional copywriter will research your target audience, discover what they are looking for, uncover their pressing needs, anticipate their questions, and write engaging copy accordingly. Whether a website homepage, service page, or blog post, each and every word on the page will work in your favour.

The essential goal always being to convert visitors into paying clients.

3. Develop insightful case studies about your previous projects

“A picture is worth a thousand words” goes an old English idiom. With art and design in general, this can be true. There are times for words, and there are times for images, but more often than not, a combination of the two works best. When it comes to showcasing your previous work, a combination of images and words becomes imperative to successful conversions.

Images alone of your previous projects, don’t really tell a story. They show the results but not the process and the problems each client faced. People come to you with problems and dreams. By showing these prospects how you turned other peoples’ dreams into a reality, step-by-step, you inspire them to imagine what you can also do for them.

That’s the power of well-written case studies that are combined with beautiful photos of your projects.

4. Write copy for leaflets, brochures, and other marketing materials

More traditional forms of marketing copy are still just as important even in the internet-age. They all require strong copy if they are to succeed in bringing new prospects to you, and are especially beneficial if you’re targeting homeowners and/or businesses in a very localized area.

Whether you need leaflets, flyers, brochures, letters, exhibition text, or presentation materials, a good copywriter can help you with all these and much more, on an on-going basis. Some copywriters can even write speeches for you to use when partaking in conferences and formal gatherings with colleagues and clients.

A well-written brochure or speech can potentially bring in more clients than you can handle, allowing you to raise your rates and work on more exciting projects.

5. Provide affordable marketing advice tailored to your requirements

Good copywriters are good marketers. A copywriter needs to know how their copy is going to attract attention, engage readers, and convert them into clients. They also know how to get websites and marketing materials in front of the right people and at the right time. The more experienced the copywriter, the more he or she will know ways to get a greater number of people excited about your interior design skills and talents.

Your copywriter will also be a more affordable alternative to professional marketers. In the time it takes the copywriter to learn about your business in order to write your website copy, they will know enough to help plan a tailored marketing strategy for you. All at a more affordable price than many marketing agencies who will be much less bespoke in their services.

6. Develop bios and profiles for magazines and social media platforms

As well as your website and printed marketing materials, there are also profiles required for other mediums such as social media channels and magazines, as well as other publicity events. It’s tempting to think one bio will do the trick and can be published anywhere and everywhere, but this is not always the case.

Different mediums require different lengths and styles of text, from larger features in magazines to shorter blurbs on social media platforms. You might even need bespoke bios in response to questions or particular themes in a diverse range of publications.

7. Write impressive project proposals to present to new clients

Do you hate writing project proposals? A proposal is an important document to get right but can feel like an almighty hassle if the writing doesn’t come easy. A poorly written proposal can confuse both designer and client, as well as cause complications, misunderstandings and expensive mistakes later on in the project.

A good copywriter can write your project proposals for you based on the notes you provide for each project. The proposals will be structured in a way that are conducive to clarity and accuracy. From the introduction and bios to the project details and cost breakdowns, the copywriter will ensure every detail is written accurately, smoothly, and quickly.

Finding a Specialist Interior Design Copywriter

Where you can find a copywriter who can help you with all of the above types of writing?

You’re in luck.

My name is Edward Beaman and I’m a professional design copywriter with education and experience in interior design. I’ve been writing sales and marketing copy for more than a decade for businesses worldwide. I know all the ins and outs of search engine optimization, content marketing, and branding.

Need help writing copy or blog content for your interior design firm? Need advice on marketing your business in general? If so, I’m the ideal person to help plan, develop and write copy to best sell your services, and to the right people.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your project.