Freelance Blogging for Design Professionals

A blog is an indispensable component of any inbound marketing strategy. Blogging not only attracts visitors to your design agency’s website but also develops your brand’s authority and helps increase conversions.

Business blogging is a fantastic client relationship-building tool. Each post acts like an ambassador to your agency, helping reduce the unknowns and build an important level of trust between you and your prospects.

When you help potential clients find solutions via your blog, with personal and entertaining articles, you quickly position you and your team as the skilled design experts you are.

But what if you don’t have time to run a blog for your design business? That’s where a freelance blogger comes in. Not only am I a professional blogger, but I have a background in interior architecture and understand your concerns as a designer. Here are some of the things my freelance design blogging services can help you with.

SEO Benefits of Freelance Blogging

Search engines love frequently-updated websites. Their little spiders adore crawling new pages. Blogging provides a great opportunity to add fresh and interesting content that will both boost your rankings and increase the number of entry points to your design business’s website.

It’s also important to use the right keyword phrases people are typing into their search boxes. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key ingredient in successful business blogging. By targeting the best keywords and subjects people are searching for, your design blog can dramatically increase visitor numbers and leads.

Blogging for your design agency offers benefits both in the short term as well as the long term. A post written today can still work for you in attracting visitors and strengthening your brand in 5 years or even 10 years’ time. You have the potential to receive tens of thousands of visitors from one post alone.

That’s an incredible ROI for your design agency.

Social Media Benefits of Freelance Blogging

Blogging and social media are inseparable. They are a synergy that when used effectively can result in a formidable inbound marketing machine for your design agency. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are ideal arenas in which to share blog posts and continue conversations with your clients and prospects. I can help you manage the the social media promotion tied to your design firm’s blog too.

Professional Blogging Services for Design Businesses

As an experienced blogger of over 10 years, I can manage your entire blogging campaign, come up with great blog post ideas, and most importantly, create informative and entertaining blog posts your target audience will want and love to read. I’ve written about architecture, interior design, web design, product design, and have covered other design sectors over the years, as well as topics relating to marketing, branding, software, consumer psychology, and more.

Explore my standard blogging packages below, or contact me for a custom quote based on your blogging needs.

Blog Post Packages for Design Firms

1 Post

Single post, up to 500 words
  • Price includes SEO research & metadata
  • Stock images cost extra

8 Posts

Monthly (up to 500 words each)
  • Price includes SEO research & metadata
  • Stock images cost extra

* Advertised rates cover posts up to 500 words. If you’d like longer posts, I charge a flat rate of $30 per 100 words over the 500 word rates advertised. (ex. One 700 word post would cost $210 — the $150 base rate plus $60 for the additional 200 words.)

Edward Beaman – The Designer’s Copywriter

Are you ready to skyrocket the effectiveness of your blogging?

If so, get in touch with me to arrange a chat about the plans and goals you have for your design company’s blog.