The Copywriter’s Cat

The Copywriter’s Cat is an ongoing blog series about the adventures and observations of Tiddles the talking cat. She’s the housemate of Ted ‘Mad Dog’ McTeddy, a suave, slightly bonkers, and hugely talented copywriter living in Content Crescent.

Every day Tiddles explores the houses on the crescent-shaped street, and returns to Ted with stories of the homeowners and their everyday lives. Copywriter Ted frequently wonders whether he is the only who can see and hear the weird little cat, who appeared out of the blue one summer day in 2017.

Ted is often busy with work or other tasks when Tiddles decides to tell him about her day. Sometimes he tries to ignore her but usually just politely listens. What he has discovered is that her stories often ignite little business marketing insights, which he secretly appreciates and notes down later on

The Copywriter’s Cat series focuses on Tiddles’ descriptions of 12 different households. You can read the series, as well as discover more about Copywriter Ted and all the people who live on Ted’s street, via the buttons below.