Helping Your Marketing Firm Make Magic

You’re a marketing master. Not only do you make your clients shine, but your self-promotion has prospects beating down a path to your door. Sometimes too many.

What’s a responsible marketing team to do?

Cram it all in and sacrifice quality? You would never.

Turn down that awesome prospect who might turn into your agency’s next big client because of a temporarily saturated schedule? That would be silly.

What if you could pull extra hours out of thin air and do it all?

You can!

No. It’s not magic. That’s what happens when you partner with a collaborative copywriter.

Collaborating with a Freelance Marketing Copywriter

And where might you find a freelance copywriter who can help you find more hours in a day? Right here of course!

I’m Edward Beaman, a copywriter who specialises in working with firms and agencies just like yours.

How can I help?

When you have overflow projects and your staff doesn’t have enough time to do it all, I pick up the slack.

When you want to grow and take on more marketing clients, but you don’t want to invest in more full-time staff yet, you can contract copywriting tasks to me, giving you more billable client hours while saving you money on hiring costs.

When your clients need copywriting or blogging done and you don’t have a full-time copywriter on staff, I can assist you with those aspects of your client’s campaign.

Why Me?

When you hire me as your freelance marketing copywriter, you get over 10 years of experience in SEO copy, promotional copy, and blog writing.

I can help you make sure your clients are getting the exposure, and sales, they want and deserve. From search engine optimized copy to high-converting calls-to-action, I’m your guy.

Freelance Copywriting Services

Here are some types of marketing copy I can tackle for your marketing firm and your clients:

  • SEO optimized web copy
  • Case study writing
  • White paper writing
  • Blog posts
  • Sales and landing page copy
  • Email marketing copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Brochure copy

Need something not mentioned here? No problem. Just get in touch with your project details and we’ll make it happen.


Have questions? I have answers!

Don’t you only write for designers?

Mostly? Yes. Only? No.

Here’s what I really specialize in: collaboration.

I work predominantly with designers, making my copy and their designs work together to maximize conversions for their clients. But I can put those same collaborative skills to use for your marketing firm.

Contact me.

Why shouldn’t I write my own marketing copy (or hire a cheaper amateur)?

I get it. Marketers are often great copywriters. You’re quite capable of writing effective copy for your clients.

But what about those times when you have more demand than available time? What if your clients want a type of copywriting you’ve never taken on before? What if there are simply better things you could be doing with your time to increase your bottom line?

That’s where I come in.

I help you do more in less time. I help you exceed your clients’ expectations. They might even think you’re a wizard, wondering how you do so much for them so quickly.

Want to start making magic?

Contact me.

What’s in it for me and my marketing firm?

Outsourcing your copywriting to me on a freelance basis offers some pretty important benefits to your firm:

  • You save time. When you aren’t stuck writing copy and content yourself, you’ll have more time to work interact with clients, strategize, and handle other aspects of the marketing campaigns you run. That means you can take on more clients overall.
  • You make more money. What I charge isn’t necessarily what you have to charge your firm’s clients. A benefit of working with a freelance copywriter is you can mark up my services, pay my rates, and keep the difference. More profit for you.

Who doesn’t want to free up more time to work on things they enjoy? And who doesn’t want to make more money?

Reach out, let’s chat, and let’s make both a reality.

Contact me.

Are you willing to ghostwrite?

We’re making magic here, remember? Vanishing before your clients’ eyes is just one of my tricks.

Whether you have me work directly with your clients or stay in the background as a ghostwriter is entirely up to you.

Most copywriting projects I take on don’t have bylines anyway. Those projects are always ghostwritten. If you need help managing blog content for a client, I’m happy to work either way — with bylines or without if your client would prefer credit for all posts.

Let’s talk and we can figure out the best option for your next project.

Contact me.

Do you have questions not covered here? Check out my full FAQs or contact me.

Let’s make magic for your marketing clients.

Are you ready to take your marketing copy to the next level? Let’s collaborate on your next copywriting project and wow your clients with a bit of marketing magic.