Dentist themed blog post ideasToothache is rearing its ugly little head once again.

It’s gradually dawning on me that I’ll soon have to book an appointment with my dentist. To say I have a phobia of dentists would be an understatement.

Still, I battle through the fear and when needed, I go.

The imminent visit got me thinking of business blog post ideas, which is an inherent part of my work as a freelance writer and blogger.

How can a visit to the dentist inspire blog posts in various different industries?

So I got brainstorming and here are 20 of my favourite ideas which cover 6 types of businesses but in fact can inspire everyone.

Let’s explore them.


What dental themes can an architect blog about?

  • 1. What is the interior space of your local dental practice like? Is it spacious or cramped? Old or new? Describe how the space impacts on your mood and ways it could be improved. Touch on the positives and negatives.
  • 2. How would you design the perfect dental practice? Maybe you have already. If so, show some photos and plans whilst discussing the decisions behind the design.
  • 3. What’s the best designed dental practice you’ve ever seen? Where is it? You might have needed emergency dental treatment whilst on holiday and found yourself in an eye-catching treatment room. Describe it. Alternatively collect together some of the most innovative dental practice designs from around the world.

Example: This dental clinic in Sicily is a great example you could share with your readers. Tell them what you like or dislike about it. Think about connecting with the architects on social media.

Benefits for architects: Readers are potential clients and they’ll like to know you have knowledge and awareness of different architectural possibilities and projects. You’ll not only show your expertise but also reveal more of your personality. Dental related keywords will also benefit you in the search engines.


Electrician dental blog post ideas
Can the dentist’s drill spark some bright ideas? Here are some dental blog post ideas for electricians.

  • 4. If you’ve had to wire up a local dental practice then you’ll be fully aware of all the specialist electrical installation requirements for these premises. Describe them and what each one means for your medical customers.
  • 5. Do you have a phobia of dentists? Or are you as calm as a blown fuse? Get personal and share some of your family tales of visits to the dentists. At the same time you can subtly connect a wonky tooth or root canal treatment to faulty electrics in the home or workplace, together with ways to fix them.
  • 6. Where do most people brush their teeth? At the bathroom sink. Highlight the importance of electrical safety in the bathroom, especially around the sink area. How far away should a plug socket be from the sink or bath? Inform your readers.

Benefits for electricians: Customers will see you as safety conscious and fully up-to-date with specialist electrical requirements. Most readers will not be dentists but you’ll still benefit from the aura of professionalism you deliver with good sound advice and tips. Dental clinics will find you more easily.

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How on earth can a hotel blog about dental themes? Easy, let’s see:

  • 7. People sometimes need emergency dental treatment when on holiday. Severe toothache or a broken tooth will need urgent attention. List the best and nearest dental clinics in your city. Provide some information about them and where they’re located, maybe using a map.
  • 8. Sometimes your guests will prefer to see their own dentists when they return home. In the meantime offer some advice for relieving their toothache using various natural remedies. Clove oil, salt water or a nice G&T from the hotel bar.
  • 9. Is there a medical conference taking place in your city? Are there a coven of dentists roosting in your rooms? Don’t be afraid of them. Ask a few about their experiences in the city and what they’ve liked doing so far. Share their answers in your blog post.
  • 10. Dentists get a bad rap. People are usually very happy to stay clear of them, at least in the professional sense. Change this around and provide some fun and humour especially for dentists. What are some great places in your region a dentist might like to visit or experience? A medieval torture museum perhaps? A vampire themed theatre production? A bar with a toothy named cocktail?

Benefits for hotels: Your advice and tips for taking care of dental emergencies will help you appear caring and considerate to your guests. Whether read by current guests or future ones, the post will provide a potentially positive experience, which all helps your brand. The guest experience posts will offer a fun and interesting insight into your hotel and city.

Interior Designers

What better way to muffle the screams than with a pleasing collection of cushions… or blog post ideas such as:

  • 11. How does the waiting room of your local dentist make you feel? Does it help you to relax? Or is an eyesore? Describe how it looks, perhaps with photos, and show your readers how you’d improve it with a few new decorative touches and additions.
  • 12. If you were a dentist in charge of your own dental practice décor, how would you design it all from scratch? Share your ideas about the ways in which you’d make it patient friendly and visually soothing. If you’ve designed one in the past then show some photos.
  • 13. Some kids want to grow up to be dentists. My cousin was one, and he did. How would you design a bedroom for a tooth-obsessed adolescent? What subtle decorative touches would you add to a dentist’s home to playfully connect with their day job?
  • 14. Delve into colour psychology and how different colours can influence moods. What’s a good colour to wear or focus on just before a dental appointment? What’s the best colour for a dentist’s waiting room?

Dentist waiting room interior design

Benefits for Interior designers: Clients sometimes ask for slightly bizarre décor themes. A dental interior decor scheme for a child will highlight your expertise in creating fun and imaginative bedrooms for kids. Parents will wonder what other marvels you can pull off for chef, soldier or fireman obsessed children.

If you specialise in designing workplace interiors then your dental post will bring related visitors to your site.


Surely running on a tread mill is not a hazard to teeth (unless you have faulty wiring)? What dental themes can a gym blogger write about?

  • 15. Excessive exercise can apparently damage teeth in a number of ways including through improper breathing and over consumption of energy drinks. Explain to your readers how your oral health can be influenced by different exercises and how you can fix things.
  • 16. As mentioned already, some energy drinks and snacks can be detrimental to your teeth. Share with your readers which products are best for maintaining good healthy teeth and gums.
  • 17. Dentists spend a lot of time hunched over their patients. Write a post especially for dentists sharing ways they can improve posture. Also detail small exercises they can do in-between appointments and before/after work.

Benefits for gyms: Many fitness fans will be unaware of how exercise can influence the health of their mouth. By sharing honest and helpful advice, you’ll come across as knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. You’ll also get more dentists coming to your gym.

Personal Stylists

Stylish teeth? What dental themes can a personal stylist blog about?

  • 18. Many dentist appointments are squeezed in during the work day. You go to the dentist wearing whatever you do when at work. However, when you have some choice in the matter, what’s the best outfit to pop on when you know you’re going to be lying horizontal in the dreaded chair? Trousers instead of a skirt? How long should your skirt be? Too much bosom showing? Provide some style advice for dentist visits.
  • 19. What can a dentist wear when at work? Something comfortable but which still looks stylish when the white coat is removed. Have you styled a dentist recently? Share some tips and advice for style conscious dentists.
  • 20. What outfit will look best with teabag strainer teeth? Share some tips on how to keep teeth looking healthy and clean.

Blog tip: Ask a previous dentist client for an interview which you can post on your blog. A great example and format can be found in a Guardian interview: Ambi Jeyabalan, dentist.

Benefits for personal stylists: People like to dress well to work. Dentists are no different even if the main focus of patients will be on the torture chair and drills. By catering to dentist fashion styles you’ll attract dentists as clients. You definitely want those, they’re rich. 😉

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Creative business blogging

With a little lateral thinking and detailed awareness of your audience, dental themed posts can be written by anyone from architects and plumbers to restaurants and law firms.

Everyone has teeth of some kind.

A tooth related blog post will interest many people for varying different reasons.

So why not add a teeth themed blog post to your company blogging calendar?

Remember to add a little personal story to your post that leads into one of the ideas mentioned above. Perhaps your last visit to the dentist or a funny story a colleague has told you.

What other dental ideas can you think of? Any industry will do. Share them in the comment section below.

Creative Commons image attributions: HMS Belfast Dentist from davidgsteadman | Electrician from Robin Hutton | Katie at Burlington Dentist from Rob Campbell