(Today’s episode of The Copywriter’s Cat explores what can go wrong when you target the wrong audience with your company’s blogging efforts. Blog post articles are best written when matched with the needs, desires, life experiences, and reading styles of your ideal customers. If only Tiddles the talking cat had realized this before engaging in party politics.)

For many years I used to be fascinated with politics. I’d watch the news every day and keep up-to-date with every political development and event. Then quite recently it all just seemed too much. So now I generally avoid the news and only read up on politics when there’s an election approaching.

Which reminds me of the last national elections here in the UK, when Tiddles the cat went campaigning throughout the city. For months she had been beside herself with fury over the Opposition’s plans to re-nationalize mouse-catching.

She was no fan of the government either, especially over its refusal to criminalize luxury dog food manufacturers. Tiddles had sent a number of angry and lengthy letters to the representatives of the region’s politicians demanding they call on the Prime Minister to close down the factories at once. The representatives happened to be the politician’s pet cats.

As you might expect, she received no replies.

And so, after consultations with her ego, she had decided to form her own party – The Cat’s Equality Alliance. Tiddles had spent weeks canvassing homes where cats were known to live. She’d dropped campaign leaflets through cat-doors and stapled flyers to wooden garden fences with the most potent of scent markings.

Unfortunately, she received no backers nor members, as all the cats she encountered couldn’t talk nor had the ability to comprehend her grievances. After a few weeks, when poor Tiddles finally realized all was lost, I began to use her hundreds of printed campaign leaflets to line her litter tray each morning.

The Takeaway

Your company’s content marketing efforts need to target the right audience. Who are you writing to? What demographic are they? What moves them?

It’s important to attune your blogging to match the nature of your prospective clients and customers. Without carefully aligning article topics with the needs and desires of your audience, you can potentially waste a lot of time, money, and effort.

The same applies to the writing ‘voice’ of your marketing content. Some groups of people will appreciate a more formal style of content while others will prefer it more relaxed.

Knowing what to write about and in what style to write the content, isn’t that difficult. When you already know your target audiences and the general makeup of your readers, then a professional blog writer can create a content strategy to match.

Failing to plan properly and do some initial groundwork on strategies, can leave your blog attracting no one at all, or just as bad, the wrong type of clients.

Just like Tiddles found to her cost when assuming fellow cats were her key target audience for her political campaigning.

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