Ted “Mad Dog” McTeddy sips a caffè macchiato as he listens to Kev discuss blogging strategy. Young Kev, the marketing manager of a mid-sized clothing company, wants to hire Ted as a content strategist to help develop and write their blog.

Kev and Ted sit on the terrace of a central London café, enjoying the warm afternoon spring sunshine. The place is crowded with people doing the same, thankful the long dark winter has come to an end.

“We need to get the blog posts going viral on social media,” says Kev. “We need them to jump out at the reader and grab their attention. We need to get thousands and thousands of people to the site with titillating titles. Then they’re bound to buy.”

“You’ll never believe what goes on in this pipe’s bedroom! Shocking revelations from the tobacco pouch.” says a voice from Ted’s pipe. The copywriter closes his eyes.

“I think we should go the Buzzfeed route and really push the type of list-style posts and headlines they do,” says Kev.

Ted wonders whether to order the healthier option of leek and cheese quiche or an artery clogging alternative of scones with clotted cream and jam.

“Listicles?” huffs Ted’s pipe. “He wants you to write listicles Ted? What a popsicle. Great way to ruin your reputation.”

“Can you imagine how popular they’ll be?” asks Kev. “With clever and catchy titles, and huge lists, we’ll be able to attract swathes of new customers. We’ll also hire a bunch of cheap writers to get as much list-based content out there as possible. They’re so easy to write.”

Ted takes a few moments to think.

If I eat the quiche, then I’ll be good until evening and won’t have to eat again. The scones on the other hand… I’m not sure. He considers this a rather pressing dilemma.

“23 things smoking pipes should never have to apologise for. One, blowing smoke in the face of imbeciles. Two, …”

Ted coughs suddenly and his pipe drops into his hand, sending smoke rushing across the table. Apologising and reaching for a glass of water, Ted comes back to what Kev is saying.

“These list posts are perfect for our clothing company blog,” Kev says. “They’ll attract readers and get people sharing them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and the like. We need to make sure we get some brilliant graphics to go with the crazy titles. Got any ideas already Ted?”

“15 ways your summer dress can tell you when you’re going to get married, divorced, and admitted into a retirement home with incontinence.”

Ted briefly studies the pipe in his left hand before looking back up at the marketing manager.

He then asks Kev what he wants the blog to achieve for the clothing company.

“More sales of course!”

Ted shakes his head. He takes a sip of his macchiato.

The esteemed copywriter tells Kev sensationalist listicle posts are great for businesses relying on ad revenue. Their goal is to get as many eyes on a page as possible and then hope people leave by clicking ads. But for a clothing company seeking to sell their products, it’s a very poor strategy.

Click bait headlines and listicles attract curiosity clicks who come for the entertainment value but then soon after click away. This unqualified traffic has no intention of shopping at the store or buying their products.

“21 small but awesome details you’ve never noticed in a face of a de-listicled marketer.”

The pipe is emptied and set aside.

Ted can tell Kev has been somewhat persuaded and senses the marketing manager will benefit a lot from his blogging advice. A high-end clothing company website will need a completely different blogging strategy from the one Kev had in mind. And Ted can help him develop, plan and write it.

It has to be scone with clotted cream and jam, thinks the copywriter.

Ted places the order before going into more detail with Kev about the ideal blogging strategy for his new client.


Don’t waste time and money pursuing a blogging strategy that will get you nowhere.

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