A common question potential clients have when checking web design agencies is just how much the services are going to cost. Very few designers advertise their rates on their site and you’re probably the same. This is understandable given the many variables of each unique project.

Today’s post explores a few blog content ideas for web design agencies looking to write articles on web design pricing.

The benefits of doing so include attracting web visitors from search engines typing in this frequently entered search phrase. By helping business owners understand what’s involved in the design process and the potential related costs, you can cultivate a prospect’s sense of trust in your design firm and what you do.

Here are three suggestions:

1. Services involved and related pricing

Title suggestion: How much will a new website design cost my small business?

Share with potential clients what’s involved in the web development and design process. Cover the various stages and provide rough price ranges for each of the major components of website creation. Explain why these components are so important and how each connects with the others to form the perfect company website.


Transparency. Prospects appreciate finding a web designer or design agency who publish price ranges for different services. It builds trust.

You also deter cheapskates who won’t be able to afford your prices and who would have otherwise wasted your time with long email enquiries or phone calls.

2. Affordable website design options

Title suggestion: Essential versus non-essential website design features for cash-strapped businesses

What are the essential website components every business needs?

Detail the necessary features every well designed and functional website needs in order to benefit the business. Maybe compare and contrast different service packages you provide. Explain why certain website components should be incorporated immediately and why others can wait until a later date when, such as when funds allow.


This type of post will engage prospects who appreciate your skills and understand the power of great website design, yet perhaps cannot afford your most premium services, for now.

They have the potential to be spend a lot of money over time however.

3. Ongoing website costs

Title suggestion: What are the ongoing costs of running a company website?

As you know, there’s more to a website than the design and creation. Websites need continuous upkeep, upgrades, and updates. Detail in a blog post all the ongoing features you or your clients will need to take care of, over the months and years their website is live. Highlight price ranges.

You can even cover ongoing services they’ll need to consider perhaps outside your remit, such as web copywriting, SEO consulations, and content marketing.


You’ll help a prospective client understand that working with your web design firm is a long-term relationship. As a result, you’ll ideally attract those clients willing to invest in good quality web design, with all it entails, for many years to come.

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