Fish Inspired Interior Design BloggingI was reminded last week why I don’t eat fish.

It came when I saw a viral video of a headless and gutless fish flapping about on someone’s chopping board.

Fish are just strange creatures. Nice to look at in a pond but not to put in your mouth.

The ugly burbot fish which I was reading about recently is one that’s not even nice on the eye. Although apparently it’s a delicacy which explains why it’s also an endangered species. It seems to be the ugly ones that often taste the best.

Which all got me thinking about aesthetics.

And in particular how an ugly fish can inspire people who create beautiful things for a living. To be exact, how the burbot fish can inspire blogging interior design professionals.

Here are some blog post ideas I came up with.

1. Why having too much ‘cute and cuddly’ can overwhelm a room

You need an ugly fish species to contrast with the beautiful fish species otherwise the latter lose their appeal.

Balance is the nature of life. Everything in moderation, no matter how delicious that chocolate cake looks and tastes. The same applies to décor. Whatever the style, the interior needs a certain balance to it without becoming either overwhelming or flushed of character. Share with your readers how important it is not to go overboard with the cute and cuddly factor of a room and how contrasts can really highlight soft furnishings and stuffed toys.

2. Why decor is not always about beautiful but the most functional

A burbot fish might not win any beauty awards but it doesn’t need to. It’s functionality has served it well for millions of years.

Beautiful is wonderful to look at but it’s not always the most functional. Depending on a room’s design, there sometimes need to be some functional elements that are not bad to look at but wouldn’t be described as eye candy. Again, this harks back to the importance of contrasts. Provide some examples of less-than-beautiful functional décor elements that actually boost the appearance of a room when looked at as a whole.

3. Fish themed décor

Fish of all kinds can inspire beautiful works of art and decorative elements.

From antique fly fishing rods to fishy murals in a baby’s nursery, fish themed décor offers a huge variety of blog post potential for interior designers. Décor clients are equally varied with some having an active interest in fishing, whilst others may be enthusiastic cooks who adore fish cuisines. This means one post can explore kitchen designs for seafood enthusiasts whilst another can touch on styles related to a traditional fisherman’s cottage.

4. Kitchen decor with French or Russian influences

“They were so admired as a table fish that Anton Chekhov wrote a story called The Burbot about a group of men trying to catch one (it got away)” – BBC article.

‘French chefs and the tsars of Russia’ loved their burbot fish. The French are renowned for their cuisine. Both provide great sources of inspiration when it comes to kitchen décor. The French country farmhouse look with cockerel motifs or the Russian blue and white linen table cloths holding pancakes and cream, come to mind. Show your readers how they can incorporate a foreign décor style into their kitchen and home.

5. How to incorporate an unusual looking heirloom into any decor style

The burbot stands out as a fish prized more for its taste than its looks but it certainly attracts attention.

You know the American sitcom ‘Frasier’? Remember how old Marty Crane repeatedly refused to let his son dump his ugly monstrosity of an armchair, which clashed with Frasier’s exquisite décor scheme? After a while, we got used to the chair, and dare I say Frasier did too by the end. I bet you’ve had a client or two who demand some rather hideous piece of furniture remain in situ. Write a post about how you’ve successfully incorporated unusual heirlooms or less-than-pretty pieces into beautiful new interior designs.

6. Dying decor trends you’d like to see make a comeback

A fish facing extinction but with a possible revival around the corner.

A number of environmentalists want to see the ugly burbot fish introduced back into British waterways. Others are not so sure and think its days have gone for good. What décor schemes that have gone the way of the British burbot would you like to see reintroduced or become a top trend once again? Make the case for your favourite styles, whether popular before or not. Don’t be afraid to be controversial or to go against what is considered mainstream good taste.

Who’d have thought an ugly Burbot fish could inspire blog post ideas for creators of beauty?

Try some of these suggestions out and next time you’re eating Grilled Halibut or Bourbon-Glazed Salmon don’t panic if it does a little flip. It’s because the spine and nerves are still active apparently.

I really don’t like fish.

I love blogging though.

Inspiration is everywhere for business bloggers, in all industries. And that’s what I like to prove on this here blog. What’s more, I can write for your business and you can find out more information about my blog writing services here: Business Blogging Services.

What other ugly fish inspired decor topics can you think of? Share them in the comments section below.

Creative Commons image attribution: Fish eye from Dmitry Grigoriev