Designing business logos is an important part of both web and brand design. You know how important it is for businesses to have a great logo but do the business owners themselves know? Your blog is a good place to ensure they have a better understanding of just what logo design entails.

Today’s post focuses on logo design blog post ideas for web design agency blogs. All of which are designed to help readers get a better grasp of logos and their connection to a healthy and successful brand.

Idea 1. – What makes a great company logo?

Write about the core qualities every successful business logo needs. What does your agency believe to be the important facets of a great logo? These might include the attributes of being distinctive, memorable, simple, targeted, and more. Cover why it’s so important for a company, of any size and in whatever industry, to have a strong logo.

Idea 2. – The multiple uses of a company logo

Business logos are not just for websites. For successful brand continuity, a company’s logo needs to appear in multiple locations. Write about where a company logo can appear. Places can range from the front façade of a company’s HQ and its entrance gates to the design of merchandise, letterheads, vehicle livery, and even woven into the fabric of a carpet.

Idea 3. – What the client needs to consider before a logo (re)design

Sometimes clients come to you with little idea of what they want their logo to look like or to convey. Write about what a client should consider before making contact with a designer. What questions do they need to answer? What questions should they ask? Cover how a logo and a brand are connected and the importance of some clarity when it comes to logo development.

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Idea 4. – How famous logos can inspire small business brand identities

Share some of your favorite logos from famous companies and write about why you like them and how they convey the essence of the business. Tell readers what the logos mean to you and how they can inspire small businesses looking to create a strong brand identity themselves. Can small local businesses learn anything from the logo/brand design of huge corporations? Or is it wise not to? Discuss.

Idea 5. – Logo colors, their meanings, and important considerations

Write about the importance of color and different tonal combinations when it comes to logo design. What color are some of the best logos? How does the logo color influence – or be influenced by – the brand colors of the business. Cover some of the best color combinations for different types of industries and subjects. Remind readers of how color will impact visibility at different resolutions and sizes.

Design Firm Blogging

There are many more ideas where these came from.

If you’re looking to enlighten, engage, and inspire potential clients to hire your design services then posts like the above will come in very handy.

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