Estate Agents Blog Post IdeasAre you a blogging estate agent looking for some blog post inspiration?

Maintaining an agency blog is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy. Ideally it should be interesting and rewarding both for you as the blogger and for your readers.

However, when ideas are hard to come by, your desire and writing can suffer. This has a negative impact on blog readability and the overall merit of blogging to attract new clients.

Don’t worry! I have a fix for you. The following is a long list of property-themed blog post ideas you and your estate agency team can add to your content calendar.

Each idea is designed with your readers’ various needs in mind which is a key ingredient in successful blogging.

Bookmark this page now for when inspiration is lacking in the future.

Let’s start…

1. Tips for buyers and sellers

By far the most important type of blog post you’ll write. Share a wealth of detailed tips and advice property buyers and sellers will find beneficial. Don’t forget to target the keyword phrases your prospects are searching for most.

Examples: 6 Tips for Planning Your Budget When Buying a House from Hunters Estate Agents and 7 tips to sell your home this Winter from JDG Estate Agents

2. The most beautiful homes

Showcase some of the most attractive local properties you have on the market at the moment. Write about their plus points such as an extra spacious garden or a recently installed swimming pool.

Example: 10 of the most beautiful homes from Winkworth Estate Agents.

3. Market comparisons

Make a summary of the current local and national market. Perhaps compare the two and discuss how the figures will impact on property buyers and sellers. How much have house prices increased recently? Which regions have seen annual falls?

Example: Local Property Market Update – Lancaster & Morecambe from VMOVE Estate Agents.

4. Property trends and analysis

What influences buyers? How have changes in your local city or region affected house prices? Find some interesting statistics and provide a glimpse into the ever changing nature of the local property market.

Example: The supermarket (house) price war from Winkworth Estate Agents

5. Interview previous clients

Interview a recent happy client who you helped buy or sell a property. Pose to them questions that will invite answers elaborating on your process and professionalism. You can also ask why they wanted to move to a particular area and how they value it.

Positive customer reviews are a great way to instil confidence and trust in prospects’ minds.

Estate Agency Blogging

6. Best buying and selling experiences

Write about some of your favourite moments working as an estate agent. What have been your most memorable experiences with customers and which have been the most fulfilling. Talk about some pressure moments which turned out good in the end.

7. Top property apps

Detail the best apps for home buyers or sellers. How have property apps and portals made things easier for people looking to buy or rent a new house? Create a top 10 list of your favourite apps or focus on the merits and disadvantages of one at a time.

Example: The Evolution of Property Search Portals from Tepilo Online Estate Agents.

8. Mortgage advice

What do your customers need to know about mortgages? How many different types of mortgages are there? What mortgage is best for a particular situation? These are all questions you can provide answers to on your estate agent blog.

Example: The Various Guises of Mortgage Fees from Tepilo Online Estate Agents.

9. Staging tips for selling homes

Making a home look nice and inviting is an important part of selling a property. Use your blog to provide a series tips on how to make the interior and exterior aspects of a property more attractive for sales photos and visits by potential buyers.

Example: A simple shopping list to stage your home for sale from JDG Estate Agents.

10. Bust common estate agent myths

You’ve probably shaken your head at some strange yet common ideas clients have about buying and selling property. It’s even more frustrating when the media get things wrong as well. Bust some myths on your blog and finally set the record straight for the benefit of both you and your clients.

11. The future of home buying and selling

How will buying and selling property likely change in the coming years? Put your futurist hat on and imagine some possible scenarios based on current trends. What will be the benefits and drawbacks of potential changes?

Example: The future of estate agency? (part one) by Chris Wood of PDQ Estate Agents.

Real Estate Blogging

12. Attributes of great estate agents

Knowing which estate agent to trust can be a difficult decision for many people. Create a post covering the attributes of a great estate agent whilst at the same time subtly weaving your expertise and personality between the lines.

Example: Lessons from the Cheltenham Gold Cup from JDG Estate Agents.

13. Why you love your region

Showcase your region at its best. Explain what you love about your city and the local area. Let your personality come to the fore with personal anecdotes and opinions of events and places to see. Why are weekends a great time in your town?

14. Interview your staff

People love transparency and openness in a company they want to do business with. With this spirit in mind, interview your estate agency team members about their work and lives. Ask them questions about their particular role, their views and what they like doing in their spare time.

