Florist Blog Post Ideas - 10 Ways to Promote Your Florist Website with a Blog

Are you a florist interested in marketing your business online through blogging, or a web designer building a blog for a client? Do you struggle to come up with post ideas for your florist blog?

Maintaining an active blog is a great way to boost the freshness of your florist website because search engines love fresh content. Well-written posts with useful and interesting information draw visitors in like aphids to a daisy.

But what will interest your readers?

10 Florist Blog Post Ideas

Here are 10 blog post idea templates you can use as inspiration for your florist blog. Each one can be used over and over again. Simply adjust the subject matter depending on your unique location, flower stock, and target market.

I’ve provided some keyword suggestions and examples to help you along.

Let’s jump right in with watering these idea.

1. Special Events

Concept: Many of your flowers will be purchased for special events. These include weddings, christenings, birthdays and funerals. Write a blog post about floral options for each event type. Offer tips on which type of flowers are best suited to each scenario..


Keyword phrase: wedding flower ideas

Title suggestion: Wedding Flower Ideas for a Traditional Church Setting

Content suggestion: Tell your readers about the most common wedding flowers. These will include roses and tulips but what about sweet peas and gardenias? In your florist blog, cover how different floral arrangements can be made use of as backdrops, bouquets, and hair accessories.

Why?: You’ll be answering many of the questions people will be seeking answers to. They’re more likely to buy from you as a result.

2. Observances and Holidays

Concept: Write about special observances and holidays. Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day come to mind, as do Christmas and Easter. Share tips on picking the best flowers for each occasion. When should the flowers be purchased? What are the floral customs surrounding the holiday? And which complimentary gifts can you give with the flowers?


Keyword phrase: easter flowers

Title suggestion: Beautiful Easter Flowers and Arrangements for Religious Events

Content suggestion: Write about the best flowers for Easter. Might these include chrysanthemums, carnations and lilies? What are the historical and cultural floral norms for this Christian event? Suggest some ways Easter flowers can best be arranged in churches or town halls.

Why?: People will be looking for gift or decorative ideas in the weeks leading up to these special days. Catch their attention with good quality advice and they’ll spend money with you.

3. Flower Facts

Concept: On your florist blog, create a series of posts detailing interesting factsrelated to each type of flower you sell. Provide information that will benefit the customer. Maybe tell them how long the flower will last indoors. You can also mention where the name comes from, anatomical features, its place in history, and any literary mentions and traditional meanings it might be associated with. The more unusual, the better.


Keyword phrase: calla lily

Title suggestion: The Calla Lily: The Beautiful Lily That’s Not Really a Lily

Content suggestion: Detail the calla lily. Comment on its name which comes from the Greek term meaning ‘beautiful’. Mention too that it’s not really a lily despite the name and that its roots are poisonous.

Why?: You’ll show your knowledge and expertise of flowers and everything related to them. The unusual posts have the potential to be shared via email and social media.

4. Flower Care

Concept: Select flower species and write about the best ways to care for them. Detail the best environments in which to leave them. And explain how to prolong their beauty. Talk about which flowers are sturdier than others. Share which need extra attention. What flower food should be used? Can leaves below the waterline be cut? Where can flowers be kept before being placed in a vase?


Keyword phrase: fresh flower care

Title suggestion: Fresh Flower Care Tips For Newly Delivered Flowers

Content suggestion: What should people do with flowers they’ve just bought or had delivered? Provide a series of tips on what to do with new flowers and placement suggestions. Write about good ways to keep them looking fresh and smelling fragrant for longer.

Why?: Good solid information for your subscribers and those looking for information prior to making a purchase.

5. Regional Flower Shows

Concept: Keep an eye on regional flower shows and other industry events. A few weeks before, write about the details of the event on your florist blog. And tell readers why it’s worth going to see. Mention what took place the year before and share any photographs you took if you attended. Will there be things for children to do? Talk about other attractions nearby.


