Electrician Blog Post Ideas - 10 Ways to Promote Your Electrical Company with a Blog - Edward BeamanAre you a blogging electrical company with a blown fuse for inspiration?

Writing blog posts consistently and with a high level of quality can be difficult at the best of times. When you’re not sure what to blog about and what subjects will attract readers and prospects, it becomes a nightmare.

That’s why so many electrical company blogs are left idle and gathering dust.

The thing is, you as electricians have so much to blog about. There’s no reason for you ever to run out of blog post material. I’m going to prove it to you as well.

I’ve put together 10 blog post idea templates for electricians which can be used over and over again, forever. All you need to do is modify the subjects, add details relevant to your business and customers, and sprinkle a little creativity into the mix. You’ll then be off and running.

You’ll see I’ve provided some examples along with keyword and title suggestions.

Let’s begin…

1. Frequently Asked Electrical Questions

Concept: What are the most common questions you get asked on a daily or weekly basis? You answer them so often you’ve memorised standard replies. Turn these questions into a series of blog posts. Focus on one at a time and answer it in as much detail as possible with the customer in mind. You can also link to relevant information elsewhere on your website.
Keyword phrase: electrical regulations
Title suggestion: What Electrical Regulations Should My London Business Know About?
Content suggestion: Introduce the question and then provide detailed answers about the regulations businesses in London and across the country should be following. Mention a location because this will help attract local customers looking for answers to these common questions.
Why?: Good for attracting regional business owners seeking an answer and no doubt an electrician as well.

2. Big Project Updates

Concept: Are you working on an exciting major project that’s challenging your skills? Write about it and share the process with potential clients. Describe the brief and the various electrical installations and fixes that are required. If possible, take some photographs and talk about how your wiring will benefit a particular function or interior/exterior setting.
Keyword phrase: wiring a house
Title suggestion: Electric Updates: Wiring a New House in Rochester
Content suggestion: Write about your latest project of installing electrics into a newly built house. Take a few photos of the work as you complete it. Detail the systems you’ve put in place and how long it’s taking you. Mention any new interesting devices or tools you might be using for the first time.
Why?: Readers will see your expertise and skills in action. You’ll also attract potential customers through the use of locational keyword terms.

3. Technological Developments

Concept: Detail technological developments related to electrics as they appear on the scene. These might include technological advances in power circuitry or intriguing news about home security innovations. They can be large or small but which will have some impact on customers, whether now or in the future. Blog about how (and why) customers can make changes after the new developments are in place.
Keyword phrase: rewiring a house
Title suggestion: Time Saving Cable Glands Mean Rewiring a House Will Be Faster
Content suggestion: Mention the new fast-action SmartFit Glands and how they can make your job both easier and faster to complete. Detail the device, who it was developed by and how it will benefit both you and the customer at the same time.
Why?: Shows your professionalism and awareness of up-to-date systems and technology that’ll make your job more efficient. It’s impressive.

4. Legislation Updates

Concept: What legislation changes have been made recently that customers really need to know about? Write a blog post about a new rule change and how it affects a particular segment, or all, of your customer base. Provide answers to some common questions they might have and offer tips on the best ways a homeowner, business owner or landlord can adapt.
Keyword phrase: landlord electrical safety
Title suggestion: Important New Landlord Electrical Safety Legislation Update – 2016 (hypothetical scenario)
Content suggestion: At the time of writing there’s no statutory obligation on landlords or agents to have professional checks carried out. If, hypothetically, this changes, write about the new law, what it means for landlords and how it will benefit both landlords and tenants.
Why?: You’re providing helpful and vital information people might desperately be researching and which will potentially lead to work.

5. Things to Consider

Concept: What should people consider before hiring your electrical services? Develop a blog series focusing on different things customers should think about, check or prepare before calling you. Write about price ranges, household wiring options, new alternatives to more traditional methods, disruptions that might occur during work, insurance issues and so on. Anything you can think of that’ll help a customer make an informed decision.
Keyword phrase: cost of rewiring a house
Title suggestion: Cost of Rewiring a House in Greater London
Content suggestion: Create a blog post detailing the various factors involved in rewiring an entire house. For each element provide a general cost estimate and a final total. Write about the different options and variables that will affect the price such as the house size, family lifestyle, appliances and security systems.
Why?: The more transparent you are the more potential there is for readers to trust your judgements and expertise.

