Hotel Business Blog Post IdeasAre you wondering what to write about for your hotel blog?

Hotels are a goldmine of possibilities when it comes to blogging. There are hundreds of subjects you can write about to intrigue readers and entice visitors to your hotel.

The following 10 hotel blog post ideas will fuel your creature juices and provide you with inspiration for your next set of posts.

1. Things to see in the region

People book hotels not for the hotel itself but to attend events and attractions in the general region. Provide your readers with interesting updates and information about what’s going on in your area.

A good example of this comes from the Travelodge hotel chain in the UK. Their blog post ‘3 Wild Devon Days Out’ highlights three regional zoos appealing to both kids and adults.

Think about museums, natural wonders, historical sites, amusement parks, tours, nightlife, concerts, and architectural gems in your region. Then write about them. Bring to life through your words.

2. Theme of the Month

We all love events based on a theme, whether it’s a themed movie weekend or a fancy dress party arranged by friends. Business blogging is no different and hotels can really tap into the fun.

Maybe your hotel chain will soon unveil a new health spa. Events like this can be turned into a month of themed blog posts based on, for example, health and beauty.

Each blog post can give out some helpful tips on looking after skin and the benefits of relaxation whilst gently reminding readers of the new soon-to-be-opened spa.

Other monthly or weekly themes can include ghosts (for Halloween), healthy eating (to link in with your new vegetarian menu), fitness (to coincide with the annual city marathon), and 1920s month (if there’s a new local theatre production based on that period).

3. Interviews with Interesting People

People love to read about other people’s lives. A hotel blog can be a great platform in which to interview interesting local characters.

Fascinating stories from local entrepreneurs, stage actors, charity workers, chefs, sports people, and recognised heroes, will draw your readers in to the local area and make them a lot more likely to want to visit.

A fine example of this can be seen on Guoman Hotels blog in a post titled ‘Vintage London: High Street Heroes’. They interview the owner of a recently opened high-quality vintage wear store about his business as well as shopping in London.

For your hotel blog, get in touch with local (or national) well-known or influential names and ask them if they’d like to be interviewed.

4. Seasonal Guides

You’ll find different types of guests appear in your hotel at different times of the year. Maybe you have great ski slopes nearby for winter tourists, or splendid beaches for summer sun-worshipers. Depending on your local region, you can create seasonal guides catered to these visitors.

Omni Hotels and Resorts offer a blog post on the Do’s & Don’ts for a Healthier Holiday Season. They get their in-house nutritionist Cheryl to provide sensible tips to survive the Christmas period in a detailed and interesting article.

Your hotel could offer blog post guides covering such matters as staying safe in the hot sun, beautiful scenic walks in the fall, best skiing equipment, scuba diving safety tips, where best to see migrating birds.

5. Customer Stories

Are you truly out of ideas for a blog post? Maybe you don’t have time to pen an interesting guide. If that’s the case, then get your customers to write a hotel blog post for you.

You can ask any guest who has sent you a positive review of your hotel in previous months to write a guest post for you.

They can share a funny story, a moving experience, or an unusual event they came upon during their stay, whether directly in your hotel or elsewhere nearby.

A great example can be found on the blog of the famous Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. They have a whole section dedicated to ‘hotel memories’ and feature stories, in this case by hotel employees, of wonderful moments from their hotels worldwide.

Feature stories from your hotel(s) every now and then. Encourage guests, staff, and even your hotel chain’s management to share personal tales. Readers will lap this up.

6. Interesting Hotel News

In my view, the vast majority of hotel blogs focus too much on mundane updates regarding hotel developments and news. The simple reality is potential hotel guests are really not that interested in the promotion of so-and-so to Rooms Coordinator or Human Resources Manager.

This is different if your blog is read mostly by your hotel chain employees but when you write for the general public, these news items are best placed elsewhere.

There are, however, news stories related to your hotel that will interest potential guests. The Standard boutique hotel chain blog offers a fine example in their post ‘Minibars, Corn Syrup Free Since 2014’.

Here they talk about their hotel minibar overhaul and their decision to go GMO-free. Who can resist reading about gummy bears being replaced with toxin-free gummy cubs?

