Are you a printing company run clean out of blog post ideas?

Blogging is a great way to keep your business website fresh and informative for search engines and visitors. A frequently updated blog can rank your site higher than your competitors, all other things being equal.

Consistent blogging does need a constant stream of subject material to write about and this is where many companies and even professional marketers come unstuck.

So what can your printing company blog about that will interest readers, attract new customers, cultivate leads and boost your search engine rankings?

I’ve put together 10 core blog post print-related subjects you can write about all year round, over and over again, with just relatively small modifications and adjustments according to the nature of your printing business and its customers.

All that’s needed is a little creativity, some keyword research and a blogging calendar.

Let’s get things rolling before the ink runs out…

1. Printing Options and Techniques

Concept: Create a series of blog posts detailing all the various options and printing techniques available for your customers to make use of. Write about the printing machines you have and the results they can achieve. Cover the various types of printing such as lithographic printing, digital printing and print management solutions your business provides. Share everything you have to offer.

Keyword phrase: print finishing
Title suggestion: Print Finishing: 5 Great Options for Business Card Finishes
Content suggestion: Write about the different finishes available for business cards. Touch on how important it is that a business card not only looks good but also feels good as well. Detail and showcase some of the best finishes you can carry out such as embossing (or debossing), foil bloquing and Spot UV varnishing.
Why?: You’ll present yourselves as competent, knowledgeable, skilled and able to handle any job. Great keyword phrase potential for the search engines.

2. Print Trends and Developments

Concept: How quickly is digital taking over lithography? How are printing companies enabling smarter marketing? Tap into industry trends and developments which will affect your customers and write about the benefits and drawbacks. Provide some tips on how businesses can take advantage of new printing innovations and provide some insight into the possible future of a particular trend.

Title suggestion: What the Future Holds for Lithographic Printing
Content suggestion: Write a blog post about what you see the future holds for lithographic printing. Will there be a huge decrease in the amount of lithographically produced printed matter in favour of digital printing or will it hold its own? What can sheet-fed lithography do that digital can’t and will never be able to. Share your predictions.
Why?: Potential customers will see you as at the forefront of printing trends and developments which can only be a good thing.

3. Frequently Asked Printing Questions

Concept: What are the questions you get asked most frequently? Have a look through your customer emails and talk to staff about the particular answers they provide over and over again. Use these answers as material for blog posts. Focus on one question at a time and develop in-depth and insightful answers which benefit the reader and leave them clear and enthusiastic about taking action.

Title suggestion: How long will my files be kept on your servers?
Content suggestion: Blog about the standard time you keep customer files on your servers. Detail the various options available to repeat customers. Do you have special software you use? Do you use an online Cloud server? Reassure people everything is above board and their information will be kept safe and confidential.
Why?: Answers customers’ most pressing concerns and your trust factor in their minds will grow.

4. Print Discounts and Competitions

Concept: Engage with readers and social media followers by holding competitions and advertising discounts via your printing company blog. Whenever you’ve got a discount going, write about it but at the same time tie in some helpful information or interesting news which will benefit or excite the customer. Competitions can include photo, art, idea or slogan contests where the winner receives an award of some kind.

Title suggestion: Instagram Photo Competition: Win £300 Off Your Next Order!
Content suggestion:Create a competition. Ask people to take photos of recent products they’ve had printed at your printing company and upload them to Instagram. Get them to use a hashtag so you can keep an eye on all the submissions to the competition. The winner, your favourite contribution, gets £300 (or whatever figure you prefer) off their next print order.
Why?: Some people really love a bargain. Others get excited over a chance to show their creativity, especially with a potential prize at the end. Great for social media.

5. General Print Related Tips

Concept: What are some details you really think your customers should know before they come to you? Share some general tips and advice that will help your target market make the right decisions regarding their printing needs. Some of these tips might make your life as a printer easier whilst others will genuinely help people create some fantastic products and accessories. Top tip list posts are a good format to you.