Example: The must-see city for 2015 from Winkworth Estate Agents.

15. Best blogs about your area

Writing about your region is a great way to attract local search results via Google and other search engines. With added personal touches, you can also really boost the appeal of your locale. Directing readers to some good local bloggers who write about local events, nature or night life can benefit people looking to move to the area.

16. Interview well-known locals

Connect with authority figures or celebrities in your local region and get them to do a property-related interview with you. Such people can include the town mayor, business leaders, a school headmaster, a radio DJ or regional TV celeb. Ask them why they like living in the area and about their house buying stories.

17. Most desired property types

Tap into recent surveys and write about the most desired types of properties currently on the market. Maybe farmhouses are increasingly making waves among city dwellers eager to leave the urban sprawl. Perhaps mock period properties are showing a boost in popularity? Tell readers.

Example: Farmhouses are Now the Most Desired Homes in the Country from Hunters Estate Agents.

Also check out: What are the most desired country homes? from The Telegraph.

18. Top interior designers in your county

When people move into a new home one of their priorities might be to decorate the place before everything becomes settled. Provide a review of the best interior designers or décor shops in the area for people to have a look at.

Example: Marylebone Area Guide: Interiors and Lifestyle Shops from Completely London.

19. Best schools in your area

It’s well known how parents often move home just to get into a good school’s catchment area. Properties near prestigious or successful schools will sell for more than they otherwise would. Detail some of the best schools nearby and how they rank in the school league tables.

Estate Agent Property Blogging

20. Best restaurants in your area

Where are the best local places to eat out? People like to unwind in the evenings and weekends with visits to restaurants, bars and similar establishments. Blog about the different types of restaurants and which ones you and your family enjoy the most.

21. Local health and fitness options

Home buyers like to ensure the area where they plan to move to have certain amenities that suit their lifestyle. A lot of people place great importance on health and fitness. Showcase the best gyms, fitness clubs and yoga studios in the area plus places to go cycling, running, swimming and even dog walking.

22. Events taking place

What’s an interesting festival or exhibition taking place nearby this month? Write about what’s happening and offer some tips on how people can best enjoy the occasion. Share some photographs from when you attended the event the previous year.

23. Top ranked moving companies

For people selling their homes, a priority will eventually be what removal company they use to transport their belongings. Provide a guide on the best accredited removers in the region based on reputation and experience.

24. Behind the scenes

What’s it like to be an estate agent? What does your typical day look like? Who are your team members? Write a blog post series covering different aspects of your agency from fun staff profiles to photos of the places you go. Take people on a video tour of your offices. Open up your agency to people.

Example: A day in the life of an estate agent from Right Move.

25. Most frequently asked questions

Peek into your email inbox and write down some of the most common questions you receive. Bring together the questions you’re forever providing answers to and make a series of blog posts detailing the information you repeatedly provide.

26. News and politics

What are people talking about at the moment? What current news events tie in with real estate? How has the shifting political landscape impacted on buying and selling properties? Use news and politics as inspiration for informative and interesting blog posts.

Example: Which political party will help Britain’s homeowners the most? from Winkworth Estate Agents.

27. The weird and the wonderful

Think of some property related stories you’ve come across recently that made you blink in amazement. Weird and wonderful stories can make super blog posts that entertain both you as a blogger and your readers. They’re great for sharing on social media too.

Example: 3D Printer Can Create 10 Houses a Day in China from Hunters Estate Agents.

28. Personal stories and experiences

A big reason for business blogging is the personal factor. People like to know more about a company or agency before doing business with them. They like to know the type of people they’ll be dealing with. Personal blog posts about your experiences and views related to real estate will provide an important connection between you and your prospects.

Example: The day I made a client cry from JDG Estate Agents.

Estate Agency Blogging

As you can see, there are dozens of great potential estate agency blog posts to be had from this list alone. There are many hundreds more I could have added.

For a more detailed list and help with your estate agency blog writing and strategising, get in touch for a complete blogging audit.

Creative Commons image attributions: Sigmund Freud’s house in Hampstead from Alessandro Grussu | Brockhampton House from Les Haines | Nuffield College in Oxford from Martijn van Sabben | Old School House from [Duncan].