Has it been a while since you last updated your company’s blog?

If so, you might need the services of a professional blogger. This person is an experienced business content writer who can create engaging, interesting and optimised blog content for your company’s marketing efforts.

A pro blogger can help you in many ways especially when:

  • You or your team don’t have the time or inclination to write blog posts yourselves
  • You write well but slowly and not necessarily in a persuasive manner
  • You don’t know what to write about from one week to the next
  • You don’t really understand search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • You realise you might be targeting the wrong audience
  • You’re too close to your products or services to see things from your customers’ point of view
  • You’ve hired cheap writers who never manage to match the quality you need and expect
  • It takes you too long to format, find images, edit, optimise and publish each blog post

Blogging is the Heart of Your Content Marketing

Business blogging is not like hobby blogging. It forms the core of a strong content marketing strategy and requires an understanding of consumer psychology. It’s carefully planned, structured and written to appeal directly to your target market.

Everyone can blog, but few can blog in a way that actively pushes potential clients and customers to fall in love with your brand and spend more money with you.

A professional blogger can do just that, and more.

They can:

Write high quality content

An experienced business blogger knows how important it is for the reader not to be distracted by content errors or syntax issues. The primary goal is for the reader to be absorbed by the content right from the beginning and fluently guided to the end of the post, before taking a desired action.

Write targeted content

A professional blogger will write to a particular audience, as opposed to anyone and everyone. Most businesses target only a select portion of the general population and need to attract these people with relevant information to their needs and desires.

Use SEO techniques to attract new readers

Blog post articles need to be found in order to be read. A pro SEO blogger will ensure all posts are optimised not just for human readers but also for the search engine spiders. From post titles and behind-the-scenes metadata to keyword density and image tags, the pro blogger will help your content rise in the search rankings.

Get to the heart of your business

Successful blogging requires a thorough understanding of your company, its products/services, its target markets, and the benefits it brings to customers. An experienced blogger will get to know all about your business so they can write posts to better inform and persuade.

Structure posts to inspire reader action

A professional business blogger understands every blog post must end with a call-to-action. This might be a call to buy a product, subscribe to an email newsletter, fill out a form, or to make a phone call about a service. Regardless of what it is, the professional blogger will structure the whole post around guiding and inspiring the reader to take that important action.

Ensure you have a consistent publishing schedule

A dedicated business blogger will make sure your blog is updated on time and to a fixed schedule. The pro will help you develop a content strategy and create a blog posting calendar. No longer will readers be wondering if your forlorn blog is ever going to be updated again.

Know what to write about each and every week

Using a mixture of keyword data, knowledge of your business, awareness of your target market, and many years of experience, the professional blogger will know exactly what to write about week in and week out. Every post will connect with your target market’s needs, desires and questions.

Take care of publishing the posts

For the complete hands-off experience, you can also hire your professional blogger to actually publish the posts on your website. This does away with the need for you to format, edit, interlink, add metadata, find and size images, and schedule publication dates. The blogging pro can do that all for you.

Help you achieve the results you need

Whether it’s more leads, more sales, more clients or simply more publicity, a professional blogger will help you get the results you need. The experienced blogger – or professional business content writer – will achieve this with an array of finely honed tactics, skills, tools, and above all, exceptionally good writing.

If you want your company’s blog to actually achieve significant results for your business, then it’s time to get serious with your content. Your website and blog are the central hub around which all other marketing efforts revolve. Blog posts can be shared across social media, repurposed for printed media, and discovered by new customers via search results.

Good quality blog posts are also incredibly important for your brand image and reputation. Well-written posts signal to customers your company adheres to excellence, while shoddy posts signal the opposite. Great blogging is imperative for businesses in so many ways.

Hire a professional blogger for your company blog

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