Say Yes Business Blogging AttitudeAre you a “Yes” type of person?

We are all instinctively attracted to positive and enthusiastic people or groups.
Whether it’s in our private life or in the office, a happy, passionate and intellectually stimulating atmosphere boosts our own energy and confidence levels.

For any business it’s also important to portray an aura of strength, ability, accomplishment and drive. It directs our focus towards achievement and looks good in front of customers.

I was reminded of all this when reading two separate articles yesterday. The first was an interview with investor Bernard L. Schwartz on his work, leadership and favourite expression “Just say yes”.

The second was a great little article by Patti DeNucci detailing 27 reasons to say yes in life and business. Each reason was based on her own experience of when a resounding “hell yes!” was the only answer left to give.

This got me thinking how such a positive and assertive attitude can inspire company bloggers needing new ideas for blog posts. In particular, how this attitude can build a personal connection between you and the reader.

So I used both articles as a catalyst for a quick blog post topic brainstorm.

The results of which are 10 company blog post ideas based on positivity, growth and a “hell yes!/Just say yes” mind-set.

Hell Yes! Blogging

1. The Initial Dream

Your business was likely born from one man or woman with a dream. Tell the story and inspire people through the tales of your founder’s innovation, tribulations and enthusiasm. Did he or she continue to say yes when everyone else said no?

2. “It’s something I’ve been dreaming about or envisioning”

What did your company recently envisage? How excited were you and driven to achieve this dream? What steps are you taking to realise this goal and what have been the results? Write a post revealing the emotions behind a recent service development or product launch.

3. What makes your employees say yes?

3. Invite articulate staff members to contribute a post covering what excites them the most about their work? Get them to connect this enthusiasm with the benefits they and the company bring to your customers. What are their personal philosophies when it comes to getting things done?

4. “It scares me, yet also fascinates me”

What’s been your biggest fear in your professional career? How did you work through it and overcome the doubts? Open up about the hurdles you’ve faced and the unnerving moments you’ve suffered through to get to where you are today. Connect your personal journey with the success of your business and the benefits it brings to customers.

5. “You’ve got to be able to believe in something strongly enough”

Is ‘Yes’ a word you use a lot in your company? What about the word ‘No’? Share a little of your business ethos regarding risk taking, development, innovation and pushing the boundaries. You can perhaps write this in the form of an interview like with the example of Bernard L. Schwartz above in the New York Times.

6. “We’re going to have a successful answer to whatever the problem is”

Share some advice to your readers on the best ways to choose a service or product best suited to their needs. What logical steps should they take or think through? Give them a series of questions to answer where a ‘yes’ directs them mentally to a product or service most applicable to their situation.

7. “It rounds out my experience”

What crazy and brilliant products or services have you seen in other industries recently? Are they things you said ‘yes’ to and have ordered for your own use? Write about how these products can potentially be used in conjunction with the products or services you provide to really benefit the reader.

8. “It involves people I really enjoy”

Team building exercises might seem unimportant events to share with your customers but they actually reveal the personal side to what might otherwise be a faceless corporate façade. Share photos and stories about team events and share some of the positive lessons you all gained which can benefit clients too.

9. “It’s about treating them as individuals and trusting them”

People like reading or listening to Q&A interviews where they can discover great tips, tricks and positivity lessons. Invite a fellow professional from a related industry and get them to answer some questions on your blog. Ask questions leading to answers best suited to the needs and desires of your customer base. Agree beforehand to make it inspiring.

10. “It helps me move on from a place of stagnation or sadness”

How can your products or services move people forwards in their lives? Perhaps they are stagnated and stuck in a rut. Describe the frustration and then write about the benefits a single product/service can bring and how it has the potential to inspire positive change. Show examples from previous happy customers.

See how many good ideas can come from reading a couple of articles on positive attitudes?

What other “hell yes!” or “just say yes” business blog post ideas can you come up? Which of the above ideas do like best?

Share in the comment section below.

Creative Commons image attribution: Black & White Thumbs Up photo from Paul