Keyword phrase: company letterhead
Title suggestion: 5 Things All Company Letterheads Need to Include By Law
Content suggestion:What must a company letterhead include? As well as an eye catching logo and correct spelling of your company name, detail some of the other legal requirements a letterhead needs. You can also include optional yet advisable extras.
Why?: You’ll show your expertise and experience whilst gaining fans by helping people achieve better results before they even come to you.

6. Pre-Print Design Tips

Concept: Similar to General Tips (above) but focused on the design elements especially if you have an in-house team of designers. Discuss the best types of images to use on various products such as posters, flyers, business cards, shop graphics and vehicle liveries. Suggest special effects that can be used such as bleeding and embossing. Cover the best ways to incorporate text and the best materials to use.

Keyword phrase: restaurant menu design
Title suggestion: Restaurant Menu Design: How to Catch the Character of Your Restauant in Your Menus
Content suggestion: Write a blog post discussing the various design possibilities for a restaurant menu. Provide some menu template examples and talk about how different graphics and colours work best for different restaurant themes and styles. Touch on the best finishes and paper tones.
Why?: Great advertising for your in-house design team.

7. Marketing Advice

Concept: How can customers make effective marketing use of printed materials? Share some informative advice for businesses and individuals on how they can best utilise the printed products they get from you. You can blog about how leaflets are best distributed, what makes a great exhibition display, the etiquette of sharing business cards and some suggestions of printed products companies should use in their marketing.

Keyword phrase: leaflet distribution in [your city]
Title suggestion: Recommended Leaflet Distribution Services in [your city]
Content suggestion: Write about a local leaflet distribution service customers can use to get their leaflets sent to their intended targets. You can mention just one if you have a special agreement with them or you can list a number giving a few details about each. Also mention the benefits/drawbacks of using such a system and any alternatives.
Why?: Shows you’re aware of the bigger picture. Customers will see you understand how important high quality printing is.

8. The Printing Team and Company

Concept: Open up your staff and company to the public. Show the personal side of your printing team as well as the story behind your printing company. Write a post every now and then about one of your staff. This can be in the form of a Q&A. Tell the history of how your business was formed and who by. Share updates about any charities you work with, conferences you attend or team building exercises you enjoy.

Title suggestion: Printer Spotlight: Kevin Shows Us His Beloved Antique Letterpress Machine
Content suggestion: One of your colleagues has an old family heirloom related to printing. Get him to write a blog post about the contraption and its story, together with photographs. Maybe even record an interview on camera as he details all the bits and pieces.
Why?: All things being equal, potential customers will choose a business they feel more personally familiar with over a faceless façade.

9. Niche Print Customers

Concept: Develop a series of blog posts aimed at particular segments of your customer base. Focus not only on your most lucrative customer types but also on ones you’d ideally like to see more of. Write about the printing options and products most suited to their requirements. Talk about their industries, their entrepreneurialism, their common problems and the solutions you can bring.

Keyword phrase: legal stationery
Title suggestion: 25 Items of Legal Stationery We Can Print for London Law Firms
Content suggestion: Draw up a list of all the products you can think of which your printing company can print for law firms. Write about the special confidential arrangements that can be made. Cover the various print and material options you can work with and the benefits.
Why?: Good for attracting niche clients through the search engines and social media platforms with the use of suitable keyword phrases.

10. Print Humour

Concept: Everyone loves a little silliness to brighten a tough day. What sources of humour can be found in the printing industry? What has made you or your team laugh recently? Have you seen a hilarious printing error in the media or on your travels? Share some bizarre photos, comic anecdotes and funny news stories from the world of print.

Title suggestion: Printing Errors: A Rather Pubic Embarrassment Seen in Hastings
Content suggestion: Take a photograph of a misspelt poster or leaflet where ‘pubic’ should have been spelt as ‘public’. The result of which caused a hilarious double entendre. Make a joke about it. Finish off by explaining the safety checks your in-house design team carry out to ensure no mistakes get into the final printing process.
Why?: It’s fun. It’s memorable. It adds character to your company.

Looking to take your printing company website to the next level? I can help. I provide web page copywriting and professional blogging services to printing companies and other businesses worldwide. Need more blog post ideas as well? Plus a marketing content strategy? No problem. Get in touch today and let’s talk about your project.

This post was originally published on 7 August 2015.