Awards your hotel has won and will be celebrating are news items you can mention to the public. Everyone is impressed by an award even if they’re not familiar with the scale.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants do this well in their FORTUNE Smiles on Us (Again) blog post which covers their inclusion on the FORTUNE Best Places to Work For list, amongst other celebratory achievements.

7. Online Sleep Concierge

Sleeping and hotels go together like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. It’s what guests come to hotels to do. It astonishes me the lack of relaxation and sleeping tips for insomniacs and stressed out folks there are on hotel blogs.

Think of the business people who attend conferences and spend half the night tossing and turning unable to switch off their racing thoughts. Give them some great tips on how to slow the avalanche of mental images in their mind and they will love you forever.

Just getting into one of your beds after that will calm them down. Your hotel’s brand will be associated with peaceful sleep and a haven from the stresses of the day.

Think of your hotel’s blog as a sleep concierge as well as an information and entertainment provider.

Tip inspired by the Benjamin Hotel Sleep Concierge.

8. Style Guide

Fashion and style magazines are ubiquitous. Their popularity show there’s a never-ending demand for inspiration, guides and opinions on clothing, make-up, jewellery and how to look great at a ball or dinner party.

Hotel guests are highly likely to be attending special events during their stay with you related to business, vacations, family or reunions. A hotel blog is a fantastic way to engage the more style-conscious visitor and impress them with your knowledge of what’s in vogue and what’s not.

Cater to both men and women, and different age ranges. Touch on fashion trends in celebrity culture and note any events in your local region which will interest fashionistas.

Delve into fashion niches such as cool hats for men, how to shop for a work bag (if many of your guests are business people), swimsuits for every shape (if by an ocean), summer fashion trends (+ year), 10 fashionable rain accessories (if in Seattle or England).

Link to nearby stores and give them the “(your hotel blog’s name) seal of approval”.

9. Food and Drink

Your hotel restaurant is the number one place you want your guests to dine. Direct their attention to your restaurant and bar with a series of mouth-watering blog posts showcasing the dishes your top chef can prepare for their eager palates and rumbling stomachs.

Recipes are extremely popular online and are shared widely via email and social media. When a respected local hotel restaurant shares culinary tips then people are going to take note.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants shows how this can be done with a wonderful recipe blog post titled Kyle Rourke’s Gourmet Chicken Kielbasa Corn Dogs. The recipe is by one of the hotel chain’s executive chefs but the post (including the nice intro) is put together by the blogger.

The same can be done with cocktails to showcase your hotel bar, as seen in the How to Twist the Classics blog post, also from Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.

10. Fun and Prizes

Prizes and fun competitions draw people in like bees to a picnic. There’s something in our psychology that makes us want to compete and win free goodies. Your hotel blog can take advantage of this human trait to draw in new visitors and keep your existing readers hooked.

There are a multitude of competitions, prize draws and amusing free giveaways you can arrange. A fine example is a ‘Show Us Your Beard!’ blog post from Kimpton (yes, them again, but they really do have a super blog).

They offer a free Red Sox-inspired amenity to any guest with a beard visiting their Boston area hotels. The funny post is based around an event, namely the baseball World Series. This ties in nicely with the aforementioned ‘Theme of the Month’ blog post style.

Omni Hotel & Resorts held a “Pins For The Princess” Halloween Sweepstakes on their blog with the grand prize being a $399 Apple® Store Gift Card.

The Guoman Blog held both chocolate recipe and photography competitions, open to the public.

Hotel Blogs – Endless Possibilities

Effective hotel blogging requires a systematic and well formulated plan of action. A random blog post here and there will do little in the long-term to drive traffic to your hotel’s website or cultivate a large readership and fan base.

There are thousands of blogging topics a hotel can write about. I’ve highlighted just 10. Together with a coherent strategy, these topics and more can bring a hotel’s blog to life and turn it into the engine room of your hotel’s online brand and customer reach.

Image source: Forgemind ArchiMedia

This post was originally published in February 2014 on what is now a defunct website.