Keyword phrase: shrewsbury flower show

Title suggestion: The Shrewsbury Flower Show: Interesting Lecture Marquee Events for 2016

Content suggestion: A series of horticultural lectures take place during the Shrewsbury Flower Show. Guest speakers discuss issues relating to orchids, organic gardening, trees, flower arranging and much more. If you’re in Shropshire, write about the speakers or blog about some of the issues yourself before giving details of the lectures and how to get to the show.

Why?: Writing about regional events attracts the interest of local customers.

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6. Flower Arrangements

Concept: Showcase some of your best flower arrangements. Detail the flowers which make up the collection. And explain why they mix well together. What scent does the bouquet or arrangement have? What are the best occasions for this type of arrangement? You can even discuss the best potential settings and backdrops related to the colours and features of the flowers.


Keyword phrase: funeral flower arrangements

Title suggestion: Bespoke Funeral Flower Arrangements for Churches and Crematoriums

Content suggestion: Showcase some of the flower arrangements you provide for funerals. Show photos and write about the flowers whilst touching upon any cultural significance and how they will influence the surroundings. Offer your suggestions on which arrangements will best suit different settings and funeral themes.

Why?: You’ll impress existing blog readers and new visitors alike with your beautiful floral skills.

7. Gift Ideas

Concept: What’s a great gift to give with flowers? Write a series of blog posts covering gift ideas for different occasions where flowers will be part of the surprise. Romantic occasions might include chocolates and wine. A mother’s birthday may include an item of clothing or theatre tickets. Suggest ways flowers can be incorporated into a larger gift or surprise celebration.


Keyword phrase: wedding anniversary gifts

Title suggestion: 15 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Women Will Love

Content suggestion: Aim a blog post at husbands seeking wedding anniversary gift ideas. Come up with 15 great gift ideas incorporating products you sell. You could also feature surprises they can plan which might include flowers. Holiday tickets inside a bouquet of flowers?

Why?: Great blog posts to attract search engine visitors seeking gift inspiration before a special event or occasion.

8. Flowers in the Media

Concept: Flowers and floral arrangements are everywhere in the media. Whether they are the backdrop to a celebrity wedding or a main feature in a news story, they provide great material for ongoing blog post topics. Pick a flower-related media story and write about what you thought of the flower arrangements, the choice of flowers and how customers can achieve the same.


News Story: Mourners told to choose different flowers to deter hungry squirrels (Telegraph)

Title suggestion: Hungry Norwich Squirrels Eat Mourners’ Carnations and Chrysanthemums

Content suggestion: Squirrels have been eating fresh spray carnations and chrysanthemums at a Norwich cemetery. Apparently because of the high sugar content. Norfolk Wildlife Trust has advised people to choose different types of flowers or spray them with a harmless repellent spray. Mention the story. And then blog about some of the alternative flowers people can buy in such a situation.

Why?: These posts can tap into celebrity culture or local news events thereby attracting local readers and potential customers.

9. Customer Reviews

Concept: Do you have regular customers who love your flowers? Maybe get them to explain why they buy from you. Or ask them what they love about the floral arrangements and the occasions and people they buy flowers for. And you can ask if they have any tips about making the most of the flowers they purchase. Create an article from the results, and share it on your florist blog.


Keyword phrase: [‘flower’ + customer’s location + type of event]

Title suggestion: Wonderful Flower Display for Our Kensington Business Conference

Content suggestion: Ask a happy customer to give you some written feedback about your florist services and the event which your flowers adorned. Give them some questions to answer and ask for a few photos of the business conference setting.

Why?: Testimonials and positive reviews make a great impression and sway people to buy.

10. Competition

Concept: Create a competition on your florist blog. The winner receives a prize. That could be a free floral bouquet plus a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. Competitions might include a photo, art, poetry or flower arranging contest which are submitted via social media (with hashtags) or email.


Title suggestion: Cats and Flowers Photo Contest: Win a Free Floral Bouquet and Bottle of Champagne

Content suggestion: Create a contest where people submit photos via Facebook or Instagram (with hashtags) of their cat in a floral setting. Your favourite submission wins the contest. Announce the winner in a blog post.

Why?: Competitions can be fun, especially with a great prize on offer. Good way to spread your brand if you tie in social media with the submission process.

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