6. Step-by-step Processes

Concept: Write about the different electrical services you offer and provide an insight into the process that takes place for each one. You can begin describing the process right from when the customer contacts you. Detail what happens then. Talk about what you’ll do when you visit their property, how you’ll come to an informed decision, when you tend to start work, what happens during the work, and finally what follow-ups, if any, you offer.
Keyword phrase: electrical safety certificate
Title suggestion: Yorkshire Landlords: How to Get Your Electrical Safety Certificate
Content suggestion: Cover the steps landlords and letting agents need to take to gain an electrical safety certificate. What is the first thing they should do? Describe the process from the first phone call all the way through to the final checks and beyond.
Why?: Potential customers will see the process all laid out and will feel more comfortable taking the next step with you. Great for trust.

7. Lighting Tips

Concept: Installing, fixing, rewiring and inspecting lighting is a big part of your job. Give your readers some tips on how best to light their home or business. You can take an individual room, such as a kitchen, and show some of the lighting choices that can be had. Create a separate blog post for different types of property or light fixtures.
Keyword phrase: under cupboard lighting
Title suggestion: Under Cupboard Lighting Solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms
Content suggestion: Write a blog post about different types of under cupboard lighting, the design potential, and the resulting wiring and installation solutions. Show photos of previous under cupboard lighting fixtures you’ve installed and what you and the homeowners thought of the finished look.
Why?: You attract search engine visitors seeking particular bespoke lighting installations for their home or business.

8. Energy Saving Tips

Concept: How can people save money? Write about some of the ways property owners can reduce their energy costs. Detail some of the ways you can help reduce their costs by installing or repairing certain electrical systems or features. Focus separately on residential and business property solutions. Mention any industry developments related to energy costs.
Keyword phrase: average electricity bill
Title suggestion: 10 Ways the Average Home Electricity Bill Can Be Reduced by 15%
Content suggestion: What can homeowners do to lower their electricity bill? How can they take control of their heating? Are there clever tricks to reduce electric shower usage? Create a top 10 list post and help people find solutions in different areas of the home.
Why?: Everyone wants to save money. Your posts will get people thinking about modifications they can have done which might include rewiring or new installations.

9. Electrical Safety Advice

Concept: Every year there are approximately 12,000 house fires in Britain. Thousands of people suffer electric shocks in their own home. Cover all the different electrical dangers homeowners and businesses can face if they don’t ensure their electrical systems are safe. Provide tips and advice for spotting problems before they become dangerous and the options available for increased levels of safety.
Keyword phrase: electrical safety for kids
Title suggestion: Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and Their Parents
Content suggestion: Direct a blog post at children and their parents aimed at teaching them about electrical safety in the home. Firstly, write about electricity itself and how it benefits our lives. Secondly, gently warn young readers about the potential dangers and where these can be found. Thirdly, provide some tips on using appliances and plug sockets wisely and safely.
Why?: It’s a good thing to do. You’ll be seen as professional and ethical.

10. Company Personality

Concept: Every now and then show the electric personalities behind the business façade. Blog about some of your electricians and what they love about their work and life. Take photos of your team on a job, looking happy, friendly and enthusiastic. Share updates about any charity events you take part in or awards you win. Write about how the business was founded and your plans for future growth.
Keyword phrase: [location + ‘electricians’]
Title suggestion: South Wales Electricians Run Cardiff Half Marathon for Local Charity
Content suggestion: Maybe you and your electrical team ran in a local or national marathon recently for charity. If so, blog about it. Write about your fitness preparations, about the journey to the marathon and about running the marathon itself. Take photos and detail the charity you’re raising money for.
Why?: People connect with people rather than businesses. Showing you and your staff as fun yet professional people will build trust and likeability. Also great for adding local keywords.

For an even more powerful current of blog post ideas and electrical business blogging strategies, contact me today to hire my blogging or consultation services.

This post was originally published 11 August 2015.