Florist Websites - 5 Examples of Great Florist About Us PagesAre you a web designer working with a florist on a new website? Are you trying to write copy for your own florist website? Do you find yourself struggling as you try to write the About Us page?

Any company’s About Us page is vital. Not only can they be popular pages for visitors, but they have to do a job. Your About page is where you introduce yourself to potential customers who find your website. But it’s more than that.

Your About page is where you tell visitors what you can do for them. And it’s where you offer the kind of background that causes them to trust you and want to do business with you.

Maybe you’re on your fifth or sixth draft and you keep putting it off. Maybe you just haven’t found the right inspiration.

Luckily for you I’ve done some leg work and found 5 great examples of About Us pages from florist websites.


Let’s have a look and see what they’re doing right.

5 About Us Pages From Florist Websites

1. McQueens

About the florists: McQueens is an upmarket and innovative florists founded by Kally Ellis and based in central London. The globally recognised company provides flowers for weddings, restaurants, business events and even for television. It also runs its own world-renowned flower school.


Why the page works: The primary function of an About page is to get the point of your business across to the reader quickly. McQueens achieves this with the founder’s initial and guiding goal presented in the first paragraph in the form of a quotation. Within 6 to 8 seconds, you’re aware of the company’s ethos and what you’ll get from the business.

What else works?: Ellis goes on to mention flower orders from faraway places such as Hollywood and Japan. Subtly weaving in achievements and social proof of your success is an incredibly powerful element for any About Us page.

Design and format: The page design is refreshingly simple and is complimented with a beautiful and welcoming illustration of their shop front. Social media buttons and menu options are all clearly visible.

2. Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

About the florists: Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart is a creative London florists specialising in event planning and weddings, among other things. Nikki Tibbles founded the company back in 1993 and it’s now a leading name in luxurious flower arrangement for events around the world as well as for businesses, media and private homes.

Wild at Heart

Why the page works: A great ‘About Us’ page should showcase your business values. Nikki has achieved this by alluding to her team’s creativity, methodical planning and not so subtle hints at perfectionism. All of which will inspire confidence in prospects especially after reading about their other current big-name clients.

What else works?: Their values are nicely wrapped up with a final section detailing their charity work and contributions. It’s just nice to see and will no doubt impress many potential customers.

Design and format: Very nicely formatted with beautiful photographs. Simple, clean and elegant which reflects their luxurious floral design ethos. Sub-headers are apt and to the point making quick reader scanning of the page easier.

3. The Wilde Bunch

About the florists: The Wilde Bunch is a wedding and events florists based in Bristol. It’s owner Claire Nicholson ‘the Boss’ is a 25-year veteran of floral event design. The florists and their dog work with clients across the South West of England creating beautiful floral displays and more for those very special occasions.

Wilde Bunch

Why the page works: Personality! Originality! Plus a wonderful symbiosis of copy and graphics that grabs your attention. It’s verging on the chaotic but skillfully weaves the reader along the garden path of a successful florist story. All the required information is in there such as what they do, their location, the type of customers they serve and above all, how they can benefit the reader.

What else works?: The page copy mentions the name of the owner. Too many florist websites’ ‘About Us’ pages miss this out completely. You’d be surprised. There’s a nice and discreet list of venues they’ve served at the bottom of the page which might well help local prospects find them via the search engines.

Design and format: As mentioned above. A winning combination of great design, quality photography and strong written copy.

4. The Flower Fairies

About the florists: The Flower Fairies is an Oxfordshire based florists led by Charlie Quartley. It specialises in providing exceptional floral arrangements for weddings across the local region and sometimes beyond. The business was born out of a passion for nature and creativity.

Flower Fairies

Why the page works: A well written ‘About Page’ should ideally be as succinct as possible. Customers neither want nor need to waste five minutes of their lives reading about your business. Charlie has kept her about page short, factual and direct yet with a relaxed conversational gait to it. Everything you need to quickly know in less than 90 words.

What else works?: A great tactic Charlie has used is to navigate readers to a more personal bio page in case they want to know more. This second page smartly bypasses the important but hugely ignored rule of ‘About us’ pages. That rule being to write about how your services benefit customers and not your life story.

Design and format: Everything is visible on one screen without the need for scrolling. Menu options, phone number, social media buttons all clearly in sight. Wonderful big photographs and nicely designed graphics.

5. Petal to the Metal

About the Florists: As soon as you see the name of this florists you know it’s going to be something out of the ordinary. Petal to the Metal is a very successful London flower shop owned by Paul Furness and his canine assistant Olive. They provide beautiful floral arrangements for London’s finest hotels, events, weddings and more.

Petal Metal

Why the page works: It’s important to form a connection with your reader when writing an ‘About Us’ page. Paul does this through a first-person narrative and a succinct description of his values which include the benefits his floral services bring to his customers.

What else works?: You can sense the passion he has for floristry. He conveys this to the reader and invites you to share the experience. The whole page inspires trust, from the first sentence all the way through to Olive’s little bio.

Design and format: Simple and highly effective. Nice big and professional photos with clear writing and a strong colour theme.

Now It’s Your Turn

Great examples, aren’t they?

In order to bring you this post I actually went through 400+ florist websites from across the UK as well as some from the US and Canada. These 5 were the cream of the crop with well over 90% of the rest just being, well, very ordinary and uninspiring.

It just goes to show if you craft a great About Us page you can really boost the power of your brand. It could also turn first time visitors of your florist website into customers right there and then, without them even wanting to check out other local florists.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration.

See what you can do.

If you’d like some help or would prefer a professional writer handled your florist website’s About Us page copy for you then you can read about my website writing services or get in contact with me to discuss your project.

This post was originally published on 14 August 2015.

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