(Today’s episode of The Copywriter’s Cat explores the importance of a recognizable and consistent brand voice when it comes to your company’s website and marketing content. What happens when the voice is changed or modified beyond recognition? The answer might rest in the spooky tale of a screaming skull, as told by Tiddles the talking cat.)

There was a terrible gale a few days ago. The wind was howling and the windows were shuddering. It was enough to keep me awake as I’m sure it did half the neighborhood. As I watched a little TV in the darkness, Tiddles the talking cat decided to tell me a ghost story.

Apparently a 23rd great-grandmother on her maternal line was witness to some very odd goings-on in a house based in the English county of Dorset. The house had a resident skull which had to remain on the premises. If it was taken away from the property, the house would be shaken by terrible screams and tremors.

According to Tiddles’ forebear Bettipus, who lived nearby, a new owner of the property decided to rid himself of the skull by throwing it into a pond. After a week of torment and horrors, the poor man had dived into the water to retrieve the skull. He returned it to its resting place, upon the mantelpiece of the living room. Peace and quiet then descended once more.

It was said by local folk of the time that the skull belonged to an ancient woman. She was buried in a Celtic sanctuary on the spot where the house now stands.

Tiddles delighted in telling the story, as she usually does when talking about her ancestors. She even added her own special effects when describing the screaming skull, which I have no doubt must have confused and worried the poor neighbors. On such a windswept and howling night, her caterwauling rather unsettled me as well.

Thankfully there is no resident skull in my house. Although there are rumors of there being a Saxon burial ground somewhere around here.

The Takeaway

When I was listening to the story, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how important it is for businesses to have a resident brand voice in their content marketing. A written brand identity that remains constant and recognizable.

Companies can often confuse and alienate potential clients and fans when their brand voice is always being modified, is muddled, or is too diverse. It’s wonderful to have different ideas and perspectives but it’s wise to have a single type of voice in which to convey information to the website visitor. The reader then develops an affinity with the content style and identities it with the company and its message.

When that recognizable brand voice is changed or removed, the company’s blog can suffer a catastrophic downturn in performance and engagement. Fans stop reading and sharing, and new customers fail to be converted. The company’s marketing efforts shudder and the team behind the blog scream in horror.

Unless of course they hire a professional and experienced blogger who can match any existing blog content writing style. Then any changes can happen very gradually or not at all, depending on desired results and brand integrity.

Long-time readers get what they want, need, and love, while the business achieves its brand awareness and conversion goals. And all is peaceful and quiet.

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